Voie Libre international No. 98

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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trainsmania brings us together

For quite a while, the Editorial Team had been looking for other ways, other approaches to bring modellers together. Our magazines are a great way of linking like-minded people, but how can our hobby be explained to the outside world? How can its potential be demonstrated to passers-by? One of the solutions we thought of is Trainsmania, a major gathering able to attract all those involved in our hobby: professionals and enthusiasts, specialists and laypersons. If we decided to embark onto this adventure – which is no picnic, as all volunteers who organize events will tell you – it is because we believe strongly in the idea of bringing together and federating to make our hobby better known and shared. We wanted Trainsmania to be the link between you, us and all…

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premium classixxs : a tatra t3 tramway

Oscale modellers who are fans of tramways and of Eastern European countries are going to be delighted. The Premium ClassiXXs brand has released a superb T3 SU tramway from the Prague system, which also ran in many cities of the Eastern Block on metre gauge, standard gauge and even broad gauge (1.524m). 14,113 units of this tram, and its variations, were built by the Czech company ČKD (Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk) between 1961 and 1990. The 1/43 scale model, non-motorized, is impressive, being more than 32cm long! The scale dimensions are correct. The body and chassis are made of metal, the bogies of plastic. The wheels, made of alloy, have a finescale flange. The axle gauge is 35mm, corresponding to 1.524m. This tramway cannot therefore be displayed on standard gauge 0 scale track. The…

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tillig : bogie wagons

Tillig produces two open bogie wagons sold as a set. They are numbered 00 99-03-72 for the wagon with semi-high sides, and 00 99-03-83 for the wagon with high sides and a brakeman’s platform, in early 1960s versions. The prototypes were built by Hofmann in 1900 for the Nordhausen Wernigerode Eisenbahn, and were scrapped around 1967 for the first wagon, and 1990 for the second. They weighed 8.5t and could carry a 15t load, and were fitted with air brakes and a hand brake. Very accurately reproduced, with fine markings, these models are very free-rolling. A few parts must be fitted by the modeler, such as the prototype couplers, the brake hoses and, on unit OO 99-03-72, a bench for the brakeman. TILLIG REF. OF H0-12 SET: 15921 THIS SET IS ALSO AVAILABLE…

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tillig : the t1 railcar in meg version

The cross-border MEG network, between Strasbourg and Karlsruhe, a 115km long metre gauge line, connected to the Strasbourg tramway system, used to operate T1 railcars. This is the version released by Tillig in H0-12. 8 units were built between 1934 and 1941, by Waggonfabrik Gotha and Orenstein & Koppel. During WWII, some of them were fitted with Imbert gas generators. They were driven by a 4-cylinder Daimler-Benz OM 65/4 motor with a cubic capacity of 5 litres, generating 41 kW of power, and featured a mechanical gearbox, a single driving axle and drum brakes. They could haul a carriage or a luggage/parcels trailer on this system, built in the Rhine valley and whose route featured no steep gradients. Maximum speed 55 km/h, 4.5m wheelbase, weight 8.1t, 23 seats and 10 tip-up…

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roco : 6-wheeler wagons

Newly-relased in 2018, but a re-run of models first produced in 2013, here are three sets of two wagons each, in ÖBB period III brown livery. These 6-wheeler wagons were built in 1927 by Graz or Simmering; they were 9.64m long, with a 6m wheelbase, could carry 15t, and featured a brakeman’s cabin. The stanchion-fitted flat wagons weighed 6.8t, and the stanchion-fitted wooden or metallic open wagons weighed 7.2t. They were mainly used to carry logs or sawn lumber produced by sawmills installed along the Mariazell line. Their overall length as well as the wheelbase length of their 6-wheeler chassis gave them a very elegant appearance. They were withdrawn around 1988. A few of them were preserved on tourist railways, or were converted into open passenger wagons. The models are very…

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buying in japan

International trading sites reference Japanese productions, including models released in limited editions. As for Tomytec, which can be placed in the industrial category, their narrow gauge productions are expanding. Voie Libre has attempted to buy some equipment and reports on the experience. HOW TO FIND THEM? It cannot really be said that models are easy to find! I never succeeded when attempting to proceed directly via artisan sites; their pages are often in Japanese script and seldom translated into English. On the other hand, commercial sites are almost all in English. Therefore, it is by looking through these sites, typing keywords such as: Tsugawa Train, Tomytec, in my browser, or even the more enigmatic 1/80 9mm (which corresponds to the scale and the gauge), and by selecting the pictures, that I finally…