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December 2019

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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synth heaven

Having just returned home from SynthFest UK 2019, I thought it might be appropriate to focus this column on the somewhat alien world of modular analogue synths and related accessories. While doing anything other than ‘experimental’ live gigs with a modular system will always be a challenge (a 45-minute break between tunes for repatching and resetting the controls?), there’s no arguing that it is possible to coax sounds from a personally selected combination of modules that a workstation synth would have little chance of replicating. In the studio, where there’s time to work on a sound, a modular system can be immensely powerful, and even though most modular functions are monophonic unless you splash out on a lot of extra kit, that really doesn’t matter. After all, most orchestral work…

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sound on sound usa

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SSL return to their roots with Origin SSL were the first manufacturers out of the gate at the 147th AES convention in New York on the show’s opening day, announcing their new all-analogue Origin console during an event held on their stand just before the exhibition officially opened. As SSL’s Ross Gilbert explained as the desk was unveiled, the Origin harks back to the company’s console-building roots with its all-analogue design and thoroughly SSL sound, but was created with a keen awareness of how 21st-century DAW-based artists and engineers like to record and work. As far as looking back is concerned, like countless SSL consoles of the past, the Origin is an analogue in-line desk featuring EQ from the SSL E-Series consoles and the company’s widely respected bus compressor. It’s a 32-fader…

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arturia audio fuse 8pre usb audio interface & adat expander

Arturia first made their name as designers of software synthesizers, including some impressive recreations of classic instruments such as the CS80 and Jupiter 8. They then diversified into hardware, producing everything from affordable controller keyboards to the mighty MatrixBrute analogue mega-synth, before turning their attention to the world of USB audio interfaces. Released in 2017, their debut in this department was a boldly unconventional and incredibly well-featured desktop interface. The AudioFuse offered not only mic and line inputs but also digital I/O, monitor control, turntable connections and probably an attachment for getting stones out of horses’ hooves. It sounded very good and offered some unique features, including a rather quirky approach to direct monitoring and cue mixing. After poking their toe in the audio interface waters, Arturia held back on immersing the…

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arturia audio fuse 8pre $799

PROS • Unusually good preamps that offer much more clean gain than is available on rival products. • Excellent audio specifications and subjective sound quality. • Line inputs bypass the preamps. • Very simple to use. • Great value for money. • Can operate both as a USB interface and as an ADAT expander. CONS • Only one headphone output. • Monitor control and internal mixing features may be too basic for some. • If you record very loud sources you might prefer a less hot alignment than is available here. • PSU cable is too short and could be more robust. SUMMARY Arturia have drawn on their DiscretePro preamp technology to develop an eight-channel USB interface and ADAT expander that offers class-leading audio performance. If your current interface never quite seems to have enough input gain on offer, the 8Pre is the…

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Arturia chose to offer generic drivers for the original AudioFuse rather than coding their own. This is hardly unusual, but their insistence that it was a positive decision which brought benefits for the user was a bit hard to swallow, and at the time, low-latency performance on Windows was pretty mediocre. The 8Pre likewise employs Apple’s fairly decent Core Audio driver on Mac OS, thus placing it on a par with many other USB interfaces and achieving a workable, if unspectacular, round-trip latency of just under 7ms at 44.1kHz with a 32-sample buffer size. Arturia have also retained the unloved Thesycon driver on Windows, but they say that the latest version delivers better performance, as well as offering buffer sizes down to a wafer-thin eight samples. I no longer have a…