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Sporting Rifle May 2020

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The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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contagion concern

As I write, the current pandemic sweeping the globe – coronavirus, or Covid-19 – is forcing countries to take measures to protect their citizens that escalate day by day. At the moment the UK isn’t in full lockdown, like Wuhan or Italy, but since we are nine or 10 days behind Italy’s infection development it’s not hard to imagine we could very well be in the near future. Europe has already announced a range of sweeping restrictions on all non-essential travel, days after the US extended the list of countries from which incoming flights are to be banned. The advice from the UK government has been both somewhat vague, and in places contradictory. People have been advised to work from home if they can, self-isolating as far as possible to avoid…

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zeiss join thermal market

If you have a news story, email ollie.harvey@futurenet.com The new unit combines Zeiss’ style, form and function with a 384x388 thermal sensor and a 1280x960 HD LCOS display for crisp clear thermal imaging at extended ranges. However this optic also has the ability to detect quarry and game in complete darkness at distances over a kilometre, providing crisp clear imaging, via the HD LCOS display. Ashley Thompson from UK Zeiss Premier Dealers, Scott Country International, said: "We are very excited about the launch of the new Zeiss DTI Thermal Imaging range, knowing the quality and passion behind Zeiss Hunting products using them for deer stalking for most of my life. We fully expect the Zeiss DTI to represent the brand at their best – with a high performance thermal imager and the…

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coronavirus cancels iwa

The gun trade was left reeling after IWA announced the postponement of the event – just a week before it was set to open – due to fears over coronovirus (Covid-19). Exhibitors have subsequently been informed that “NürnbergMesse have decided revise the planned dates of 6-9 March 2020 to new permanent dates in the autumn. The new showdates are 3-6 September 2020 – two weeks before the British and Countryman Show in Manchester. While a statement from the organisers said that the event could not be achieved “under the current circumstances.” In an update, NürnbergMesse bosses commented: “For the planning reliability of all exhibitors, visitors, partners and media: IWA OutdoorClassics will continue to take place in the period at the beginning of September in the following years, and no longer in the…

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the interview: making an exhibition

Tell us more about the decision to postpone IWA OutdoorClassics 2020? Rebecca Schönfelder: Because coronavirus is continuing to spread, we held in-depth talks with exhibitors and industry representatives to examine the potential repercussions of this global situation on IWA OutdoorClassics 2020. Petra Wolf: Based on this feedback and considering the risk assessment principles for major events set down by the German Government’s crisis management group, and also the current recommendation by the Bavarian state government for international trade fairs, NürnbergMesse ultimately decided to postpone IWA OutdoorClassics from March to September 2020. In the current situation, it would have been impossible to achieve our goal of creating a special experience for both exhibitors and visitors and making it easier for them to develop and expand all kinds of business relationships. How will rearranging the…

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WIN! Each month, the best letter wins a bottle of King’s Ginger – the ideal drink to enjoy after a cold stalk. For more details visit www.thekingsginger.com DATES FOR THE DIARY Dear Sporting Rifle, I see that your Almanac “Deer Dates” still records the muntjac open season in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as “N/A”. This photo was taken in a garden in County Down, N. Ireland, by my trail camera and I have many more photos, including does with young fawns. We have also recovered several RTA muntjac bucks and shot several does, some pregnant. My database has muntjac sightings in all six counties of N. Ireland and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (R. of Ireland) deer cull data 2008-2015 show 72 muntjac shot across Counties Dublin, Kildare, Cork, Mayo, Sligo,…

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return of the buck

Many people ask what species makes for a really enjoyable hunt. There are so many that could top the list but one of the best has to be hunting roebucks in the spring and early summer. It’s the time of the year when every part of the countryside is full of life and it’s a pleasure being out there and amongst it all. The reason why relates back when I was a young lad, first heading out with my father for roebucks in the spring, and where my deer stalking passion began. Being invited back to Wiltshire with my good friend Mark Bellamy and his son, to try for the old buck that had been seen the previous year, there was no hesitation; it was roebucks and it was early May,…