The Total 911 Collection

The Total 911 Collection

Vol. 5

Get behind the wheel of your favourite Porsche 911 with our updated drives of models from every single generation including the 993 GT2, 997 Sport classic and 930 SE. We also have a glittering array of head to head tests including the 2.7RS v 3.0RS, 997 GTS v GT3, and 964 v 993 Carrera. Plus, we show you the best modified and motorsport-inspired 911s on the planet, and take look at the technology that makes the 911 so iconic. Featuring: SC 3.1 - Did you know the SC was the first 911 to get a Powerkit? We drive a rare example! 930 3.30 v 3.3 - It’s the battle of the 930 Turbo as the first model from 1974 takes on the last from 1989. 996 GT3 RS Rallye - Behind the wheel of the 996 Rennsport built for the gravel stage. IROC! - We reunite two IROC RSR’s from the inaugural US championship.

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welcome to the total 911 collection

Like a fine wine, the Porsche 911 seems to get better with age. Celebrating its 54th birthday in 2017, the history of the 911 continues to grow, its legacy deep-rooted ever more into the very fabric of the motoring world. The result is a breathtaking sports car: today’s Neunelfers are now faster, quicker and more economical to drive than ever before, such is the genius of modern engineering. That’s not to forget key models from the 911’s history, however, for it is these classics that have helped today’s cars evolve into the all-conquering driving machines they are. In the Total 911 Collection Volume 5, we take a look at iconic cars from right through the Neunelfer’s unrivalled history, with road trips, head to head tests, a look at modified and motorsports…

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sport omatic

The 911 2.4S in front of me_sits resplendent in the summer sun, its rare Gold metallic paintwork shimmering in the light._Our photographer, Dan, is laying on the concrete floor beside me, camera aimed upwards at the front of the car some ten yards away. Disturbed only by the intermittent clicking of his camera as Dan grabs a few variations of his shot, my thoughts are lost in sheer admiration of the Porsche. “That thing’s bloody gorgeous,” I eventually blurt, my mind won over by the purist 911 silhouette, black horn grilles – as per the 2.7 RS – and protruding front lip spoiler, all hallmarks of the 911S (at least in 1973 form) that make it a real Total 911 favourite. However, though original, this 2.4S isn’t totally in keeping…

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the pursuit of power

In the sports car world, it is a well-established convention that each successive model is more powerful and faster than its predecessor, and Porsche has consistently stuck to this rule – except for a brief period in the 1970s. The rise of US emission regulations caught out all the motor manufacturers, especially America’s muscle cars, which were completely hobbled. However, thanks to its superior engineering, Porsche managed to avoid the worst of the power deficits: in 1976, the top-of-the-range Carrera 3.0 was only 13bhp down and had the same torque as the celebrated 2.7 of 1973- 74. However, when the Carrera and the lower output K Series 2.7 made way in model year 1978 for the SC, there was considerable disappointment that the latest Porsche was rated at ‘only’ 180bhp. There…

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the first exclusive

Porsche 911s are all special, but some are more so than others. Porsche is a company that by definition makes special cars, though the nature of the business it’s in inevitably attracts a type of customer who is always keen to explore, to do something unique, and to own and drive something individual and di? erent. Ever since the first 356s rolled out of Porsche’s doors, it’s been open to providing solutions for its most exacting clientele, the tradition for personalisation always possible, your imagination and your budget being the only permissable limitations. The Sonderwunsch-program, or ‘Special Wishes’ department has always existed, but it would only be formalised in 1986 when Zu? enhausen introduced the Porsche Exclusive department, with which Porsche aimed to fulfil every customer’s wish and desire. Of course,…

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snow time

When was the golden period for Porsche’s venerable 911? Your answer will probably depend on when you were born. Some 911 enthusiasts argue that pre-1973 911s are the real deal. Then, for some of us, an impact-bumper series car is the archetypal 911. All things considered, your preference may ultimately be determined by which of the aforementioned models captured your imagination the moment you saw a Porsche “in the wild” for the first time. I am a member of the latter group, but when I started reading about cars with real intent, it was the end of the 964/advent of the 993 era. The 993 Turbo with its rounded curves really stood out for me, especially since other performance cars of the period were generally very angular in terms of their…

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millennium bugged

Sixteen years ago. It all seems so fresh, the idea that at the turn of the millennium the world could stop revolving, while computer programmers would be cashing in sorting out the will-it-or-won’t-it ‘bug’. Never has a date change been so potentially cataclysmic, or in hindsight, such a let down. We all partied like it was 1999 because, finally, it was. Porsche celebrated with a special edition 911: the 996 Millennium. Fittingly it was painted in Violet chromaflair where, according to the brochure, “the colour changes from black to dark green to an elegant shade of violet.” Sitting under the sun today, that hue’s flipping between a deep brown to near black, with a bit of green there too, depending on how the light’s hitting it. Porsche certainly isn’t averse to…