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The iOS, iPhone GuideBook

The iOS, iPhone GuideBook

The iOS, iPhone GuideBook

NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 160 pages of high quality content. The only digital iPhone 11 user guide you will ever need. The iPhone has had a major upgrade! The amazing iPhone 11 is the must have smartphone and The iOS 13 iPhone GuideBook brings you the very latest fully illustrated guides to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max, its apps and the iOS 13 operating system. All the best features of iOS 13 and the iPhone 11 are broken down and clearly explained by our team of experts. We show you how to master your iPhone with ease. If you have an iPhone 11 you need this guide. 100% Independent.

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the ios 13 iphone guidebook

iOS 13 is here, and it’s looking great. We’ve been hard at work checking out how to use all its key features and enhancements, and this tips-packed guidebook to iOS 13, your iPhone, and what you can do with them, is the result. We instruct you on updating to the new operating system, setting up your iPhone for the first time and using it for entertainment, productivity and more, but ultimately, how to get the most from all the new features and revised apps iOS 13 brings. It’s all in The iOS 13 iPhone GuideBook! Can You Run iOS 13? Older iPhones cannot be updated to the new operating system, so if you want to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13, it must be one of the following models: • iPhone 6s/6s Plus•…

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the iphone 11 pro and the iphone 11 pro max

It’s the first iPhone to earn the coveted ‘Pro’ label. The iPhone 11 Pro and its inevitable phablet counterpart, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, are built for the Apple fan who wants to stay at the white-hot cutting edge of technology. They have the fastest processor and graphics processor ever used in a smartphone, a triple camera setup, an advanced new display, and a long-lasting battery. It could be argued that this 2019 update is all about the cameras, and other anticipated advances such as virtual and augmented reality features were absent. But on the other hand, maybe the new cameras are enough? They’re certainly streets ahead of even the high-end dual cameras found on the last generation of iPhones. So let’s take a look at Apple’s groundbreaking new iPhones. New…

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the iphone 11

It’s a colourful character. The iPhone 11 (without the Pro moniker), successor to the hugely popular iPhone XR, is available in some really jazzy shades. It has the most powerful chip ever seen in a smartphone, a dual camera system, and a great battery life. It seems a more than worthy successor to the XR, Apple’s lower-priced iPhone aimed at young people, the fashion conscious and those who didn’t need the extra power afforded by the cutting-edge iPhone releases. As we’ll see, it’s a smartphone that puts in a performance to match its good looks. The Screen Scene The screen on the iPhone 11 is a 6.1-inch liquid Retina display, just like last year’s iPhone XR. Both front and back are made from toughened glass, with the back milled from a single…

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updating to ios 13 and updating apps

Downloading and updating iOS 1 To check for a new version of iOS, first of all open the Settings app from the Home screen. It’s the silver-coloured icon showing a series of cogs. From the next screen, scroll up until you see the General link and then tap it. 2 In General, tap Software Update. Your iPhone checks with Apple to see if there is a newer version than the one you’re running. If there isn’t, you’re told you’re up to date, but if there is, you can install it now. 3 If an update’s available, tap the Download and Install link. You may need to plug your iPhone into a mains power supply if the battery’s low. After entering your passcode, the update downloads to your iPhone. The iPhone’s iOS operating system is…

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new in ios 13 what’s changed?

Performance improvements Apple has made under-the-hood enhancements and optimisations to make iOS run faster on your iPhone. Face ID unlocks your phone 30% faster, app downloads are 50% smaller and all updates are 60% quicker. Rearrange apps When you tap and hold an app, instead of giving all the icons an ‘X’ that you can use to delete them, you get a menu. You can use this menu to get straight to a function of the app, or tap ‘Rearrange Apps’ to make them wobble as before. A better Siri Siri’s voice has been given a makeover. Using advanced neural text-to-speech technology, Apple has made it more natural and less robotic, especially when making long speeches. This makes it far easier on the ears. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth options from Control Centre You no longer have to open…

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find my what’s where?

The People tab 1 The Find My app is divided into three sections, represented by icons at the foot of the screen; People, Devices, and Me. Unsurprisingly, the People tab is for finding your friends. If it isn’t already selected, tap it. 2 To start sharing your location with friends or family members, tap the large Start Sharing Location button. You should then enter the name, Apple ID email, or phone number of the person with which you want to share locations. 3 As is usual, you can tap the + sign to the right and select a person from your Contacts app. Add as many people as you wish, and tap the Send link. Then you can choose whether to share for an hour, the rest of the day, or indefinitely. 4 The…