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women collections spring/summer 2017

WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) is the best-known acronym of the digital revolution and, in the history of interfaces, the biggest step forward towards the pervasiveness of the virtual. But what does that have to do with boots, bucket bags, socks and necklaces? Screens facilitate dialogue between people and machines and accessories mediate, restore and disguise our personalities and our day-to-day aesthetics: they are our windows on the world and become as real as we are. Just as forms of the contemporary visible are arranged along the creative paths of drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste, so bags and shoes, belts and jewellery are created through “immediacy and rapidity”, through solutions that drag concepts from one place to another. The first path is layering: embroidery and appliqués multiply the emotions…

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collezioni donna primavera/estate 2017

WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get” ovvero “ciò che vedi è ciò che ottieni”) è l’acronimo più famoso della rivoluzione digitale e, nella storia delle interfacce, il grande passo avanti verso la pervasività del virtuale. Cosa potrà mai avere questo a che fare con stivali, secchielli, calzettoni e collane? Gli schermi facilitano il dialogo tra le persone e le macchine e gli accessori mediano, restituiscono, dissimulano le nostre personalità e le nostre estetiche quotidiane: sono le nostre finestre con il mondo e diventano reali come noi. E se le forme del visibile contemporaneo si dispongono lungo le traiettorie creative del drag-and-drop (trascina e rilascia) e del cut-and-paste (taglia e incolla), anche nella moda delle scarpe e delle borse, delle cinture e dei gioielli si crea attraverso “immediatezze e…

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Ter is a new brand producing men’s and women’s leather accessories with an Italian-French style topped with savoir-faire, irreverence and innovation. Founded by Bertrand Gignoux, Marco Tadini and Simona Ventura, the brand brings together fashion and design, and its products are made entirely by hand in Italy. Ter selects only the best quality skins (such as calfskin, python and crocodile) at its two laboratories in Bologna and Milan. This craftsmanship with its traditional methods chimes perfectly with the cutting-edge technologies used to create peerless effects, thanks to perforations and tooling. The handle is much more than a detail: designed to embellish a bag, it can be transformed into a glamorous object whilst remaining practical and unique. Straps are interchangeable, handles are removable, lengthadjustable and can be chosen based on personal…

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the micam

The Micam concluded its September edition with a solid performance, recording over 44 thousand visitors and an overall growth of 5.2%. The event grew substantially despite the complex economic conditions in the footwear sector. “The Micam attracted exhibitors and visitors from all countries, confirming its unique appeal and its intact credibility as a world-leading show for quality footwear,” declared Annarita Pilotti, Chairman of Assocalzaturifici, who continued by saying that, “The event is alive and kicking, and the results are proof of that. Unfortunately the market is still suffering: domestic demand continues to fall, but the higher numbers of Italian buyers we saw gives us hope the tide will turn. The Micam proudly reaffirms its importance in terms of expansion and research on foreign markets. While on the one hand European…

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timbrados rubio

Last October Timbrados Rubio and Rubio Export threw a great party to inaugurate the new company showroom at Elche (Alicante) in Juan de la Cierva 38: a unique location where the 25-year-old company can display its modern, cutting-edge side. Passionate about the sector and demonstrating considerable knowledge of the market, Manolo Rubio founded Timbrados in 1990, applying all his energy into monitoring and opening new markets, investing mainly in international trade shows. Developed on the back of the creation of infrastructure and experience, and knowledge passed down from top management to the team, the company is a landmark in the creation of trends and new aesthetics for the skins used in footwear and leather goods industrial processes. Timbrados is present on international markets and in the major footwear production sites…