Sunday Independent 2021-11-07

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how the iec used technology to manage elections

Wesley Diphoko As South Africans reflect on the election results, it’s also important to reflect on the critical role played by technology in ensuring accurate results and smooth operations for the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC). The technical support provided by Telkom to IEC has been paramount. The IEC had a responsibility to capture data in high-density metropolitan areas, as well as remote rural areas which required improved technology services. Telkom provided the voice and data network backbone for the IEC to allow for the collation and reporting of votes across the country. “The people of South Africa are dependent on our connectivity to make their votes count. It all boils down to the technologies we deploy to service the electorate and the IEC, regardless of where…

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is it time for a national tech champion?

Wesley Diphoko There was a time when technology was just about technology. In recent years this has changed as technology companies exert their influence on society. This has implications on how tech companies should be treated. No one makes this point better than Ian Bremer who wrote a piece for Foreign Affairs magazine. In it he points out that “states have been the primary actors in global affairs for nearly 400 years”. That is starting to change, as a handful of large technology companies rival them for geopolitical influence. The aftermath of the January 6 riot serves as the latest proof that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter are no longer merely large companies; they have taken control of aspects of society, the economy, and national security that…

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how to mitigate the risks when growing your small business

IT’S not uncommon for small and medium enterprise (SME) owners to be forewarned about expanding their businesses too fast, as it can lead to pitfalls in the future. In fact, as a wise person once put it – “accelerated growth can be just as dangerous as no growth at all.” With many business owners using the last couple months 2021 for forecasting and growth- planning purposes, perhaps the time is ripe to explore some of these risks and how to mitigate them. Cash flow problems The Business Partners Limited Q2 2021 SME Confidence Index – a quarterly survey measuring the attitudes and confidence levels of South African SME owners – identified cash flow problems as one of the key reasons why businesses fail. Consider for example that a business’s…

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magic of zipf’s law can be used to tackle voter apathy

The failures in local government are well documented in the reports of the Auditor-General and the lived experiences of citizens. As the campaign for elections moved, citizens cut a grim picture as they sidestepped streams of sewerage and dirty water where water was available and long queues of empty buckets waiting for the possibility of water where taps have run dry. Now we have the results. Not only that, but we also know how they panned out. The electorate have given a clear message that elections are not about service delivery, but about the circus of the elected at the expense of the electorate. These groups refused to go to the polls. They said they will not be part of the circus. The sad part is that among those who…

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up for bumper black friday

GIVEN MAJOLA RETALIERS are expected to cash in on this year’s Black Friday as bargain-hungry shoppers will be demanding even more discounts and ideal shopping experiences two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. South African e-commerce space has ensured that the infrastructure and technology behind its platforms were 110 percent ready to deliver the customer experience that would bring its customers back for more deals during the month of Black Fridays, said the company’s chief executive Greg le Roux. He said the pre-planning with all its strategic partners was completed and was happy to announce that it was ready. “Every Friday in November, will be dropping new deals. “This means that new deals are dropped on the 5th, 12th and 19th of November. “All deals are valid from…

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black characters move out of grey zone to front tv series

Helena Andrews-Dyer Brenda. Buffy. Joey. Veronica. Blair. Serena. Those names are instantly recognisable if you’ve watched even just one episode of a soapy high school drama in the past 20 years. They are the girls given free rein to make mistakes and have messy lives, all while garnering the most screen time. They are the queen bees, rulers of a career-making genre that has spent decades relegating characters of colour to the sidelines – if they existed at all. But there are some new girls in town. Say hello to Puleng, Fikile, Gia, Rue, Julien and Zoya. They are the characters riding a new wave of teen TV told from the oft-ignored point of view of Black girls. The shift isn’t seismic yet, but it is a change deeply felt…