Voie Libre international No. 100

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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100 issues and a trip round the world!

When celebrating the 100th issue of Voie Libre, rather than look back over the past, we have chosen to look forward… to admire what you, faithful readers, are busy creating. Quite simply, we invite you on a trip around the world. We have selected new layouts from 11 countries to provide a picture of narrow gauge modelling as it is practiced pretty much all over the planet. Modelling as we like it, modelling which offers a diversity and a creative generosity worthy of the fine community we belong to. Enjoy your reading, and we wish you a happy modelling new year! Follow us on Keep in touch all the year round with on blog.voielibre.com…

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schmalspurbedarf : 4-wheeler carriages

The German retailer Schmalspurbedarf, in cooperation with Lok-Schlosserei, has released carriages derived from MBxd2 railcars and aimed at modernizing the operation of Polish narrow and metre gauge lines. This work was carried out by the “23rd Agust 1944” works (FAUR) in Bucharest, Romania. In the early 1980s, 2,800km of 740, 785 and 1000mm gauge lines were still operational in Poland, of which 1736 still carried passengers. These Bxphi railcar trailers of the A 208 P FAUR type, could be used as simple carriages, as each had its own heating and lighting system. 100 units were built between 1984 and 1988, and one or two of them were often hauled by an Lxd2 diesel (produced by Bemo). 15.92m long and weighing 19 t, with wooden seats arranged on a 2 + 1…

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ree : des wagons cfd, une locomotive bb 400

It’s now certain, the REE company has taken an interest in our metre gauge secondary railways; this is great news for us! Following on from the A 80 D Billard railcar, but expected to be available before this item – one wonders why -, the winning trio of secondary railways is about to be released: flat wagon, open wagon, box van. These highly distinctive models, built by many companies for the CFD networks, will be sold in a wide variety of versions: box vans with round-top or two-sided roofs, open wagons with or without sheet supporting bar, etc. For the time being, all we have seen are undecorated test models, but with all the features of the production run: designed to be fitted with both 9mm and 12mm gauge axles,…

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toma : a ready-to-run orenstein & koppel 0-6-0 t

Well known for its H0 and 0 scale narrow gauge kits, the Japanese artisan Toma Model Works has released its first ready-to-run model. It reproduces a preserved engine from the 15km long, 762mm gauge line linking Kuroi to Uragawara, in the Niigata prefecture. The model is entirely made of metal, giving it a weight of 57g. The engraving is of a good standard, and the engine is produced in 1/87 scale, based on measurements from an Orenstein & Koppel catalogue. It is supplied with etched builder’s plates, but without couplers. It’s a standard O&K type that would be perfectly in its place on a European industrial layout, and can be detailed easily. The engine, not yet run in, starts under 2V and runs at a realistic speed under 7/8 V. The…

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minitrains : new liveries for the schneider and the decauville

MinitrainS has re-surfaced after the storm! The H0-9 productions of this German manufacturer are available once again, and are even being released with new liveries. The French Army Schneider diesel locomotive is available in sand colour, the shade it displayed during WWI. The Decauville Progrès type 0-6-0 T is also available in a new, grey, livery, with black chassis and boiler. The model is identical to earlier runs; coreless motor fitted with a flywheel, installed vertically inside the cab. Simplified motion, disc wheels, very sharp markings. The models run smoothly, including through tight radius curves. MINITRAINS DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE: REF. 1054 PRICE: 149.90 € STEAM LOCOMOTIVE: REF. 1084 PRICE: 149.90 € Available from the LR Modélisme shop…

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meridian : a pershing tank wagon

Here is a kit that will bring back memories to many! More than 20 years ago, the people in charge at Meridian were bold enough to produce rolling stock kits made out of injected plastic. The range featured Pershing military wagons in 00-9 that thrilled many a French modeller: a flat wagon, an open one and a box van. The only missing item was the tank wagon. Well, this has now been put right! The wagon has the same plastic chassis and bogies as its predecessors, with a monoblock cast resin tank added. The casting is of good quality, without bubbles and all that is required is to give the ends a gentle sanding. The wagon is assembled using plastic cement, and two-part epoxy adhesive for fixing the tank on…