Voie Libre international No. 99

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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modernity or tradition?

Our heart sways between both: Should we support traditions, bolster what we are familiar with, observe our achievements and work from familiar bases? A way of reassuring ourselves because we can produce what meets our expectations? Or should we, on the contrary, take bolder steps, dabble with new combinations, new tools, new ways of doing things? Running the risk of producing something sub-standard, less accomplished, but also opening up new prospects and enabling us to imagine even more impressive future creations? Within the Voie Libre editorial team, we support both options! So that we can move forward, renew ourselves, create new things on a solid basis, because tradition and modernity, far from being contradictory, are actually complementary! Enjoy the autumn! Follow us on Keep in touch all the year round with on blog.voielibre.com…

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tillig : spreewaldbahn 0-6-0 t

Seven engines of this type were built between 1897 and 1903 by Hohenzollern in Düsseldorf for the Spreewald metre gauge network (in the region of Cottbus), known at the time as the LCK. They ran until 1968/1971, numbered DR 99 5701 to 5707. Each engine weighed 21 tons, developed a power of 107 kW/145hp, and could reach a speed of 35 km/h. With their large air tank located on the right-hand side of the running plate, and their air compressor curiously fitted to the left-hand side of the front of the smokebox, these engines have a very peculiar appearance. In the years 1952/1953, they were fitted with Knorr air brakes to replace the customary Heberlein cable braking system which, unlike what was found on Saxon networks, ran here under the chassis…

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bachmann-usa : a us army baldwin 2-6-2 t

Breaking with its tradition of producing models having mainly run on the American continent, Bachmann has released the 2-6-2 T engines built by Baldwin for the Pershing expeditionary corps, most of which were shipped to France. The models, displayed this summer, seem to be faithful to the prototype. The driving mechanism, with its simplified motion, did however raise a few eyebrows. We contacted Bachmann about this. We were informed that the driving mechanism of an H0 0-6-0 T had been used, with the big head of the driving rod transferred to the third axle. The model is available in DCC sound version only and calls upon the HiFi technologies developed by Train Control System. Besides the sounds of the engine itself, we were promised a depot atmosphere and even sounds…

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peco : an avalanche of locomotives

This announcement came as a big surprise to many, especially as it took place almost simultaneously in the UK and in Japan! PECO is teaming up with Kato to produce steam locomotives in 00-9. With its range of injected plastic carriages and wagons, PECO is already a leading actor of ready-to-run 00-9 products. An engine can only strengthen its position. To complement its Ffestiniog Railway carriage and wagon range, it was quite logical that PECO should opt for the locomotives of this mythical railway. The first quarter of 2021 will therefore witness the release of « Prince » and « Princess », the signature 0-4-0T+T built by George England & Co around 1865. A Fairlie should follow in those models’ footsteps. The partnership with Kato is a pragmatic choice: the…

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bachmann-narrow gauge : a plethora of new releases

This is no exaggeration, as since June, the British manufacturer has released no less than 14 references of wagons, while at least 6 locomotives are expected shortly. The wagons are mainly re-decorations of the Clayton open wagon and box van, in military, civilian, authentic or imaginary liveries. I decided to buy two military wagons (ref. 393-025A and 393-050A). Running qualities are as good as ever and the decoration is impeccable. The box van sells at £ 38.95 £ and the open wagon at £ 27.95, a bit more for the weathered references. And while waiting for the Quarry Hunslet engines, you can already treat yourself to the small slate wagons, sold in sets of three for £ 46.95. Bachmann has also announced new versions of its very fine 4-6-0 T.…

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and what about brexit?

Once the United Kingdom will have effectively left the European Union, there will be inevitable consequences on our cross-Channel way of buying. According to the French Ministry of Finance, ordering via internet will remain possible, but European law applicable to consumer protection (withdrawal, refunding…) shall no longer apply to such purchases. British law shall prevail. In a similar way, the fact that the UK will have left the customs union means that customs duties shall reappear, in the order of 20% on all purchases exceeding 150 euros.…