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women collections a/w 2018.19

A journey through three atemporal worlds, distant from one another in both location and concept, a path between the old European continent and the Western lands. A swirling airflow makes the accessory purely decorative in Forget Noblesse, where practicality and functionality are not required and the only purpose is to add beauty and elegance in a totally irreverent way. Free rein then to ribbons, bows, zips, rhinestones – all teamed with metallized finishes. Showcasing pure lines and a balance between environment and the human figure, Studio Skandinavia introduces the Northern European Weltanschauung: a dynamic yet rigorous mood for futuristic bags and shoes featuring smooth surfaces and compact constructions. With Guitars & Cadillacs, our next stop is the USA Southern States to experience an atmosphere of adventure in dry lands. Cowgirl…

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forget noblesse

Debutante balls, tea at five o’clock, polo matches, receptions and drive shooting: “what a bore!”. The high society’s new generation 3.0 breaks ranks, infringes all the rules and brazenly sweeps away the dress code of their obsolete gilded cage. As the surprised and disoriented establishment looks on, they confidently parade in real posh masterpieces. One example are Gucci’s heeled loafers, which radiate light with lemon yellow burnt-out velvet and a visible chain. Then comes a look fit for a college trip, made up of a Burberry bag covered with the brand’s classic motif, trimmed with sky blue lacquered leather and a chain strap, to pair with Miu Miu white ballet flats with a big bow and contrasting zip that look like they want to get dirty as soon as possible.…

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studio skandinavia

“Lagom”, the Swedes would say, which is a concise way of describing the rare place where balance and moderation meet. The North expresses a life philosophy in which harmony, form and function move in unison and a nod to the environment is essential. Leading the way in this ‘understated’ mood are Stella McCartney’s Loop sneakers, manufactured without using glue and featuring an organic rubber sole from renewable resources. As minimal as white sheets, the Balenciaga and Sportmax bags feature a hand carried rigid structure, reminiscent of André Courrèges’ avant-garde lunar missions. The Chelsea boots by 3.1 Phillip Lim come in a warmer tone with side elastic and contrasting para rubber, great for the first day of product design, while, still in wood tints, Marni’s oversize satchel offers organic, understated lines…

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guitars & cadillacs

The regular rhythm echoing over dried, cracked landscape is the sound of the hooves of wild horses galloping across the plain under the expert guidance of young herdswomen. The West is an often inhospitable land, but those born on the prairie know that having the right gear is the best way to survive the Indians and bandits. Our cowgirls wear Chloé lace-up boots in brocade fabric with leather inlays and a studded heel in place of spurs. For a more romantic encounter, they opt for Fendi’s ankle boots, glossy with a pointed toe and a sculptural two-colour wooden heel. Bags are spacious, like Etro’s in desert tones that teams suede patchwork with raised stitching, a cascade of fringes and chiselled medallions. Or those by 3.1 Phillip Lim and Chloé that…

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collezioni donna a/i 2018.19

Un viaggio attraverso tre mondi atem-porali, lontani tra loro sia per collocazione geografica sia per concetto, un percorso tra il vecchio continente europeo e le terre dell’Ovest. Un vorticoso flusso d’aria che porta l’accessorio a farsi puro ornamento in Forget Noblesse laddove, non essendo richiesta alcuna finalità pratica o esigenza funzionale, l’unico scopo è quello di conferire bellezza ed eleganza ma in modo totalmente irriverente. A pieno sfarzo quindi con nastri, fiocchetti, zip, strass, il tutto abbinato a finiture metallizzate. Linee pure, equilibrio tra ambiente e figura umana, in Studio Skandinavia risalta la Weltanschauung nordeuropea: dinamicità ma al contempo rigore per borse e scarpe dal design futuristico, superfici lisce e strutture compatte. Sbarco negli Stati del Sud degli USA dove con Guitars & Cadillacs si respira a pieni polmoni aria…

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forget noblesse

Balli delle debuttanti, tè delle cinque, partite di polo, ricevimenti e battute di caccia: “che noia!”. Le rampolle 3.0 dell’alta società rompono i ranghi, infrangono tutte le regole e con spudoratezza imbrattano come writer i canoni vestimentari della loro obsoleta gabbia dorata. Di fronte alle facce sbalordite e disorientate del circondario perbenista, sfilano con disinvoltura ornate da veri capolavori posh. Ne sono un esempio i mocassini con tacco di Gucci che irradiano luce attraverso un velluto dévoré giallo limone e catena in vista. Si passa poi ad una tenuta da scorribande in collegio, costituita dalla borsetta di Burberry rivestita del classico motivo della casa, profilato con pelle laccata cielo e con tracolla a catena, da abbinare alle ballerine bianche di Miu Miu con maxi fiocco e zip a contrasto che…