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Issue 95

VWt Magazine is aimed at owners/enthusiast of the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model upwards. The magazine includes features about T4s and T5s, product reviews, road tests, shop tours, road trips, Transporter history and reader’s rides. VWt Magazine is all about reader value. Each issue has 100 pages jammed packed with everything anyone would ever need to know about T4s and T5s and costs just £3.95.

United Kingdom
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ed’s shout

Hello and welcome to issue 95 of VWt magazine. You may notice a few changes in this issue, starting with the bearded face you’re currently looking at. So who hell am I? I’m Glenn, nice to meet you and I’m the man lucky enough to be taking over from Knighty in the driving seat of VWt. I’ve worked in automotive media and events for fifteen plus years now. In that time I’ve road tripped around the globe in my search for great motors, awesome drives and automotive culture related stories. You may have seen my mug in Fast Car, Performance Audi, Performance VW or at many of the shows. I am usually the one at the bar, with a camera and a beer. I’ve been into cars as long as I…

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the p*ssed up pick-up

Simply Surf Bus, or SSB as owner Dan Birch affectionately calls it has been around for over 15 years. Dan himself has been playing with Volkswagens for twice that length of time. The upshot of this simple equation is a string of awesome custom vans and a large following of loyal customers. Based in Clevedon, sandwiched between Bristol and West-super-Mare, Dan has been heavily involved with Bristol Volksfest since meeting head honcho Adrian Ashby at Dream Machine back in the day. Dan: “As part of the BVF team, we organise random events and silly competitions. One of those is the horniest horn. We drive round the campsite in a golf buggy getting people to honk their horns. Whoever we decide has the best horn, wins a prize. As this thing grew,…

1 Min.
2007 vw t5 pick-up modifications:

Engine: Stock 1.9; chopped off exhaust Chassis: TA Technix air ride; shortened chassis with custom cradle housing scaffold board bed built in-house at SSB; 20” Detriot Steel Artillery wheels painted Fools Gold and wrapped with 245x20 front tyres and 275x20 rears Exterior: T6.1 facelift from parts in stock; Lexus Brown paint; Fools gold detail to front grille; Custom LED rear lights Interior: Stock seats re-trimmed in brown leather with tuck and roll detailing and embossed logo Audio: Stock Thanks to: All the crew at Simply Surf Bus…

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first all-electric abt etransporter 6.1 hits the uk

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched its first fully electric van in the UK. Developed in collaboration with those clever folks at ABT e-Line, the eTransporter 6.1, or eT (as we’re gonna call it) combines library acoustic levels of driving, instant torque, fast charging and high load capacity for what they’re claiming is the ‘ultimate zero-emissions urban logistics van’. It boasts flexible charging options that allow for an 80 per cent charge in just 45 minutes. But, and it’s a big but, one of Kim Kardashian proportions, the model only offers a total all-electric range of, wait for it… up to 82 miles. Yep, this is a short-distance cross city hauler. The eT 6.1 delivers a maximum power output of 110PS (83kW), with a 0-62mph time of 17.4 seconds. The compact battery is…

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vwt social club

ROAD TO NOWHERE Dear VWt, I am not normally one for writing into magazines, to be honest I barely even bother to read my own emails, but like many I seem to have a lot of time on my hands after being furloughed from work. I just wanted to drop a quick message to say hello and thanks for keeping me sane with your excellent magazine through what has been a very challenging few months. I love the great outdoors and touring the world, well Europe anyway in our family T5 camper van that the kids have nicknamed ‘Stan the van’. So you can imagine being cooped up, especially during the holidays when normally we would be off touring has been particularly hard for me and the family. Though, like many we’re just…

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euro vision

The dividing line between water and air in Volkswagens must be unique in the car world. Sure you get the classic MG owners sniffing at plastic bumpered cars, and you might find a Ford guy who isn’t interested unless it was built in Dagenham. But the difference between an aircooled VW and one featuring a radiator is unarguably stark. That being said, the true beauty of Volkswagen means that, for all the differences of the vehicles, you’ll always find a good mix of both over the course of any show weekend. What you won’t usually find is a mixture quite on the level of what we are bringing to you now, surprisingly for the second time. Wait? How did you miss this first time around? A 1991 T4 running 1960’s Type…