Voie Libre international No. 97

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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get involved… so they said.

Railway modelling is a great activity! An activity that calls on many kinds of skills, as we often observe. The layouts we report on are increasingly complex, be it for their fun potential, but also artistically, technically or historically. This activity for which we fight, we want to share it with the greatest possible number of people. Therefore, we have decided to get involved! To get involved through our publications. To get involved through our communications activities. To get involved by organizing a major event: Trainsmania. In Lille, on 3rd, 4th and 5th May, come and share with us our passion for miniature railways. Get involved with us! Follow us on Keep in touch all the year round with on blog.voielibre.com…

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tillig : a railcar

Tillig has released a delightful little metre gauge DR VT 133-522 railcar from the Harz network in 1950s, period III condition. One single unit of this type was built in 1933 by the Dessauer Waggonfabrik for the GHE system, where it was numbered T1. It could reach a speed of 40 kph, with a single driving axle worked by a 4 cylinder 66kW IFA/Horch diesel motor and a Mylius mechanical gearbox. Weighing 8 tons empty and 12 tons fully loaded, it could carry 34 seated passengers and 10 standing. The model has two driving axles, a smooth mechanism that gives it a realistic speed and reversible LED lighting: three white lights and two red ones, as well as one inside. It is pre-fitted with a NEM 662 (Next 18) socket.…

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pmt : former gdr bogie carriages

PMT has released four complementary carriages for reproducing consists of the Prignitz network: One 2nd class metal-sided carriage KB4trp 970-885 with a “Traglasten” compartment for various parcels. Two 2nd class carriages, originally from Saxony, KB4tr 970-855, “Traglasten” with wooden body and closed-off clerestory, and its sister KB4 970-856 with metal body, no clerestory and normal seating. The inside furnishings are very complete, including a stove for heating and the seats arranged lengthways in the “Traglasten” compartments. Finally, bogie box-van GGw 97-53-03 completes the range. All these models, whose running qualities are excellent, are supplied with loop couplings and the reproduction of the Heberlin cable-breaking system on the roof. PMT REF. 5-2503 KB4TRP REF. 5-2505 KBTR WOODEN BODY REF. 5-2504 KBTR METAL BODY REF. 5-4501 GGW PRICE: 60 TO 75€…

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bemo : mob superpanoramic express carriages

Bemo has reproduced the carriages for the Superpanoramic Express consist that runs on the MOB (Montreux Oberland Bernois) network, in their original 1986 version. The set consists of two pilot carriages, Ast 116 and 117, with cabs located above and behind the end compartment, enabling VIP passengers to enjoy a direct view of the track. It also comprises the intermediary As 110 carriages and the saloon-bar carriage As 115. The pilot carriages are fitted with electronic boards for reversing the lights (three white or one red), the instructions show how to fit the decoder under the driving cab. The glazing is so perfectly crystal-clear that modellers will simply have to install passengers! The markings, the Château d’Oex or Lausanne crests and the Superpanoramic Express plates are outstanding. All these models can be…

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peco : a set to make a good start

As was already the case for standard gauge track in 00/H0 and in N gauges, Peco has released a starter set in 00-9/H0-9. The components are from the manufacturer’s Setrack range. These are rigid segments mainly targeted at enthusiasts who are not familiar with flexible track in 3 foot lengths. The set contains enough elements for an oval of track featuring either a passing loop or a couple of dead-end sidings. It is supplied with a booklet of layout plans imagined and illustrated by James Hilton, a very active and gifted actor on the UK narrow gauge modelling scene. The layout projects described can be very easily Gallicized. Another virtue of this set is that it costs ca. 20 per cent less than if the various components are bought individually. Just…

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architecture & passion : a reconstruction-era shack

Although not necessarily a very happy topic, this new reference in Christophe Constant’s range is quite in line with the current period of WWI commemorations. It is fully representative of the thousands of temporary structures erected after the end of the Great War on the former battlefields. The kit consists of walls and woodwork engraved in thin plywood. Two cardboard roofs are also supplied, consisting of either smooth sheets or corrugated sheetmetal. Using wood allows for fine weathering effects if inks are used as a base colour. With a footprint of 84 x 55mm, this shack can be used as a station building on an MRL-type layout (Ministry of Liberated Regions). But it has great versatility, as this type of temporary structure was geographically widespread, with some specimens even surviving…