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accessories women collections s/s 2019

This season’s themes may be wildly different, but they all share a vision of femininity that is surprising and never predictable, between playful and dreamy, that has fun dressing up as an astronaut or relaxing in the shade of a tree. Picnic 2.0 reminds us of the charm of life in the open air, of clear skies and accessories that forget form in favour of materials and textures, including suede, macramé, raffia and wicker baskets. A stroll through the rooms of an Art School provides spontaneous, unexpected decoration and colour in various forms, from tiedye to untidy marker strokes, is a main feature. Rocket Launch offers silver and futuristic transparencies in a space-age style that does not take itself too seriously and ingenuously depicts a space heroine imagined in the…

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picnic 2.0

A fishnet basket placed in a meadow, ode to life en plein air! Muses with cow-girl inspired ankle boots take part in picnics with a country twist, dominated by warm colours and raw materials such as suede, woven leather and raffia. Isabel Marant’s pointed suede boots come in neutral tones or black, laser-cut or studded and accompanied by fringed macramé bags swinging to the steady pace of modern Amazonians. Hermès proposes bucket bags with a leather superstructure that add elegance to the simple act of gathering mushrooms in the woods. Staying with the same theme, the fringed bag by Michael Kors in natural brown woven suede was paired in the show with cork-soled sandals. Woven leather is the leitmotiv of Salvatore Ferragamo footwear, with woven boots and linen-strapped sandals. Even…

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art school

Picking up your brushes, playing with colours and tones: a considerable share of the accessories are linked to the understated, simple and highly creative childhood imagery. The overriding detail is colour, adapted to a multitude of shapes. Watercolour or oil paint spontaneously brushed onto a blank canvas. Tie-dye, dabs of colour, and brushstrokes recalling a burgeoning artist’s attempts to produce art worthy of outliving its maker. Sketches, thin or thick strokes, doodles and abstract figures appear on bags in a variety of materials and shapes. Cristiano Burani has designed bags in tie-dye neon tints while Prada showed baguette bags with shaded paint effects, as though oil paint had been dilated by adding water, creating fluid shapes. Jil Sander’s girls carried pouches with a hastily drawn human figure on them, as…

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rocket launch

Exploring space without taking yourself too seriously: plastic alternated with a variety of materials that make it extremely ‘earthly’. The optical white of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ gives everything around it an aura of aseptic mystery, while the accessories that team it with silver details have never been to space. Playing at being the super-heroines of the future, dressing up as Jane Fonda and nodding to the ’60s Space Age, using acetate insets and unexpected alien-shaped heels. Balmain encased simple leather clutches in plexiglas, giving them a see-through and intriguingly futuristic air, while above-the-knee gladiators came in mirror effect silver straps and transparent plastic pumps edged in black had geometric plexiglas wedges. Emporio Armani’s ankle boots looked perfect for a trip to space, with a sporty mood. Unlike Balmain, the…

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accessori collezioni donna p/e 2019

Un filo logico percorre i temi di questa stagione: estremamente diversi tra loro, parlano di tre dimensioni che vedono protagonista una femminilità che sa stupire, mai prevedibile, tra il giocoso e il sognante, che si traveste da astronauta ma sa anche rilassarsi sotto un albero all’ombra. Picnic 2.0 ci ricorda il fascino della vita all’aria aperta, di cieli limpidi e accessori che si dimenticano della forma per prediligere l’importanza dei materiali e delle lavorazioni, tra camoscio, macramè, raffia e cestini di vimini. Una passeggiata tra le aule di un’accademia d’arte invece in Art School, dove il decoro è spontaneo e inaspettato e il protagonista è il colore in varie declinazioni che vanno dall’effetto pittorico al tyedye ai tratti disordinati di un pennarello. Argento e trasparenze futuristiche accompagnano invece attraverso il…

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picnic 2.0

Adagiato sul prato il cestino in rete, ode alla vita en plein air! Muse con stivaletti dall’ispirazione cow-girl partecipano a picnic rivisitati in un’ambientazione country, dove dominano le tonalità calde e i materiali raw quali camoscio, pelle intrecciata e raffia. Solcano le passerelle gli stivali a punta scamosciati di Isabel Marant, nelle tonalità neutre o neri, laserati o costellati di borchie e accompagnati da intramontabili borse in macramè, con frange, che si muovono al ritmo deciso di amazzoni moderne. Hermès propone borse a secchiello con struttura in pelle che conferiscono eleganza persino al semplice atto di raccogliere funghi nel bosco. Accuratamente a tema la borsa cosparsa di frange proposta da Michael Kors, in camoscio intrecciato e nella tonalità marrone naturale, in abbinamento a sandali dalla suola in sughero. Un reticolo…