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Whisper it quietly, but launching two new games consoles as the country toys with going back into lockdown could be considered – in a twisted sense – perfect timing. After years of rumours, and our Hot Stuff Editor’s insufferable reminders that he’d bagsied review samples, we’re getting four at once – and each offering something different depending on your budget, broadband speed and penchant for physical media. So which one to buy? A full-fat PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? A Digital Edition PlayStation relying solely on streaming and downloads, or the compromise of curtailed power with the compact and affordable Xbox Series S? Head to p34, where our expert guide will help you decide. Don’t despair if you’re not a gamer, because this issue is about much more than the next-gen…

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hot stuff

HOT FIVE #1 NUTHIN’ BUT A 5G THANG Apple iPhone 12 Pro Apple has a habit of acting like it invented things other phones have been able to do for ages. Video calls had been around long before FaceTime was a thing and fingerprints had been unlocking phones for ages when the iPhone 5S appeared. Annoying, isn’t it? But when a new tech is embraced by Apple, that’s usually a sign that it’s about to go mainstream… and the iPhone 12 Pro finally has 5G. For some that would be enough, but there’s also a new 6.1in Ceramic Shield display, which Apple reckons is four times more robust than before, and a speedy A14 Bionic chip that’s claimed to make the 12 Pro up to 50% faster than any other phone. And that Pro moniker…

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can’t take my eye off you

£240 / amazon.co.uk Amazon’s latest Alexa vessel won’t let you out of its sight… Swivel service If you’ve had Alexa living with you for a while you’ll know she’s always listening… but pick up an Amazon Echo Show 10 and she’ll always be watching too. Its 10.1in 1280x800 display and 13MP cam are mounted on a swivelling speaker – with two 1in tweeters and a 3in woofer – so when you summon her she’ll turn to face you like the obedient robot she is. You’ll feel like a god… and will also be able to wander about during video calls and always stay in the frame. Swivel partnership Having a built-in rotating camera also means the Echo Show 10 can double as a particularly effective security guard. Using the Alexa app, you can log in…

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hot stuff stream

The Invisible Man This timely reworking of HG Wells’ classic sci-fi tale stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman who believes she’s being stalked by her ex… who has found a way to make himself invisible. With friends dismissing her experiences as delusions, she must face her tormentor alone. A perfect psychological pant-wetter for Halloween. Film / Now TV / Sky, 30 Oct The Good Lord Bird Ethan Hawke plays firebrand abolitionist John Brown in this adaptation of James McBride’s novel of the same name. Hawke is also co-creator and executive producer for the eight-part series, which tells the story of Brown’s attempt to spark a slave revolt and is true to the novel’s humorous, often surreal tone. S1 / Now TV / Sky, Nov (date tbc) The Crown Olivia Colman returns as Lizzie Windsor in the fourth…

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nissan re-leaf leaf no one behind

£N/A (concept) / nissan.co.uk It’s Leaf, Jim, but not as we know it… Excellent punning. Yep, this really is a Nissan Leaf, but unlike any we’ve ever seen before. It’s been decked out with off-road suspension, ultra-tough tyres and LED lighting to make it look like an emergency response vehicle. Oh… so it’s not an emergency response vehicle? Not really, as Nissan says this is just a working prototype, but it does highlight how great battery tech is for disaster management. Designed as a first responder, the Re-Leaf – a pretty excruciating pun in itself – features external 110/230v plug sockets that can power things like jackhammers, medical ventilators and water treatment devices when mains electricity has been knocked out. In fact, Leafs (Leaves?) have been powering stricken homes in Japan since 2011. It’s…

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wtf is project aria?

Oh no, more smart specs? After the Google Glass fiasco you might think they’d joined 3D TV, laser discs and Amazon’s Fire Phone in the great recycling bin in the sky – but Facebook hasn’t given up on the idea just yet. Its new wearable AR venture is called Project Aria. When do they turn up on my face? You won’t find these connected glasses for sale. Project Aria is currently just a research initiative that Zuckerberg and co hope will help them to build the first generation of decent AR facewear. So this is a prototype pair? Nope, they’re not even at that stage yet. Facebook is dishing out ‘research devices’ to a small group of employees. They don’t even include a display, just a camera and mic plus sensors to capture location data…