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Tech is about looking forward, but sometimes it’s nice to dip into the archives. Hot-tub-time-machining it back to the 2009 Stuff Awards, somewhat incredulously I discovered that the HTC Hero beat the Apple iPhone 3GS to win Gadget of the Year. It must have been that 5MP camera and 3.2in touchscreen. And so on to the 2019 Stuff Awards; the official final word on a thrilling decade in tech that’s seen us embrace everything from 3D to 4K, AI, AR, VR, 5G and ‘phablets’ (a word that still brings me out in cold sweats). We’ve got winners in 20 massive categories, including two very special reader awards chosen by you fine people, so thank you for voting in your droves. Head over to p32 to discover what our la familia of…

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our month

I RELIVED SOME TEENAGE CAR MAG FANTASIES I really wanted a Toyota Supra when I was younger. Then I got some insurance quotes and readjusted my sights on a Vauxhall Nova. Still, like the white guitar in Wayne’s World, I knew that one day it would be mine… sort of. You see, Toyota has brought back the Supra, sweeping lines and all, so they lent me one for a few days. Naturally the weather was mostly biblical for the duration, but even popping out for some Jaffa cakes made me feel like a king. James Day, Editor-in-Chief I TOOK SOME SELFIES IN SHENZHEN Out in China for Oppo’s Innovation Day, I can confirm the company is doing a lot more than just chucking money at massive sporting events like Wimbledon. There were 5G and…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1 MOTO DROPS A PROPER POPPER Motorola One Hyper Periscopes have been used for hundreds of years to help people to infiltrate areas in which they don’t belong without being detected – but the pop-up snapper on Motorola’s new One Hyper is exactly what got it noticed at Stuff Towers. At just £270 this phone’s got no right to be roaming among the big dogs, but as well as that 32MP selfie-cam it’s got plenty of other features that could cause you to mistake it for one: the 6.5in Full HD+ screen that necessitates the hidden camera by stretching right to the edges; the ludicrously fast 45W hyper charging that’ll juice it enough for a whole day in just 10 minutes; and the 64MP dual rear camera setup, which uses Quad Pixel…

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ooh, denon is a place on earth

Denon Home Ooh baby, do you know what that’s worth? Yes, from £219 / (We want) the same thing The mere-exposure effect is when you develop a preference for the familiar, and it might explain why Denon has gone down the Sonos styling route. The range comprises three models: the Home 150, with 3.5in woofer and 1in tweeter; Home 250, angled for wide dispersion with two tweeters, two woofers and a 5.25in bass radiator; and Home 350, with two woofers, two mid-drivers and two tweeters. Live your life be free Denon doesn’t discriminate with its music sources: choose from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, TuneIn, Deezer and more via Wi-Fi, plus AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. Support is provided for ALAC, FLAC and WAV files up to 192kHz/24-bit, as well as DSD 2.8MHz…

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omega seamaster 300m 007 edition

from £7390 / That’s a fancy watch. But what makes it different from other fancy watches? It’s James Bond’s for a start. At least, this is the Omega model he’ll be wearing in 007’s next outing, No Time to Die. It’s also the first ever Seamaster to get a grade-2 titanium mesh bracelet, and in the world of expensive wristwear these are the kind of intricacies that make a watch sought-after. No Time to Die? Sounds like Bond’s watch is running fast. I’m sure the engineers at Omega would beg to differ. The 42mm 300M 007 Edition is powered by a magnetically resistant co-axial master chronometer calibre 8806 movement, and in horological terms that should mean Bond’s watch is pretty darned accurate. Cheers, Q. But can it cut through rope, defuse a bomb or…

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?wtf is the escobar fold one?

Is that a folding smartphone that’s been named after a drugs kingpin and resembles a gold bar? I’m afraid so. Roberto Escobar, the brother of infamous drug lord Pablo, has announced an ‘unbreakable’ folding phone with a flexible display using an ad campaign that features underwear models and guns. Are you serious? It’s disgustingly garish and you’d be mad to buy one. You can tell Roberto that if you like. He’s part of Escobar Inc, founded in 1984 as the official holding company for Pablo’s assets – you know, the former leader of the Medellin drug cartel and a man reportedly responsible for around 5000 deaths. Anyway, the phone costs $349. Wait, what? Doesn’t the Samsung Galaxy Fold cost £1900? It does. The Escobar Fold One undercuts its flexible rivals by cutting out networks and…