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The New York Review of Books October 10, 2019

For over 50 years, The New York Review of Books has been the place where the world's leading authors, scientists, educators, artists, and political leaders turn when they wish to engage in a spirited debate on literature, politics, art, and ideas with a small but influential audience that welcomes the challenge. Each issue addresses some of the most passionate political and cultural controversies of the day, and reviews the most engrossing new books and the ideas that illuminate them. Get The New York Review of Books digital magazine subscription today.

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CHRISTOPHER DE BELLAIGUE’s latest book is The Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle Between Faith and Reason, 1798 to Modern Times. HELEN EPSTEIN is Visiting Professor of Human Rights and Global Public Health at Bard. She is the author of Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror and The Invisible Cure: Why We Are Losing the Fight Against AIDS in Africa. She has served as a consultant for numerous organizations, including UNICEF, the World Bank, and Human Rights Watch. COLIN GRANT is the author of several books, including Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey and His Dream of Mother Africa. His latest book, Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation, is published in October. EDWARD HIRSCH is the author of nine books of poems, including, most recently, Gabriel:…

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new york review of books

Editors: Emily Greenhouse, Gabriel Winslow-Yost Deputy Editor: Michael Shae Senior Editors: Eve Bowen, Prudence Crowther, Julie Just, Andrew Katzenstein Senior Editor, Poetry: Jana Prikryl Editor-at-Large: Daniel Mendelsohn Founding Editors: Robert B. Silvers (1929–2017) Barbara Epstein (1928–2006) Publisher: Rea S. Hederman Advertising Director: Lara Frohlich Andersen Maya Chung, Editorial Assistant; Willa Glickman, Editorial Intern; Sylvia Lonergan, Researcher; Katie Jefferis, Daniel Drake, and Will Simpson, Type Production; Kazue Soma Jensen, Production; Maryanne Chaney, Web Production Coordinator; Michael King, Technical Director; Harris Stevens, Advertising Manager; Nicholas During, Publicity; Nancy Ng, Design Director; Janice Fellegara, Director of Marketing and Planning; Andrea Moore, Assistant Circulation Manager; Matthew Howard, Editorial Director, Digital; Angela Hederman, Special Projects; Diane R. Seltzer, Office Manager; Patrick Hederman, Rights; Margarette Devlin, Comptroller; Pearl Williams, Assistant Comptroller; Teddy Wright, Receptionist; Microfilm and Microcard Services: NAPC, 300 North Zeeb Rd., Ann…

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the ruin my eyes have seen

THE FIRST CELL And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last “An elegantly conceived, powerfully written, and far-reaching book that will change the conversation around cancer for decades to come.”—SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEE“A passion project, a personal story, a scientific proposal, and quite simply one of the most compelling books you’ll read. By the end you’ll want to sign on to her revolution.”—SHERRY TURKLE“When the history of cancer is eventually written, Azra Raza’s book will be one of the touchstones that illuminated the path to victory.”—AMANDA FOREMAN…

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song of my self-care

Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion by Jia Tolentino. Random House, 303 pp., $27.00 There was a time when the Internet seemed to promise the world to the world. When it appeared to be opening up a benign, infinite network of possibilities, in which everyone was enfranchised and newly accessible to one another as they were drawn, in one of Jia Tolentino’s many felicitous phrases, to the “puddles and blossoms of other people’s curiosity and expertise.” It would be a world in which hierarchies in whatever guise would be upended, a democratic forum to rival and exceed the philosophical marketplace of ancient Greece (no exclusion of anyone, not women, not slaves). At the very least, it was a place where, because you could be sure that someone out there was listening, you would find…

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princeton university press

“This wonderful work provocatively considers what women gain and lose in becoming ‘market-ready’ for evangelical communities.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review Cloth $29.95 “This anthology is a revelation. It might change perceptions of Shakespeare’s plays and reopen the challenging, central question of why they have had such a long and robust afterlife.”—Douglas Lanier, author of Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture Paper $19.95 | Cloth $85.00 “A lyrical and learned introduction to one of modern Italy’s essential poets.”—Jonathan Galassi Paper $19.95 | Cloth $55.00 The Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation “A fascinating and important book, written in an engaging style and packed with intriguing examples.”—Diane Coyle, University of Cambridge Cloth $27.95 “A very readable companion to this important Buddhist scripture that throws light on the fascination the text has held for generations of Buddhist thinkers and believers.”—Lucia Dolce, SOAS University of…

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kate wisel

ON SALE OCTOBER 1 “You can hear the crackle of heat and the roar of a powerful fire burning through these pages. Young angry women, brokenhearted mothers, and men who are lost to themselves and others struggle in the world of Driving in Cars with Homeless Men.” —MIN JIN LEE, 2019 Drue Heinz judge and author of Pachinko “This is one architecturally stunning, linguistically dazzling, hyper-intelligent, heartexpanding debut.” —PAM HOUSTON, author of Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country “Kate Wisel is a fearless writer…. The gritty lyricism of her voice makes me think of punk rock and blown mufflers and creaky bedsprings flavored with cigarette ash, red bull-and-vodka, gum stuck to the bottom of a Doc Marten, a little bit of Denis Johnson mixed up with a Janis Joplin howl.” —BENJAMIN PERCY, author of The Dark Net…