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Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine No. 304

Skin Deep has long been the UKs best selling tattoo magazine - and just because we're having fun for 13 issues a year (that's once every 4 weeks) doesn't mean we're not taking it very seriously indeed. Each issue we publish profiles, interviews and features with the leading tattooists and tattoo artists working in the world today together with exciting new talent. Alongside of this, we focus on the tattoo lifestyle and all it contains, coverage from the international convention scene, art features from those who embrace the tattoo ethic or find inspiration within it, reader profiles, news, reviews, competitions, letters and every issue also comes with a free supplement.

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5 Min.
for the love of the art

Over the years, I’ve spent much time—probably far too much time—finding ways to make my life simple to run. The biggest of these was to go minimal with everything. At one point, I was quite the evangelist about it to the point that both Beccy and Wayne got on board the programme. Getting shot of all the junk in your life—physical, digital and otherwise is a huge sigh of relief to the soul. The less you have, the less there is to concern yourself about but it has other repercussions too. It knocks on to a massive sense of freedom. Like… remember when you were a kid and only had one coat? You didn’t spend a whole lot of time wondering which jacket to wear that’s for sure and nobody ever…

2 Min.
the woman in the woods

So, my boy is only three months old, which means he’s way too young to appreciate tattoos but not too young for me to feel the pressure to drag him along to organised baby classes. These, he does not enjoy. Whilst twenty-five other mini humans smile along to a wonderfully enthusiastically and unbelievably patient course leader singing along to the Tellytubbies’ theme song, the little cynic in front of me repeatedly pulls a face which I have come to learn is the official ‘what on earth is this shit, mum?!’ face. After the session, other babies his age are grabbing at textile books, cooing at the pictures and even playing in the ball pool. He’s having none of it. I decide not to go back until he’s a little older. Later…

8 Min.
artificial natural beauty

Audrey Glass has been in the permanent makeup industry for almost 4 years. She specialises in micro-blading and freckles. At her studio, Audrey Glass Cosmetic Tattoo in Los Angeles California, freckle tattoos have proved so popular that she now employs 4 artists offering clients the chance to look a little bit like Princess Megan. As we sip strong coffee in her studios waiting area a steady stream of clients file in and out the shop. Business is clearly booming. I’m in two minds as to whether freckle tattoos are a good idea but Audrey has no such uncertainty. “I have personally been getting freckles tattooed for over five years and I think they’re a great idea if they’re done well.” It’s clear from the customers visiting her studio that freckle tattoos are appealing…

7 Min.
augmented reality

The future of tattooing has arrived and its name is augmented reality. Mexican born Olo Sabandijia has made history by creating the first augmented reality tattoo that enables him to play a virtual video game. Matt Haddon-Reichardt hopped on a plane to meet Olo and see firsthand his high tech ink. THE PROBLEM WAS THAT I WAS ALSO TERRIFIED OF THE LIFELONG COMMITMENT OF A TATTOO… “I love tattoos and I love video games; combining the two was my dream,” explains Olo as he shows me the NES controller inked on his arm that acts as the key to shifting reality. “I have a degree in Design and Visual Communication and I have basic notions of coding. I wanted a tattoo since I was 15 but I wanted a design made by myself.…

7 Min.
tattoos with higher purpose as above, so below

Art can be an expression of many things. It can be primal and contemplative, beautiful and ugly, crass and elegant—sometimes it can be all of these things at once. It comes from within and without, from above and below. Art is everything and it’s nothing, it lifts us and it grinds us into the ground and we love it and hate it in equal measure. There’s a religious nature to all of this. Both the artist and the consumer of said art are in some way supplicant to the art—there’s a reverence at play, a sacrificial nature to it all. We are drawn to art like a moth to light, with a fervour to rival that of any cult devotee and it rewards us for our servitude. To engage with art can…

13 Min.
25 years of skindeep

Not a lot of magazines can thrash out a twenty five year lifespan and still retain a healthy looking future. That’s a lot of years under the belt any way way you slice it. We toyed with some special features on how tattoos had changed over those years and then scrapped it on grounds of if you’ve been around that long, unlike all other magazines (without exception) you’re already wearing our combined histories somewhere on your skin. As good fortune would have it, the man who originally created, launched and fed Skin Deep in its early years—Odgie Danaan—got in touch, saying he’d love to write a piece for us. How could we refuse? After all, he might be the only person in the world to have every issue and is…