Sunday Independent 2021-06-27

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why losing the presidential ipad is no laughing matter

Wesley Diphoko wesley.diphoko@inl.co.za WHEN President Cyril Ramaphosa was called upon to speak at the Port of Cape Town, for a moment he froze and revealed how important his iPad was in his life. It was as if the president could not speak without the notes on the First iPad. What was it about the iPad that kept the president from delivering his speech, even though he knew his core message for the day? He was not concerned about the iPad itself but the data and information on the iPad. He knew that some State information, no matter how small (assuming he does not store everything in the Apple device), would be compromised. For many, the moment became the joke of the day, if not the week. However, it should be…

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s‌oft‌ ‌version‌ ‌of‌ ‌protection of personal information act ‌coming‌ ‌soon‌

Wesley Diphoko ON JULY 1, South Africans will be expected to adhere to the watered-down version of the Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia). The Information Regulator has extended the commencement date of the provision that requires organisations to obtain prior authorisation if they process certain categories of personal information. The commencement date of that provision is now February 1 next year. The section that has been extended is section 58(2), in relation to the section 57, which is Application for Prior Authorisation that now has a deadline of February 1 next year. This means that an organisation that is required to obtain prior authorisation from the Information Regulator does not need to suspend its processing of personal information during such time that the Information Regulator is processing its…

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sa crypto company defrauds investors microsoft launches windows 11 upgrade google launches its first physical store amazon goes after podcasting market

A South African cryptocurrency investment company, AfriCrypt, has allegedly defrauded about $3.6 billion (about R54bn) in investor funds, after the company said its trading system was “hacked”. A total of 69 000 bitcoins were stolen. Investors were told not to report the hack to law enforcement, which the founders claimed would slow the recovery process. Microsoft has officially announced the next version of its desktop operating system (OS) Windows 11. The new OS will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users and will start rolling out soon. New in Windows 11, the company is introducing Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops to provide an even more powerful way to multitask. These are new features designed to help users organise their windows and optimise their screen real estate. Twenty-two…

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nigerian artists and entrepreneurs bank on crypto-art

Camille Malplat At only 29, Nigerian pop-artist Osinachi has sold paintings on Microsoft Word for several thousand euros, or the equivalent amount in “ether”, a cryptocurrency often used to buy digital art. One of his works, Becoming Sochukwuma, shows a black dancer wrapped in a tutu made of African fabric, dreadlocks tied in a bun, swirling on a computer screen. But what makes the painting truly unique is its endorsement with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – a set of data stored in a blockchain that is used as a certificate of ownership. The digital painting was sold in April for $80 000 (R1.1m) worth of virtual money on the crypto-art market, a growing business in Africa’s most populous country. Worldwide, NFTs, which serve as a unique identifier, has reassured…

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departure of three women marks the end of an era

Pali Lehohla In NOVEMBER 1982, I was appointed to the then Bophuthatswana statistics office. My first task was to prepare for the 1985 population census. Arriving in that homeland office were a young team of seven junior staff under the leadership of a white expert from Pretoria, Piet Bossert and the late Pericles Mothlabane who was the head of the organisation. The office was meant to compile statistics collected from businesses on imports and exports – the basis for financial transfers to the homeland under the regime of customs revenue. This was the main financing mechanism. Thirty-eight years later I am forced to look back at the journey because a number of those I started the organisation with are now retiring. As they leave office, what might I say, we…

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small business tips for load shedding

Ben Bierman THE reintroduction of load shedding hit 49 percent of small business in South Africa, despite finding ways to work around it, the first quarter Business Partners Limited SME Index has found. The third annual State of Small Business report by Xero and World Wide Worx states that more than half of small business in South Africa have not yet adopted cloud technology because they cannot rely on a consistent and efficient flow of electricity or internet connectivity. In fact, almost 60 percent said the scheduled power outages posed a significant threat to their daily operations and revenue stream. A few guidelines on what to consider: Generator A generator might be able to keep you going when the lights go out, but have you considered insuring it? While generators…