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January 2022

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Hello! Welcome to our special Stuff Awards issue, celebrating the very best tech of the last 12 months. This is where we reward the gadgets that are simply too good not to own – our definitive guide to what brilliant stuff you probably should have bought over the past year, culminating in the crowning of our definitive 2021 Gadget of the Year. And it’s not all on us – you’ve also voted for the Readers’ Gadget of the Year, and what a closely fought battle that was… Plus, whether you’re a health fanatic or someone whose idea of exercise is walking to the kitchen for more crisps, you’ll love our guide to top fitness gear. If you plan to start going to the gym, running or doing something more exciting like…

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cheapers creepers

When does a budget phone cease to be a budget phone? When the price creeps over a certain level? Or when the specs read like something you’d expect to pay much more for? With the Moto G200 5G, it really is tough to decide. For starters it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888+, one of the fastest processors currently available, which will certainly give you anything but budget performance when combined with this phone’s 8GB of RAM. Then there’s the 6.8in Full HD+ display, with a 144Hz refresh rate and support for HDR10. Nope, nothing budget about that. Must be the camera that’s a compromise, then? Hardly. There’s a 108MP main snapper, a 13MP ultrawide and a 2MP depth sensor, so it should have most photography needs covered. You get video smarts too,…

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both sides of the storing

The problem with digital photography is that so many pictures never get to see the light of day, locked up inside SD cards or onboard memory and only ever admired on tiny digital screens. And that’s not surprising, as getting stuff printed is a hassle – unless you’re shooting on Fuji’s new Instax Mini Evo. This film/digital hybrid has a built-in printer that spits out its 5MP pictures on credit-card-sized paper straight away, but the internal memory and microSD slot mean you can store the snaps you’re not so sure about for later. Before you shoot, a dial on top lets you select from 10 different film effects including vivid, monochrome and sepia, while twisting the barrel of the f/2.0 lens scrolls through 10 lens modes, such as vignette, ‘light leak’ and…

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return of the pac

OnePlus is no stranger to special editions. It’s released a couple of tie-ins with McLaren – handy if you can’t quite afford one of the motors – and a collaboration with CD Projekt Red for Cyberpunk 2077 (which fortunately wasn’t totally broken like the game, but unfortunately was only available in China). The latest, though, is perhaps the best of the lot. The Pac-Man version of the Nord 2 has exactly the same specs as our Affordable Phone of the Year (see p38) – a 6.43in AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate, MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI processor, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage – but is crammed with extra flourishes from the golden age of gaming. When you use the under-screen fingerprint reader the game’s iconic ghosts chase Pac-Man around your thumb,…

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a song for the loewes

It’s OK to have a party as long as it’s not a party, apparently, so why not invite Loewe’s Klang trio to play tunes all over your house? Clad in acoustic fibre and topped by touch-sensitive glass panels, these three trapezoidal totems can work together to fill multiple rooms with music. Pair them with Apple devices via AirPlay 2, hook up a whole batch using DTS Play-Fi, or simply stream from your phone or laptop over Bluetooth. Smallest of the lot is the dinky MR1 (£299), a 30W wireless speaker that can double up as a rear unit for the German maker’s Bar5 MR soundbar. Then there’s the MR3 (£549), equipped with three drivers plus a subwoofer and two passive radiators to serve up a solid 150W of beefy bass and…

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quad bless the child

It must be nice to be the child of a billionaire. Sure, you might occasionally get lost in one of the mansions your richer-than-God parents have splashed a fraction of their cash on, but imagine the kind of stuff you could put on your Christmas list. We think that’s why Tesla’s Cyberquad for Kids exists – and while X Æ A-12 Musk is still too young to be writing letters to Santa Claus, this mini ATV could only be for the offspring of the very rich. Inspired by the sci-fi look of the Tesla Cybertruck, the all-electric four-wheeler has a full steel frame, cushioned seat, adjustable suspension, rear disc brakes and LED light bars, but it’s certainly no match for the rest of Tesla’s fleet: a lithium-ion battery gives it a…