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Women's Health December 2019

Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.

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liz’s letter

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @lizplosser So I’ll put it out there that my absolute favorite holiday tradition is baking a caramel cake for my husband, Matt, whose birthday falls on December 24. I use his great-grandmother’s recipe, which is scrawled on a 75-year-old, frayed note card without so much as a cup or teaspoon measurement as guidance. Every year, I recruit someone—my little sister, my kiddos, my mom, my in-laws—to help me concoct our masterpiece. It’s always a frantic mad dash to make sure the frosting doesn’t burn. I always make a mistake of some sort. And it’s always delicious…and So. Much. Fun. Amanda Conway, RDN, calls these “worth-it moments” (page 26): the treats and times that bring you true joy, the ones worth bending your “no added sugar” rule for, the ones that draw the people…

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advisory board

CARDIOLOGY Jennifer H. Mieres, MD Professor of cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; senior vice president, Center for Equity of Care, Northwell Health DERMATOLOGY Mona Gohara, MD Associate clinical professor, department of dermatology, Yale School of Medicine Ellen Marmur, MD Founder, Marmur Medical FERTILITY Sheeva Talebian, MD Fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist, CCRM New York FITNESS Ben Bruno, CFSC Certified functional strength coach and private trainer Betina Gozo, CFSC Certified functional strength coach; NASM corrective exercise specialist; Nike master trainer; creator of Women’s Health Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Sohee Lee, MS, CSCS Evidence-based fitness coach and certified sports nutritionist; author of Eat. Lift. Thrive. Stacy T. Sims, PhD Exercise physiologist; nutrition scientist; author of Roar: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life GASTROENTEROLOGY Samantha Nazareth,…

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high-five feed

“This is a cutie on my countertop and a beast at making homemade herbal oil medleys. Garlic-infused olive oil over pasta? Heaven!” $350, shop.levooil.com @HYPEBREAST Jewelyn, Digital Designer “These balls are like a mobile deep-tissue massage. I take them everywhere I go to release all the knots I get from marathon training—no appointment needed.” $20, shop.rocktape.com @JENNIFER_NIED Jennifer, Contributing Writer “Deaf fitness instructor @youleanmeup’s advocacy for accessibility in workout classes and on fitness apps is major inspo.” @KRISCANN Kristin, Health Editor “Hidden inside these tiny swabs is a secret stash of makeup remover, perfect for fixing unruly eye makeup in a flash. A total travel must-have.” $8, meetalleyoop.com @KRISTINARODULFO Kristina, Beauty Director “This sporty-chic tote is machine washable and has breathable side panels—so it stays fresh even when I have sweaty gym clothes or my lunch packed inside.”…

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balancing act

AYA KANAI, CHIEF FASHION DIRECTOR Follow the ups and downs on Insta @ayakanai. “Short workouts keep me coming back for more.” I’ve always been prone to black-and-white thinking. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and when I decide to go after a big goal, like running a marathon or becoming a fashion director, I am all in. This approach works… most of the time. Where it hasn’t panned out? My physical health. I’ve spent years trying to eat better and exercise consistently, throwing myself into every extreme fad (oh hi, cabbage soup diet and expensive boutique fitness classes) and then fizzling out just as fast. And my new C-section scar, which has created a shelf that my tummy puffs up over, makes me feel as if working out isn’t even worth it anymore. Black-and-white…

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calm by design

I quickly decided on drawing a horse series for my room. Horses are my spirit animal. I grew up with them (these two are my mom’s), and I weirdly identify with all their moods: loving, excited, sassy, mysterious, standoffish. Every month, I treat myself to a few new supplies. When I walk into Michaels, I’m struck by a feeling of endless possibility—like, what am I going to create next? I have total control over the process…that’s rare. To get in the zone, I light a candle and put my phone in Do Not Disturb mode. I need Google to find a photo to sketch, but it’s refreshing to use technology for a real purpose rather than just mindlessly scrolling social media. Wanting to brighten up my room, I picked up a watercolor kit.…

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warm up

Ube Cool Seeing violet take over your favorite desserts? Credit ube, a purple yam indigenous to the Philippines. Its high dose of anthocyanins—the antioxidants that create its vibrant hue—promotes a healthier heart and brain, research shows. And since it’s in the sweet-potato fam, you score some healthy carbs, fiber, and potassium too. Find ube at Whole Foods or Asian groceries, then throw ’em into your holiday casseroles or boil and bake into cookies or muffins. Be sure to save the purple water—it’s a natural dye that’ll prettify any foods you want to post on the ’gram.…