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on a roll with sushi

At a time when sushi restaurants dot the streets of virtually every North American city and one of the most popular menu items is a roll named after not anything Japanese, but a western U. S. state — California — it’s safe to say that sushi is mainstream. But sushi in the West isn’t quite the same as in its homeland. According to Malaysian-born chef Hing Wong, who worked for Suntory (now Beam Suntory) before emigrating to Canada and eventually becoming executive chef at the upscale Toronto Japanese restaurant Ki, there are several differences between how sushi is prepared and enjoyed in Japan compared to North America. “North American sushi chefs are more open to experimenting and merging different techniques,” says Wong, including torching, smoking, and aging, none of which are common…

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IRISH SINGLE MALT 89 Hinch Peated, 43%, $50 The nose offers antiseptics, Band-Aids, caramel, lemon peel, grassy smoke, and aniseed balls. As it unfurls, the smoke combines with notes of rich chocolate brownie and earthy peat. Honeyed, with sweet smoke on the palate, juicy citrus notes, sherbet, vanilla, ice cream wafers, clementine, and a bright finish of tangy citrus and sherbet. Dangerously drinkable, and one you’ll want to keep within easy reach for a second pour. (6,000 bottles)—JM IRISH SINGLE POT STILL 92 Method and Madness Chestnut Cask-Finished, 46%, $90 Perfumy and earthy aromas dominate the nose: dried roses and orange peel, talcum powder, moss, sandalwood, granola, toast with honey. Flavors of toasted cedar, spruce, and moss, woven with spice and pecans, are juxtaposed with bright lemon, almond cream, orange blossom water, and rose petals.…

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forest to glass

“A great cocktail can transport you. It can invoke memories from your past and create a fuller tasting experience,” says Joe Choiniere, bar manager of Forage in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Foraging for your own ingredients enhances this experience, connecting taste buds to location. Finding and using local wild berries, herbs, bark, and more also opens your mixology up to new, surprising flavors, Choiniere adds. Try these forest-to-table drinks for a true taste of the outdoors. A Walk in the Weeds Created by Matthew Biancaniello, owner of Eat Your Drink “This refreshing drink has strong herbal notes and a wonderful sweet and sour finish,” Biancaniello says. 2 oz. stinging nettle-infused bourbon (recipe below)¾ oz. fresh lime juice¾ oz. agave syrup (1:1 agave nectar to water)1 oz. fresh blood orange or pomegranate juiceBlood orange slice and edible…

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whisky advocate selections

Best Values Whiskies with solid scores, modest prices, and wide availability. HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT 91 Loch Lomond Original, 40%, $30 Restrained and refined, the nose is bright with orange blossom, honeysuckle, peaches, pineapple, grapefruit, almond, and pistachio. The flavors are consistent, tending toward sweetened fruit—candied grapefruit and orange peel, grilled pineapple, brown sugar-coated almonds—bound in a creamy length of silk. Polished oak offers a savory counterweight to the finish’s sweet-floral notes of citrus oil and rose water. One of the best entry-level single malts on the shelf.—SSB RYE 91 Roulette 4 year old Straight, 50%, $30 A pretty and unusual nose: nutty with toasted grain uplifted by fresh-squeezed lemon, plus chai spices, brown sugar, seasoned oak, and cedar chest. The palate has intersecting layers of citrus wedges, allspice, black pepper, dried ginger, milk chocolate, toasted nuts, cedar,…

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we need to talk about george

The best place to start a story is at the beginning, which must have been the sentiment behind Glenlivet’s recent release, Glenlivet 12 year old Illicit Still. Glenlivet, famously licensed to distill since 1824, says it has drawn inspiration from “Glenlivet’s illicit past as well as from its founder George Smith, who began illegally distilling whisky in the 1800s.” While we occasionally like to root for the baddie in stories, this isn’t a redemptive tale of bad guy makes good. There’s no hell-raising yippee-ki-yay George Smith, the scourge of the glen, striding across the heather with a pair of smokin’ shotguns crossed behind his head. If George Smith is remembered for one thing, it’s his prowess at filling out a distillery license application form in the wake of some decent…

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world whiskies

DANISH 92 Stauning Bastard, 46.3%, $78 This 3 year old rye receives a 6-month finish in Oro de Oaxaca mezcal casks and has a great fusion of herbal and spice aromas on the nose, with a touch of cinnamon, almond shells, rye bread, and a gentle smoky haze. Full of hedonistic pleasures, this is sweet but not fruity, with cinnamon, an intensity of rye spices, and more direct mezcal influences and long-lasting flavors.—JM 91 Stauning Kaos, 46%, $79 Named after a 1930s Danish political slogan, this is a combination of Stauning’s unpeated malt, smoked malt, and malted rye whiskies. Give it time to open up and reveal its full beauty: coffee bean, plain chocolate chunks, a warming twist of sweet peat smoke, wood spices, apple, and fresh breakfast pastries. Green apple flavors, rocked by…