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Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

February 2020

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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4 Min.
doodlebug & dandelion once upon a leap year

“IT’S OKAY, TOMIKO,” Dandelion Pinkley said to her best friend who lived across the street, “your dad will be home from his conference on Sunday. That’s only two days away!” Tomiko was staying with the Pinkleys while Mr. Tanji was gone, and now, at dinner, the family was trying to cheer her up. Dandelion’s brother Doodlebug changed the subject. “Mom, what were you and Dad doing with Mr. Tanji out in their backyard yesterday? We saw you measuring the palm trees.” “And pointing like a bunch of nuts,” Tomiko offered sullenly. “Old fogey stuff,” Mr. Pinkley joked. “Exactly!” Mrs. Pinkley said. “Making garden plans for spring.” Dandelion kept quiet. The parents’ activities were all part of her big secret plan. And she was pleased they were doing such a good cover-up. It was late February. Who would…

4 Min.
the fox, the hedgehog, and the bag of tricks!

ONCE, A FOX built her house near a hedgehog’s cottage. The hedgehog tried to stay away from his new neighbor, but one day the fox crossed his path. “Good day to you,” said the fox. “Same to you,” answered the hedgehog, pulling his hood of spines over his head. “Now that we are neighbors,” said the fox, “we should get to know each other and become friends. To prove my friendship, I’ll tell you a secret. Down in the village there is a vineyard with grapes so ripe they melt in your mouth. Would you join me there for dinner tomorrow?” The hedgehog did not want to go, but the fox insisted, and in the end he agreed. The next evening, they headed toward the village together. “I wonder, dear neighbor,” the fox asked, “do you…

2 Min.
how to find an adventure

1. PACK YOUR BAG. Items you might want to bring along: a cloak or jacket, a water bottle, several apples (green or red), one other apple (golden), a wand, a shield, a notebook, a Band-Aid, a pencil, and a loaf of bread. 2. Find a map, preferably a magical one. Places to look for such a map: your dusty attic, your dark basement, under your sibling’s bed, on the top shelf of your closet, or under the secret panel in your floor. 3. Leave your parents a note. What to write in this note:what time you plan on leaving, which map you are following, that you love them, and that you’ll be back before dinner. 4. Pick out the right shoes. Before choosing your shoes, think about these questions: Are the shoes waterproof? You may need to…

1 Min.
philtre d amour

What You ll Need: pitcher wooden spoon 2 or 3 clear glasses (goblets are best) 12 oz. lemonade 12 oz. lemon-lime soda 1 cup raspberry sherbet 1 package fizzy candy (such as Pop Rocks) What to Do: 1. In a pitcher, combine lemonade and sherbet. Stir until mixture is smooth. 2. Pour the mixture into glasses, filling them about halfway. 3. When it’s time to serve the philtre to your beloved, place glasses in a sink. Fill glasses up to the top with lemon-lime soda, and watch the amour bubble over! 4. Sprinkle fizzy candy on top to give your philtre an extra “pop.”…

4 Min.
here there be dragons

ACCORDING TO LEGEND, early mapmakers marked unexplored areas with the warning: HERE THERE BE DRAGONS. Today we know that fire-breathing dragons exist only in fantasy stories, but the giant lizards of Indonesia known as Komodo dragons are very real. The largest lizard in the world, an average adult Komodo is six to eight feet long and weighs from 150 to 200 pounds. (Some may even grow to ten feet long and 365 pounds!) Researchers believe that Komodo dragons may have evolved in Asia millions of years ago from huge sea reptiles called mosasaurs. Today Komodos are found only on a few small Indonesian islands. It’s rare today for a reptile to be at the top of the food chain, but these giants rule on their tiny island kingdoms. The fact that Komodos…

1 Min.
dr. komodo?

Komodo dragons are special not only because they are rare—they may also someday save human lives. Although the Komodo’s saliva contains bacteria that may cause deadly infections, a dragon’s bite is not harmful to other Komodos. (The Komodo is a cannibal and will attack other lizards.) Scientists are trying to figure out what saves the Komodos from infection. They hope that whatever protects the dragons can be used to help people, too. Recently, researchers found a molecule in the dragon’s blood that could kill bacteria that cause infections in humans. It could take several years before any new medicines are safe to use, but the important research has begun.…