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Skin Deep has long been the UKs best selling tattoo magazine - and just because we're having fun for 13 issues a year (that's once every 4 weeks) doesn't mean we're not taking it very seriously indeed. Each issue we publish profiles, interviews and features with the leading tattooists and tattoo artists working in the world today together with exciting new talent. Alongside of this, we focus on the tattoo lifestyle and all it contains, coverage from the international convention scene, art features from those who embrace the tattoo ethic or find inspiration within it, reader profiles, news, reviews, competitions, letters and every issue also comes with a free supplement.

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lonely planet boy vs animal farm

I took my bi-annual look at things going on in social media this week using my daughters account so I didn’t have to make myself dirty to see what was going on in the world. The last Tour of Duty I did was back in December when I was off for a few weeks and I appear to have missed nothing at all—the usual three word response of:“hey, that’s awesome” when whatever it is we happen to be talking about clearly isn’t most of the time. This is what happens when you the population of the world to comment on something. Actually, you don’t even have to ask do you? People like commenting on anything because there’s a small box where you’re enabled to do such a thing and“Oh my God, I…

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could tattooing exist outside of the modern-day studio?

Whilst getting my latest tattoo last month, there was a debate going on in the room amongst artists—about whether the art of tattooing means the same thing when it takes place outside of the traditional tattoo shop environment. The chat specifically was about tattooers travelling to others countries but rather than securing a ‘guest spot’ at a reputable shop, some opt to tattoo customers from the likes of Airbnb apartments, where essentially they can get on with the work solo, pocket 100% of the cash (avoiding paying a cut to a shop owner), and still get to write on their portfolio that they’ve ‘worked abroad’. I’d never heard about this before, but apparently it’s a thing now (six months on maternity leave and I’m just so out of the game). Anyway, the…

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sleeve notes

ALL SUBMISSIONS TO SLEEVE NOTES GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. BE IT NEWS, AN EVENT, NEW MERCH, A STUDIO MOVE… WE'LL DO OUR VERY BEST TO LET EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW ABOUT IT TOO. EMAIL: NEWS@SKINDEEP.CO.UK OR IF YOU WANT TO BE ARCHAIC ABOUT THE WHOLE AFFAIR: SKIN DEEP, THE OLD SCHOOL, HIGHER KINNERTON, CHESTER CH4 9AJ. BRING IT. twitter.com/skindeepmag ww.facebook.com/tattoomagazine TATTOO UK EXPAND… AND A GUEST! IMAGES: Francesca Maine Tattoo UK was established in 2000 by Award Winning Artist, Alan Dean. Within 20 years, Dean has opened three studios and has now opened a fourth in the West London area. Tattoo UK Uxbridge has already been a long running resident studio for 13 years but after a need to update and expand the business it has now been relocated down the road from the previous location. The new studio is…

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homeward bound

martinguitar.com martinguitar MartinGuitar cfmartinguitar sailorjerry.com It’s not so much of a stretch to see why I chose to bring these beast into the fold this month. Tattoos, guitars and rum is just sex, drugs and rock n roll in a different language. The images speak for themselves, and if you’re a guitar hero, there’s nothing I can say about Martin Guitars that you don’t already know. They’re pretty much top of the tree when it comes to being taken seriously as a musician—which is why I don’t play one—and around here, I certainly don’t need to say a single word about Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. Anyway, this limited edition series known as 'Ink & Wood’ features two guitars named Homeward Bound and True Love—you can figure out which is which all by yourself in about two…

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digging a bit deeper… and some sand!

For those of you who dare to dream of owning one of these beasts—and they don’t come cheap at £16,000 a time—here’s a deeper dig into what going on: These Dreadnought guitars are inlaid with shell and hand-selected wood species on the headplate, fingerboard, and body. The artwork takes shape in a multitude of rich, earthy colours using a combination of pearl and natural wood tones. The wood tones are enhanced using a technique called sand shading—a process used to make a picture appear to be more three dimensional in which a piece of veneer to be incorporated into a picture is partially submerged into hot sand for a few seconds. The deeper into the sand you go, the hotter it is, and the darker the wood gets. The more shallow,…

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as above, so below tattoos with higher purpose

Aries Rhysing @ariesrhysing • All Sacred @allsacredtattoo All Sacred Foundation: allsacred.com/foundation/about-the-foundation • Ritualcravt @ritualcravt Denver-based artist, Aries Rhysing, has a mission and it’s an ambitious one. His mission, along with the rest of the crew at All Sacred Tattoo, is to preserve and protect the history of tattooing and tattooing culture. Or, as is stated on the All Sacred website, to honour ‘as a collective to tattoo in a style that embraces ornamental design, dot work, geometric, and all forms of culturally inspired tattooing’. It’s not just the aesthetics of these art forms, I hasten to add, it’s about what drives them – in fact, it’s about what breathed life into them in the first place.“I have immense respect for all the cultural traditions that have survived in art, tattooing and spiritual practice,” Aries explains.“So, I…