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Women's Health October 2020

Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.

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liz’s letter

Recently, my family and I spent some time together in the Colorado mountains. One of the best moments of the trip was a steep six-mile hike I took with my oldest son, Charlie, who is 9. About two miles in, we came to a fork in the trail. And I took us down…the wrong road. (No, seriously, I led us at least half a mile off course.) I braced myself for Charlie’s frustration. But his reaction was so upbeat! “Well, we got to see a part of the mountain we would have missed otherwise,” he mused. “Plus, we got more steps!” Most important, the detour didn’t squash his determination to get to the top. In fact, he was more motivated. I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective since that hike. Yes, some…

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advisory board

CARDIOLOGY Jennifer H. Mieres, MD Professor of cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; senior vice president, Center for Equity of Care, Northwell Health DERMATOLOGY Mona Gohara, MD Associate clinical professor, department of dermatology, Yale School of Medicine Ellen Marmur, MD Founder, Marmur Medical Joshua Zeichner, MD Director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City FERTILITY Sheeva Talebian, MD Fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist, CCRM New York FITNESS Ben Bruno, CFSC Certified functional strength coach and private trainer Betina Gozo, CFSC Certified functional strength coach; NASM corrective exercise specialist; Nike master trainer; creator of Women’s Health Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Sohee Lee, MS, CSCS Evidence-based fitness coach and certified sports nutritionist; author of Eat. Lift. Thrive. Stacy T. Sims, PhD Exercise physiologist; nutrition scientist; author of Roar: How to Match Your Food and…

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the reset

“I didn’t realize how important exercise is for my mental health.” The connection between physical health and mental health is new to me. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2018, and as part of my diagnosis, the psychiatrist prescribed medication plus exercise and a balanced diet. Meanwhile…all I wanted was a mood stabilizer. I just wanted the problems to go away—the negative self-talk, the memories of grief. All of it. I didn’t expect lifestyle modifications to be included in my treatment plan, and I wasn’t in a place to accept them. But I started therapy shortly after, and my therapist began referring to exercise as a “mental release.” Technically, I knew this was true: I’d experienced that feeling in the past, and I grew up seeing my parents live an…

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warm up

Stick to This Sweet! You can power your long runs without sourcing snacks from a science lab. “Maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than some sports gels, so it offers a steadier supply of energy for extended cardio,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, author of Read It Before You Eat It: Taking You From Label to Table. “It also has manganese, zinc, and potassium, which may fend off muscle cramps.” Quebec’s competitive cycling association is on board: Maple syrup is the group’s official fuel (naturally). Find it in UnTapped pouches ($10 for 5, untapped.cc), or make your own sports drink with a tablespoon of pure syrup, a cup of water, and a dash of salt.…

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technique school

Superhuman Strength If static planks feel like a snoozefest, it’s time to try the Spider-Man plank. This action hero–inspired move lights the obliques on fire while activating your shoulders and your glutes. Talk about super! THE STEPS 1. Assume low-plank position: forearms on floor, elbows under shoulders, legs straight behind you. 2. Draw left knee forward to the outside of left elbow. 3. Hold for three seconds, then return to start. Do three sets of 10, alternating sides. Mile-Dry Club Running on your period can be a real struggle. Not to worry: Proof, a new undie brand, is steps ahead of ya. Made of moisture-wicking fabric, each pair is primed to capture the spills that could break your stride—whether it’s from your period or, say, post-pregnancy probs (nature, so cruel)—and keep you dry for hours.…

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weight list

While dumbbells and kettlebells deserve space in your home gym, there’s a tinier member of the free-weight fam you shouldn’t ignore: ankle weights! These were once solely the preferred prop of ’80s power walkers, but if you’ve streamed a Pilates workout lately, you’ve probs seen your instructor donning a pair to up that lower-bod burn. “Adding resistance to any movement asks more of your muscles and increases their endurance,” says Emily Diers, CPT, founder of dance-inspired Bodycraft—meaning you’ll feel stronger when you take ’em off. Don’t worry, their look got an upgrade suitable for this millennium: Unlike old-school iterations, which are essentially fabric-covered sandbags, Bala Bangles—a WH fave (from $40, shopbala.com)—are small cast-iron links coated with recycled silicone. Oh, btw, they’re much easier to clean post-sweat. ALLIE HOLLOWAY (5), PUMA SNEAKER;…