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Time Magazine International Edition July 20, 2020

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TALKING ABOUT RACISM YOUR JUNE 22–29 ISSUE was your finest in years. The anchor piece by Justin Worland, “The Overdue Awakening,” was an excellent analysis of where and who we are as a people. The perspectives offered by Von Miller in “I Am George Floyd” and in your interview with Jennifer Eberhardt were incisive and constructive. Implicit bias, to use Eberhardt’s words, I believe rests not only in the machinery of governing but in everyone’s heart. Dale Kueter,CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA RE “INSIDE THE MOVEMENT to ‘Defund the Police’” [June 22–29]: There’s a lot of talk today about “systemic racism,” the notion that racism is embedded in a system as opposed to a particular part of the system. The discussion mostly comes up in a consideration of defunding the police, where the thought is…

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for the record

‘I am disgusted to my core.’VANESSA WILSON, interim Aurora, Colo., police chief, after firing three officers on July 3 over photos that made light of the death of Elijah McClain, who died last year after being arrested and put in a choke hold 730 Distance from Earth, in light-years, to the first exposed planetary core—a dense object without a gaseous atmosphere—ever observed by scientists, according to a paper published July 1 75 Number of hot dogs consumed by Joey Chestnut at this year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4—his 13th win and a new record ‘In light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community, the Washington Redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough review of the team’s name.’THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS, in a July 3 statement on…

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security law brings a chill to hong kong

FOR MONTHS, THE MOSAICS OF STICKY NOTES, posters and artwork that dotted Hong Kong told a story of resistance. Pro-democracy protesters and supporters affixed messages of hope, solidarity and demands for greater political freedom to so-called Lennon Walls as protests rocked the city in 2019. But after June 30, when Beijing passed Hong Kong’s national-security law, the walls came down. Books written by pro-democracy leaders like Joshua Wong disappeared from public libraries. Activists deleted social-media accounts. Demosisto, Wong’s political party, disbanded. Nathan Law, a prominent activist and another key member of Demosisto, fled the city, saying his effort to draw international attention to the movement would likely be considered a crime under the new law. “It has already brought a chilling effect … and the politics of fear to Hong Kong,”…

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in turkey, remaking a museum as a mosque

SERAFFETTIN WAS AT HOME UNDER COROnavirus lockdown on May 29 when Quranic verses were recited beneath the normally silent minarets of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. The reading, to mark the 567th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of the city, lingered in his mind weeks after he returned to the courtyard outside Turkey’s most visited attraction. “Hagia Sophia officially belongs to Turkey,” Seraffettin said, outside the UNESCO world heritage site where he has sold simit bread for 15 years. “But we have to understand that people come to visit it from many different countries. We have to let them see and feel their history too.” Like other vendors, he declined to give his full name so he could speak freely. A seat of power for Orthodox Christians for almost 1000 years, the Hagia Sophia…

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news ticker

Trump plans ‘American Heroes’ park With monuments a flash point in the conversation about inequality in the U.S., President Trump called for the construction of a “National Garden of American Heroes.” His July 3 Executive Order mandates that the park include statues of historical and modern figures, from Frederick Douglass to Antonin Scalia. Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19 Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, 65, confirmed on July 7 that he has COVID-19. He took the test, his fourth, on July 6 after developing symptoms. The populist leader has downplayed the risks of the coronavirus, calling it “a little flu”; his country is the second worst-affected in the world. ICE releases new foreign-student rules Foreign students will be barred from staying in the U.S. to take classes at colleges that have switched to a fully online learning…

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as covid-19 soars, miami resists reclosing

IT HAD BEEN BARELY SIX WEEKS SINCE MICHAEL Beltran and his staff reopened his Miami restaurants when he had to sit them down again and tell them the bad news. Despite all their efforts, working feverish, 20-hour days to reconfigure the spaces for new guidelines amid the rush to reopen, Beltran was now being forced to close again. “I had to look them in the eye and say, ‘You did everything right, but you’re not going to have a job on Wednesday,’” says the chef and restaurant owner. “It’s soul-crushing.” Florida, which now has one of the fastest-growing COVID-19 caseloads in the nation, is struggling to balance its fresh spike with the cost of reclosing. In the early months of the crisis, things had looked good. Despite predictions that spring-break crowds,…