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Trail Running April - May 2019

Trail Running was the UK's first magazine devoted to the exciting, adventurous world of off-road running. Escape boring treadmills, knee-jolting tarmac and traffic fumes and join us in the fresh air as we help you discover Britain’s most awesome trails. In each issue you’ll find... - Mapped off-road routes - Inspirational places to run throughout the UK - More gear tests than any other running magazine - Expert training advice and fitness plans We also feature and interview record-breaking mountain runners, along with the best trail, obstacle and adventure races.

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warming to the task

FINALLY it’s here – spring and its promise of warmth, fab views, great days out and, perhaps most important to many of us, fast paced running! With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at all things ‘racey’ – be that your first-ever outing, or in-depth advice for those competition veterans out there. We’ve also taken a look at races to enter over the coming months – it’s a comprehensive spring race guide (p103) to make sure 2019 is memorable for all the right trail running reasons. But on that very subject – making it a memorable 12 months – let me take this opportunity to remind you of our #Run1000Miles initiative for the year; clocking 1000 miles in 2019. That can include racing if you wish, but this is much…

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this issue’s contributors

TOM EVANS Britain’s undisputed No.1 trail runner helps you prepare for your first race, p30. KILIAN JORNET The legend that is Kilian reveals a love of all things very, very hilly, p32. FIONA RUSSELL We sent her out to discover running the amazing Scottish lochs, p42. PAUL BARTON There’s nothing more he loves than wearing three watches, p64. MIKE GRATTON Former London Marathon winner looks at the last six weeks of prep, p72. MARC ABBOTT New man to our mag, he uses his kit expertise to take a look at shoes, p86. /trailrunningmag @trailrunningmag /trailrunningmag tr@bauermedia.co.uk…

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running inspiration

BLAZE A TRAIL IN THE LAKES The Lake District becomes even more of a trail running Mecca than usual between the dates of May 16-19. The annual Mountain Festival – supported by Trail Running – brings trail races (from 5-50k), expert talks and live entertainment (where else can you see Bez from the Happy Mondays rub shoulders with the giants of ultra running?) to the Lakeland town. For more info and to buy day, weekend and camping tickets, visit keswickmountainfestival.co.uk NOW WE’RE TOLKIEN The Ruapehu Ring of Fire held in New Zealand’s breathtaking Tongariro national park serves up one of the most demanding and exhilarating alpine adventure runs in the Southern Hemisphere. Starting and finishing at the elegant and historic Chateau Tongariro Hotel, the 72k ‘Volcanic Ultra’, 50k, 24k or relay events fully…

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the science of sleep

Regularity wins Having set bedtimes and waking hours could benefit your heart and metabolic health. Researchers at Duke Health and the Duke Clinical Research Institute published findings in Scientific Reports in September of a correlation (rather than cause-and-effect relationship) between sleep irregularity and higher blood sugar, higher blood pressure, depression and stress. Be an early bird Night owls have a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to the first scientific review of its type, published by Advances in Nutrition in November. After looking at more than 100 separate studies, the scientists noted that factors contributing to poorer health may be linked to the dietary habits associated with those going to bed late. Power nap Elite runners are known to take afternoon naps, and science has recently looked into their effectiveness. A…

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under the microscope: nike vaporfly 4%

What? Claimed to be the fastest shoes in the world, they were worn by Eliud Kipchoge when he smashed the world marathon record last year, and several other top elite runners swear by them. Such is their performance advantage, some predict they may be banned in the future. How? According to recent research at Grand Valley State University, the shoes propel the runner forward more efficiently. Why? It’s mainly to do with the thick foam midsole, but a carbon-fibre plate and other factors are involved, too, scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder recently found. Wearing the shoes mean runners don’t have to work as hard with their ankles and toes. The special foam also means very little energy is lost with each step. Scott’s RC Supertrac trail shoes, which pre-date the…

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caffeine choices

TEA The antioxidants in tea help prevent cell damage, while one study showed it can cut your risk of heart attack by 20% and stroke by 35% when used in moderation. It can also help strengthen your bones, while scientists have also shown it is good for your teeth as it fights harmful bacteria in your mouth. COFFEE Aside from giving you an energy boost, which can be handy sometimes in everyday life and for performance purposes, caffeine has been shown to cut muscle pain post-work, so given coffee has more calories per cup than tea, it’s the one to opt for to get these benefits. However, high doses of caffeine can have many side-effects, some even dangerous. VERDICT It’s a tie. It depends on personal preference and the time of day. Coffee is a…