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Time Magazine International Edition March 2, 2020

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the march

ONE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE DOCUMENTS IN our archives is a letter that Martin Luther King Jr. sent to TIME founder Henry Luce upon being named what was then called Man of the Year. 1963, King wrote, will long be remembered as a period “that has carved for itself a uniqueness in history.” It was the year the civil rights movement entered a new stage—crowned by one of the most powerful and enduring speeches in American history. The moment King stepped off the podium in front of the Lincoln Memorial late that summer, it was clear the words he’d spoken there would resonate far beyond the hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the mall. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech has since been woven into the fabric of the nation,…

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ALL IN THE FAMILY RE “INSIDE GAME” [JAN. 27]: The only thing missing in this article was information telling you how to join the “Jared Kushner Fan Club.” I enjoy TIME mainly because of your critical approach to the political events in the U.S. and the news from the White House, but this was very disappointing and not what I would have expected. Anne Hlinka, PRAGUE NICELY DONE! THIS IS AN informative, well-written, unbiased article that reveals the man and his position within the White House. At last there’s an article that’s fair and balanced. Bravo! Diana Savastano, JOHNS CREEK, GA. THE ONLY THING THIS ARticle shows is the virtues of nepotism. John Reynolds, PASO ROBLES, CALIF. OIL PROBLEMS RE “SHELL’S CRUDE AWAKening” [Jan. 27]: The insouciance of Shell CEO Ben van Beurden’s admission that Shell knew decades…

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for the record

‘Given recent national events, it is all the more important to learn from the mistakes of the past.’A RESOLUTION introduced by California assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, up for a vote Feb. 20, in which the state assembly apologizes to Americans of Japanese descent for its role in Japanese-American internment during World War II‘I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more.’ ELTON JOHN, apologizing for ending a Feb. 16 concert in Auckland early because of walking pneumonia; shortly after, he postponed several shows‘NOT SURE WHO WAS MORE EXCITED. GLAD SHEREMEMBERS ME AFTER A YEAR!’CHRISTINA H. KOCH, NASA astronaut, on a viral Feb. 13 tweet showing video of her dog’s reaction when Koch arrived home after 328 days in space‘I actually really quite liked labor!’KATE MIDDLETON, the…

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the olympics-size risk of covid-19

IN A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO FEATURING Japanese tennis superstar Naomi Osaka, as well as fans of different nationalities, the organizing committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games revealed on Feb. 17 the event’s official motto: “United by emotion.” Yet if there’s one emotion linking the world today, it might be fear. The COVID-19 outbreak shows little sign of weakening. As of Feb. 19, the disease has infected more than 75,000, killed 2,014 and prompted more than 50 nations and territories to close their borders to arrivals from China. The “devil” virus, as Chinese President Xi Jinping has called it, is on the cusp of becoming a pandemic. The coming weeks will determine whether containment efforts can prevent COVID-19 from morphing into the “black-swan event” that Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang has…

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a colombian court weighs legalizing abortion after a push to ban it outright

SINCE A 2006 RULING BY ITS CONSTITUtional Court, majority-Catholic Colombia has allowed abortion in three cases: rape or incest, fatal fetal abnormality, and danger to the physical or mental health of the mother. Antiabortion campaigner Natalia Bernal Cano may be about to change that—but perhaps not in the way she hoped. Last year, she filed two legal actions demanding an end to the three exceptions. But on Feb. 19 a judge examining the case proposed that the court instead use its ruling to legalize all abortions in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. A decision is expected by early March. CONTROVERSIAL CASE Opponents of abortion say Colombian authorities have become too permissive since 2006. Many point to the case of a woman in the city of Popayán, who had a legal…

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news ticker

Virginia’s ban on assault weapons fails Governor Ralph Northam’s push for a bill that would ban the sale or transfer of assault weapons was blocked after four Democratic lawmakers sided with Republicans to reject the proposal on Feb. 17. They voted to delay the bill for a year and ask the state crime commission to study the issue. Attorney General Barr under fire More than 2,000 ex–Justice Department officials signed a Feb. 16 open letter calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign after he moved to reduce the sentence recommended for President Trump’s confidant Roger Stone. Trump had attacked prosecutors’ initial recommendation of up to nine years in prison. Leak exposes China’s Uighur camps A 137-page document was leaked detailing the Communist Party’s crackdown on Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. The documents…