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travel rewards the whisky lover

As whisky drinkers, the flavors, friendships, and pleasures that whisky bestows are always available to us. They are as within reach as uncorking a bottle. However, summer brings the opportunity for travel and vacations, inspiring us to take our exploration of whisky to far-flung frontiers. In this issue, we explore amazing destinations for whisky drinkers (although they will certainly delight non-whisky-drinking traveling companions, too!) The World’s Greatest Whisky Cities (page 53) were selected based on each city’s ability to deliver unforgettable whisky experiences, including rich history, distilleries, education, events, and of course, an abundance of great whisky. This isn’t a generic guide assembled with Google searches. In order to deliver timely, first-hand whisky information, we literally went to the source. Senior whisky specialist Susannah Skiver Barton returns to her former college…

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dear whisky advocate…

FOR THE LOVE OF RYE Dear Whisky Advocate, I’ve been a subscriber for around two years now and have enjoyed your periodical tremendously. However, the most recent opening of my mailbox came with not one, but three wonderful surprises. The first was an acknowledgment of the American whiskey I hold most dear: rye. My love of the grainy juice began with scotch, but as I branched out I quickly discovered rye had its own unique array to imbibe. For that alone I could give you a large thank you. Admittedly though I don’t believe I would have taken the time to write you had it not been for page 29. You see, I’m also a large proponent of Campari. I bathed in my first Negroni just a few years ago and it’s…

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whiskyfest springs into chicago and washington, d.c.

The good times washed over Chicago and Washington, D.C. this spring as WhiskyFest rolled into both cities for an evening of whisky, education, and camaraderie. On March 29th in Chicago and April 10th in D.C., swarms of whisky lovers descended to find that there was something for everyone—and then some. Attendees had access to hundreds of different whiskies from around the world, including many rare and in-demand pours and numerous whiskies from the Whisky Advocate Top 20. Both the 2017 Whisky of the Year, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, and the 2018 Whisky of the Year, Nikka From The Barrel, were poured for the duration of both events. And beyond these well-known labels, there were loads of incredible whiskies made by distillers who came from as far as India, Taiwan, and Mexico,…

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that indy spirit

Folks in Indiana are famous for their Midwestern friendliness—“Hoosier Hospitality”—but they also view themselves as tenacious underdogs, an aesthetic noted in just about every Hollywood depiction of the state, from "Hoosiers" to "Breaking Away" to "Rudy." Locals have taken the same approach to craft distilling—until 2014 it was illegal to operate on-site tasting and retail, the way many small distillers in other states make sales. This made Indiana an unfriendly place for indie spirits, but pioneers plunged ahead, while working to change the laws. “In 2014 the state said that if you had a license to distill spirits for three years you could open a tasting room,” recalls Blake Jones, co-owner and president of West Fork Whiskey Co. “That was still tough, but it sort of made distillery tasting rooms in…

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slush fun

When the blender and ice bucket come out for the season, most push-button mixologists reach for rum or tequila. But don’t put away that whisky just yet! Punchy rye, silky Irish, and smooth blended scotch are equally well-suited for creating frozen cocktails that can take the sting out of any heat wave. Each recipe below serves two, or can be scaled up for a crowd. So, grab the nearest blender and discover how whisky can make all the difference in the whirled! The Killing Joke Created by Greg Best, partner at Ticonderoga Club, Atlanta Bright and tart, this rye slushie has a floral hint on the nose and touch of ginger spice. 3 oz. Rittenhouse rye (or other rye whiskey)2 oz. lime juice3½ oz. ginger honey syrup (recipe below)1 oz. Cocchi Americano2 dashes Regan’s…

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spin class

BEST OVERALL Vitamix E310 $350 Our bartenders universally prefer Vitamix blenders. This top-end consumer model with 2 HP performs flawlessly and includes a full five-year warranty. vitamix.com BEST POOLSIDE Waring BB300S $179 Designed specifically for drink mixing, this features a simplified two-speed motor and a rugged stainless steel container that won’t shatter when dropped. waringcommercialproducts.com BEST FOR CAMPING Vortex $130 This hand-operated blender offers a good workout, but with practice we made quick work of ice, varying our cranking speed and direction to get the job done. gsioutdoors.com…