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letter from the the editor

EVER SINCE I WAS A KID, AND EVEN BEFORE I COULD DRIVE, THE CUSTOM TRUCK SCENE WAS ALL I CARED ABOUT AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS ALWAYS SAID I’D GROW OUT OF IT. They said, “Eventually your values will change as you get older, and you won’t care about spending money and time on your vehicle. All you need a vehicle for is to get from point A to point B. Surely your career or school or family life or investments will get in the way of your silly little truck hobby.” Well, I’m 41 now, and aside from my amazing wife and beautiful daughter, trucks are still the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of when I go to…

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word on the street

REDESIGNED ’21 HONDA RIDGELINE COMING SOON THE 2021 Honda Ridgeline is set to launch early next year with a bold redesign that reflects its rugged and versatile pickup truck capabilities. Equally at home on dirt and mud-strewn trails as it is on the highway or twisting mountain roads, the 2021 Ridgeline features standard V-6 power, class-leading ride and handling, the segment’s largest interior for passengers and gear, a brilliantly versatile bed and the best standard AWD model payload capacity. The new Ridgeline features all-new sheetmetal from the front roof pillars forward. Design changes include a new hood sporting a pronounced power bulge, and new front fenders that emphasize the squared-off nose and more upright grille, flanked by LED headlights updated for better illumination. Atop the grille is a crossbar that bisects the…

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parts counter

I LIKE … GOLD! TO KEEP YOUR UNDER-HOOD WIRES, CABLES AND HOSES COOL AND PROTECTED, IT PAYS TO GO FOR THE GOLD. Design Engineering Inc.’s new GOLD Line Sleeving is manufactured from the company’s high-temperature metalized polyimide lamination and bonded to a robust, 20-ounce heat-treated glass fiber base material. Available in sheaths, shrouds and a cover, DEI’s GOLD sleeving products are able to reflect direct heat up to 800›F! Heat Sheath GOLD is available in five sizes from ¾ x 36 inches to 2 ¼ x 36 inches. The sheaths feature a lock weave pattern and high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system for fast, secure installation. Heat Sheath GOLD is also available in custom dimensions. Heat Shroud GOLD is available in ½ to 1 ¼ x 36 inch sizes and 2 to 2…

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lone ranger

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE IS WHAT THIS ’69 FORD RANGER IS ALL ABOUT. Most people probably think this is a Ford Bronco, but it is far from it. To achieve this look, it took merging a ’69 Ford Ranger and a ’72 Ford van. Keith Kyker and his Kyker’s Rod and Kustoms crew discussed building this in a garage several times while building a bumpside truck for one of their customers. While having pizza at a local pizza parlor, they finally decided to go for it. To get the frame on the ground, they started with a Chris Alston’s chassis with a custom 104-inch wheelbase and began chopping it up to achieve the look they were looking for. Slam Specialties RE-6 bags and a rack-and-pinion steering were used to lay the front…

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southern tradition

THE GEORGIA SUMMER WEATHER WAS HOT, BUT THE TRUCKS WERE EVEN HOTTER! The third annual Southern Tradition Car and Truck Show on July 13-14 brought in crowds from all over. With more than 215 entries, amazing custom cars, trucks and bikes filled the Etowah River Park in Canton, Georgia. This two-day event was fun for the whole family. Even with the pandemic, tons of vendors and spectators came out to support the show. Pig N Out BBQ was one of the main sponsors of the show and their BBQ did not disappoint! You could also grab an Italian ice from Arctic Ice to cool off while browsing the show. Drivn Clothing, Lay’N Licks and Howe’s It Doing Garage were just a few of the vendors set up for the weekend. As the…

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kik lt

IF YOU’RE AT ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE ANGLERFISH, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THESE UNDERWATER ANIMALS HAVE A GLOWING, DANGLING LURE PROTRUDING FROM THEIR FOREHEADS THAT LOOKS LIKE A FAT, JUICY WORM. The anglerfish entices other fishes close with the bioluminescent appendage, and then pounces on its prey. It’s a vicious way to hunt for food, but a genius way to distract the bait with something shiny. You may be wondering how this relates to Stuart Daigle’s 2008 Tahoe build. Well, let me explain. This particular project came about for a particular need that Stuart had. As a self-employed business owner of K.I.K. Kustomz, a custom clothing company, he would constantly run into the same concern: How do you draw attention at a truck show full of eye candy everywhere you turn?…