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December 2020

VolksWorld is Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene and a must-buy for all fans of the legendary vehicles, particularly the iconic Beetle. VolksWorld takes pride in going to extraordinary lengths to bring its readers the most outstanding and fascinating features packed full of the very best photography and information that cannot be found anywhere else.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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3 Min.
oval dose

Welcome to the December issue of VolksWorld, and to the wonderful world of the Oval Window Beetle. This month we’ve gathered together three very different examples of what many consider the most beautiful of all the Beetle body variations. While all three are 1956 models, they couldn’t be styled more differently. From a world class restoration with an Old Speed motor through a slammed rat ride to a hi-po Cal Looker with a custom twist, there really is something for every Oval fan in this issue. “keep your eyes peeled for the return of VolksWorld’s February Cal Look special” Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the cute ’53-’57 Bugs, there’s plenty more on offer, including quite possibly the UK’s best Barndoor Deluxe and a sweet, air-equipped Type 3 Squareback that’s…

4 Min.
starter motor

IDA overhaul For years Webcon has been supplying basic service kits for the legendary Weber 48IDA carburettor, but has now brought out a comprehensive master rebuild kit. The kit includes a new float and pin, needle valve, idle mixture screws, throttle return springs, throttle plate screws plus all the parts from the standard rebuild kit. How much? £107.80 (p/no. 9210500500) From: www.webcon.co.ukTel. +44 (0)1932 787100 Show news With The VolksWorld Show now scheduled to take place on 20-21 March 2021, you still have time to enter your pride and joy to be displayed alongside the best of the best at Sandown Park. Show car entries from 2020 will be rolled over to 2021, so there’s no need to re-apply if you did so last year but, if you’d like to enter and display a car not…

2 Min.
your shout!

Introducing Oscar I’ve been buying your fantastic magazine since I brought my very own Beetle and enjoy reading all the lovely ways people have come by theirs. So I thought I’d share my story of how I came to own ‘Oscar’, who is not just a Beetle to me but a memory maker and a hope for a future. I’m quite new to the VW scene and have only owned my Beetle for just over three year now, but I’ve loved them since I could drive. I work as a fire fighter in Kent, and a common conversation on our way back from fire calls would be, if money was no option, what car would you buy? As the lads named ever more expensive, high-performance cars, my answer would always be a Beetle. “What, a…

14 Min.
polar express

Don’t worry, you haven’t inadvertently picked up a copy of the Simon Fox tribute issue. Depending on your own personal vintage, you may or may not be aware of the impact Simon’s cars have had on the UK VW scene over the years so, because we’re really nice like that, Mike’s done a bit of a ‘previously on…’ on p42. Just don’t forget to flip back here when you’re done. I’ll wait. Now we are all ‘on the same page’ as it were, we can forego the intros and get stuck, 13mm spanners deep, into this 1956 Oval for which the superlative ‘foxiest’ now brings new meaning. You may have drooled over his ’65, and been left in a state by his Squareback, but those are in the past. The history…

3 Min.
doing the foxtrot

Si Fox, or Foxy to his mates, isn’t just a prolific builder of exceptional quality automobiles, he does the vast majority of the work himself in his modestly equipped home garage, and that always impresses us here at VolksWorld more than someone who simply project manages other people’s skills. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but no one can deny it’s a greater achievement to do it all yourself. When Si needs a bit of help with paint, brother Mark is on hand to put the top coats on over his prep work, and you’ve only got to look at this month’s cover car to see they make a formidable combination. Interiors and chrome work are about the only thing Si sends his cars out for, and his eye for detail ensures…

8 Min.
killer keller

Jeff Keller was born and raised in Southern California and has been a fan of all things air cooled for as long as he can remember. “Enough dents and body damage to suggest it had been rolled at some point in the past” “I grew up and went to school in Whittier [California], which meant I was close to shops like VW Gold Mine and Johnny’s Speed & Chrome in nearby Buena Park in the mid-’80s.” Inspired by the cars he was reading about in Hot VWs & Dune Buggies magazine, a then teenage Jeff became hooked on the VW scene and promised to one day build himself a magazine-worthy Bug with all the bells and whistles. “I learned how to drive in a ’71 Super Beetle, and scared my mom to death…