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Woman & Home Feel Good Food February 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Woman & Home Feel Good is the only wellbeing and fitness title that offers women of any age, any shape, any fitness level, the inspiration to feel fabulous every day. Simple changes that fit real life are the prescription to make the most of your looks, feel younger, fitter, and slimmer, reduce stress, get more vitality and live a healthier life. The magazine is divided into sections focusing on wellbeing, beauty, diet, fitness, health and ‘inner you’ and is packed with tips, expert advice and best buys.

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Welcome to our first issue of the 2020s! It’s that time of year when I get told about all sorts of new food trends. So, in the spirit of keeping you in the loop, look out for supermarket bone broths, mushroom tea and an unprecedented rise in popularity for the humble cauliflower. Here at Feel Good Food , we were well ahead of this news when we put together our delicious cauliflower special, featuring a decadently creamy cauli soup with cheesy toasts from fellow trendsetter Gordon Ramsay (p12). Meanwhile, for those with a sweeter tooth, Gordon’s one-time sous chef Marcus Wareing has contributed his twist on a classic tarte tatin (p124) , complete with home-made ice cream. Don’t forget to stock up on flour and eggs for pancake season! We’ve tried to…

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meet our chefs

Meike Peters Meike is a food and travel writer based in Berlin and Malta. Peters began her hugely successful food blog Eat in My Kitchen in 2013, and won a James Beard Award in 2017 for her book of the same name (£27.50, Prestel). Her second book, 365: A Year of Everyday Cooking and Baking is rooted in seasonal cooking. It has already been named as one of The New York Times ‘Best Cookbooks of Fall 2019’. 365: A Year of Everyday Cooking and Baking (£29.99 Prestel). Marcus Wareing Marcus is one of the most respected, acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs in Britain. As well as running his Michelin-starred flagship restaurant Marcus at The Berkeley Hotel, London, he owns and operates two other London restaurants, The Gilbert Scott and Tredwells. Marcus has also won numerous coveted…

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what’s in season

✢ LEEKS Like onions, these are part of the allium family. Few people know that it’s beneficial to let alliums sit for five or so minutes after chopping them. This allows the sulphur compounds to amplify before cooking. Sulphur helps convert excess sugars stored in the body into energy, making leeks a great choice for weight loss. ✢ MUSSELS Mussels are high in zinc, iron and many other minerals, as well as vitamins A and B12. A fantastic source of protein, low in calories and fat, they can even help to reduce inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. For something different, try shucking them and putting them in a pie. ✢ VENISON This rich-tasting deer meat is low in sodium and fat and perfect for anyone watching their cholesterol. With so little fat, cook it fast…

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✢ Cheeringly affordable and packed with vitamin C and fibre, cauliflowers are a versatile vegetable with two seasons, both in the summer and the winter months, making them a perfect choice all year round. ✢ They’re delicious in so much more than a classic cauliflower cheese. Try roasting them and adding to soups and curries, or fry them in batter for unbelievable veggie nuggets. Caulis are also a brilliant low-carb substitute for rice. Did you know a portion of cauliflower for your 5-a-day is 80g? That’s approximately 8 florets…

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cream of chicken and cauliflower soup

Rich, salty pancetta finishes this luxurious soup beautifully. Serves 4 • Ready in 35 mins ½tbsp oil500g skinless, boneless chicken thighs1 small onion, chopped350g potatoes, peeled and chopped350g cauliflower, chopped1 sprig thyme1 litre chicken stock75ml whipping cream175ml milk for the topping: 150g cauliflower florets, thinly sliced40g Parmesan, finely grated1tbsp breadcrumbs40g pancetta slices 1 Heat oil and lightly brown chicken. Remove and take out. Sweat onion, potato and cauliflower in the pan over a low heat for 10 mins. 2 Add thyme, stock and chicken. Bring to the boil, simmer for 12 mins or until chicken is cooked. Remove chicken and shred, blend soup and season. Add chicken back with cream and milk, and heat through. 3 Microwave cauliflower florets with a little water for 2 mins. Spread over a baking tray lined with foil, sprinkle with Parmesan…

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cauliflower ‘rice’ and prawns

This colourful dish is low in carbs, but high in flavour! Serves 2 • Ready in 20 mins ½ cauliflower1tbsp sesame oil 200g king prawns1 red chilli, finely sliced2 garlic cloves, crushed2cm piece root ginger, finely grated150g sugar snap peas2tbsp oyster sauce1tbsp soy sauce100g bean sprouts coriander, to serve 1 Pulse cauliflower, broken into small florets, in a processor until quite finely chopped, and set aside. 2 Heat sesame oil in a wok or a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Stir-fry king prawns for 3 mins. Add chilli, garlic and ginger. Mix well and fry for another minute. 3 Add sugar snap peas and oyster sauce. Drizzle over soy sauce. Add bean sprouts and cauliflower, and mix well. Heat for 30 secs and sprinkle over a small handful of chopped coriander leaves to garnish. Per…