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Women's Health April 2019

Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.

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liz's letter

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @lizplosser It’s not to check some box for political correctness. We’re genuine superfans of what we call “natural beauty,” or the perfectly imperfect features that make each of us unique…and awesome. One way my husband, Matt, makes me feel awesome is when he calls me a “natural beauty.” Usually I hear the compliment just before bed, when I’m fluffing the duvet in my tank top and boyshorts, my face freshly washed, moisturized, and glowy from my nighttime beauty ritual. What could be better than being the truest version of yourself and feeling beautiful? According to experts, going au naturel is better for your skin, your hair, and the planet. I’m not suggesting you skip products or cosmetics, but as our beauty team proves in “Green Dreams” (page 41) and “Be a Sustainable Beauty…

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the natural issue

Natural is such a buzzword in the wellness world—three in five millennial women say they prefer the “natural look,” according to a recent survey—but it’s used in many different (and sometimes confusing) ways. In our first-ever Natural Issue, WH explores a variety of categories to answer this question: What are the products, tips, hacks, exercises, and more that will help you eat, sweat, sleep, and even look better…all while doing good for the environment we love so much? (You must check out “The Conscious Kitchen” on page 85; it completely altered the way my family shops for and stores food.) Consider this your WH guide to it all.…

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“fitness opened my world!”

What’s kept me motivated on this healthy new path for nine months? Focusing on what truly matters to me—like where my body can take me, not what it can wear. A place I’ve dreamed of going? Machu Picchu. I didn’t want to just see the ruins; I wanted to celebrate my newfound strength by hiking through the Andes to get to them (not knowing I’d find a whole new kind of strength within me). Now, I’m all for adventure, but not for totally roughing it. Enter Mountain Lodges of Peru’s 7-Day Salkantay Trek, a guided tour with daily hikes, plus nights at cozy lodges along the trail (hello, hot tubs and delicious meals). I mean, it’s still vacay, right? Peru Prep My strength coach, Adriana Couvillion, put me in beast mode with four…

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high-five feed

“Seriously, how can you not smile back at this little guy? Each ceramic is handmade by the woman owner, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind home for your fave succulent. For all the plant moms out there [raises hand], add to cart—stat!” $42, atelierstellaceramics.com @EKBACHARACH Assistant Editor “So many hearts for @emilyskyefit, who gets real about her post-baby bod—‘saggy skin’ and all!—reminding us that we don’t always see the full story on social media.” @ALUCCI Audience Engagement Manager “This bright shot from @joelgamoran is pretty and genius! Crispy potato peels as a topper? What an amazing way to use everything—more of that on page 85.” @LRRAMAC Deputy Managing Editor “Six years gluten-free and I still love the look on my friends’ faces when I shock them with tasty GF treats. This book of recipes makes it so…

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girl on the go

Javicia Leslie The government contractor turned actress (yep!) prioritizes fitness—daily. As a star in not one but two hit TV shows, Leslie isn’t afraid to mix things up—after all, on Sunday eve she graces screens as a doctoral psych student on CBS’s God Friended Me, and on Tuesday, she kicks ass as the daughter in a crime fam on BET’s Carl Weber’s The Family Business. As if playing both roles wasn’t enough of a workout, Leslie frequently bounces between L.A. and NYC for filming. Her secret to balancing it all? Exercise. For the self-proclaimed “gym rat,” movement boosts her creativity and confidence, and doing something every day is a must. No matter her sched, the actress makes each sweat sesh a reality by FaceTiming her boot camp coach to keep up with…

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source smart gear

A two-person kayak you can haul in your trunk or on your back…genius! ORU KAYAK HAVEN TANDEM This 16-footer can quickly convert from a two-seater to a single and folds up like origami to fit in a suitcase-size carrier. At only 40 pounds, it’s a boat you can truly take anywhere. $1,999, orukayak.com OSPREY LUMINA 60 BACKPACK Clocking in at under two pounds (!), this pack may be the lightest we’ve ever seen. Still, it doesn’t skimp on cushioning or pockets, and ripstop nylon fabric holds up against wear and tear. $270, osprey.com REI CO-OP MAGMA 15 SLEEPING BAG Stay toasty when cooler nights hit with this featherweight, rolls-up-so-tiny, plush goose down sleeping bag. The shape was designed specifically for women, with more room in the hips and less in the shoulders, so you’ll be cocooned…