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Time Magazine International Edition February 3, 2020

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make way

MY 11-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER often asks me, tauntingly, what things were like “in the 20th century.” Things are moving her way. It’s a sign of just how quickly the globe’s generational shift is occurring that when Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 34, became the world’s youngest head of government on Dec. 10, she lost that distinction almost immediately. A mere 28 days later, Sebastian Kurz, 33, became Austria’s Chancellor. Kurz, who had an earlier stint in the same job, regained the role via a coalition with the Green Party, whose support surged in the latest election—a result, many said, of the work of teen climate activist (and TIME 2019 Person of the Year) Greta Thunberg. “A specter is striding through Europe,” read an editorial in Austria’s right-leaning Die Presse. “Its name…

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for the record

590 Population of Toksook Bay, Alaska, according to the 2010 Census; as of Jan. 21, the remote village was the first community counted for the 2020 Census ‘IT BRINGS ME GREAT SADNESS THAT IT HAS COME TO THIS.’PRINCE HARRY, speaking at a Jan. 19 event, about his and his wife Meghan’s decision to step back from royal duties and give up their Royal Highness titles‘Change is hard, especially in gymnastics.’SIMONE BILES, Olympic gymnast, on Jan. 20 at a new training center for USA Gymnastics, after the organization severed ties with a facility where disgraced doctor Larry Nassar abused victims‘I don’t think the tariffs helped.’GARY COHN, former White House chief economic adviser, on CBS’s Face the Nation on Jan. 19, days after the Trump Administration signed a trade deal with China 14.65 MILLION The number…

6 Min.
a deadly new virus goes global

LUNAR NEW YEAR IS A TIME FOR TRAVEL across China, as people make up to 450 million trips abroad for vacation or back to their hometowns for meals with family. But a deadly virus is also on the move, putting a damper on the celebrations, which fall around Jan. 25 this year. The outbreak of a viral pneumonia-like illness was first reported in December in Wuhan, a major city in central China. Health officials quickly identified the pathogen as a coronavirus related to the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, which began in southern China in 2002, killing nearly 800 people and turning bustling cities across Asia into ghost towns. The new virus sickened more than 500 people in China and led to 17 deaths as of Jan.…

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news ticker

Africa’s richest woman in hot water Authorities in Angola are investigating Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s wealthiest woman and a daughter of a former Angolan President, after media outlets on Jan. 19 published 700,000 documents purporting to show that she misused state resources to get rich. She has denied the claims. U.S. court dismisses climate suit A lawsuit brought by a group of young people intending to force the U.S. government to address climate change, Juliana v. U.S., was dismissed on Jan. 17 by a panel of federal judges in the Ninth Circuit, on the grounds that the plaintiffs lacked legal standing. The litigants plan to ask the full court to review the decision. China targets single-use plastics China unveiled a plan on Jan. 20 to drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastics used by its…

2 Min.
can a president be removed from office if there wasn’t a crime?

BENEATH THE HEATED PARTISAN LANGUAGE surrounding President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial lies a constitutional question: Can a President be removed from office even if he hasn’t committed a crime? That’s the key question facing the Senate now that its formal trial began in earnest on Jan. 21. The fate of Trump’s presidency and the carefully calibrated balance of power between the White House and Congress hang on the answer. House Democrats say Trump twisted U.S. foreign policy to try to stay in office, withholding defense and diplomatic aid to Ukraine to get the country to announce investigations into his political rival Joe Biden. Trump’s lawyers dispute that framing of what happened—but regardless of the President’s motivations, they say, there is no law saying anything he did was illegal. “House Democrats’ newly invented…

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so close, yet so far

DOMI-NOOOOOOO In the town of Nidda, Germany, a 2018 attempt to break the record for the most minidominoes to fall in one go failed when a fly landed on one of the tiny pieces, triggering a premature chain reaction. MISSTEP British endurance runner Amy Hughes, who ran 520 miles on a treadmill in one week in 2017, lost out on a world record after officials said her boyfriend, who monitored the bid, wasn’t an independent witness. EATING CROW Cooks used 2,200 lb. of ostrich meat in a bid to make the world’s largest ostrich sandwich at a food festival in Tehran in 2008. But a crowd began eating the evidence before Guinness officials could measure it.…