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COMEDY Hold the Sunset FRIDAY/BBC1 NEW Jason Watkins is hilarious as childish Roger in this family sitcom co-starring John Cleese and Alison Steadman, and I’m very pleased to report that as the series returns for a second outing, we find his character still no closer to leaving home! In our exclusive interview, Jason tells us about falling in love with a crocodile! See page 10 FACTUAL Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing FRIDAY/BBC2 NEW I thoroughly enjoyed the first run of this warm-hearted series – the comedy banter between Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer is a joy to watch! We join them for a chat to find out what they’ve taught each other about fishing and friendship. See page DRAMA Casualty SATURDAY/BBC1 I love Jacey Salles as Spanish nanny Ramona Ramirez in Cold Feet, so I can’t wait to see sparks flying in her…

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exclusive peaky blinders hits bbc1!

British-born Hollywood film star Sam Claflin will join the all-star cast of Peaky Blinders for its upcoming fifth series, which sees the gangster saga make the big leap from BBC2 to primetime BBC1. Sam – whose movie credits include The Hunger Games series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot – will play real-life politician Oswald Mosley, and, as you can see from our exclusive first-look photo, he cuts a rather dashing figure. Set in the aftermath of the 1929 financial crash, the new series sees Birmingham gang leader Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) entering Westminster after being elected to parliament at the end of season four. ‘Mosley and Tommy are both Labour MPs,’ Sam, 33, tells TV Times as we meet him in London for our interview.…

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new stories

Details for the new series are being kept under wraps for now, but it seems certain that Tommy will abuse his new position, and writer Steven Knight (pictured above, left) has hinted that it will explore Tommy’s worsening mental health. ‘Cillian is fantastic,’ says Sam. ‘Our characters’ first meeting is quite memorable and the director wanted to keep us apart until we filmed it, to emphasise that it was their first encounter. When I got to set and heard him talking as Tommy, it was a big moment. The director had to tell me to calm down!’…

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‘there’s love & heartbreak to come…’

DRAMA Poldark SUNDAY/BBC1/9PM By the end of last week’s episode, the Poldarks and Enyses were happily back on Cornish home soil after a frantic few weeks in London, which saw Ross fighting to clear his old friend Ned Despard’s name, and doctor Dwight in court supporting James Hadfield – the man who had attempted to assassinate the king. But, of course, as fans of BBC1’s costume saga Poldark know only too well, Cornwall has its own dangers, and, this week, a fatal mine collapse sees Ross (Aidan Turner) and Dwight (Luke Norris) risking their lives on a foolhardy mission orchestrated by Ned (Vincent Regan) to save 20 trapped miners. Ross and Dwight’s recklessness doesn’t go down too well with their respective wives, Demelza and Caroline (Eleanor Tomlinson and Gabriella Wilde). Neither does Ross’ loss of…

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the wild west, up north

SOAP Emmerdale MONDAY-FRIDAY/ITV/TIMES VARY Emmerdale becomes ‘Emmerdeadsville’ this week, as the village is transformed into America’s Wild West for a fundraiser organised by Bernice Blackstock. The special scenes air on Tuesday, but they were weeks in the making, and couldn’t have happened without the hard work of the soap’s art director, Shaun Clark, and his team of talented assistants. ‘Our in-house craft shop did a huge amount,’ says Shaun, ‘making things like giant cacti, signs and hitching posts. Other props were hired in, like the totem pole and tepees. And a lot of stuff was given to us for free, by Opera North [a national opera company based in Leeds]. We had all sorts of things from them, including some tin baths, which we used when we dressed one building as an old-fashioned bathhouse.’ But, of…

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‘i’ve bonded with a crocodile’

“Roger feels the world needs to wise up to his genius” NEW COMEDY Hold the Sunset FRIDAY/BBC1/9PM Actor Jason Watkins has shown his serious side in some of TV’s most compelling dramas. Standout roles include an obsessive forensics investigator in BBC1 thriller Line of Duty and his BAFTA-winning lead performance in ITV’s real-life drama The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies. But when TV Times catches up with him for an exclusive interview, the W1A star couldn’t be happier about reprising his role as gloriously selfish Roger in the second series of BBC1 family sitcom Hold the Sunset. ‘It’s a real joy,’ enthuses Jason, 52. ‘Hold the Sunset isn’t easy to make because we want it to be the best it can be, but it’s just great to be doing comedy again. ‘Having done Trollied [Jason played store…