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Women's Health December 2020

Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.

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liz’s letter

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Last night, I took a one-mile walk at dusk with my husband, Matt, through our Brooklyn neighborhood. @lizplosser It’s a ritual we started in March, during the early days of lockdown, as a way to transition from “office life” to “relax time,” since we were working out of our apartment while simultaneously managing remote/virtual school for our three young children. In other words: OMG, things were crazy. But soon, that evening walk became so much more than a line in the sand. Even though Matt and I sit only a few feet from one another, we can go the entire workday without ever actually chatting. Plus, after hearing bits and pieces of each other’s calls, the evening stroll is an opportunity for us to connect the dots. We have tough talks about the…

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advisory board

CARDIOLOGY Jennifer H. Mieres, MD Professor of cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; senior vice president, Center for Equity of Care, Northwell Health DERMATOLOGY Mona Gohara, MD Associate clinical professor, department of dermatology, Yale School of Medicine Ellen Marmur, MD Founder, Marmur Medical Joshua Zeichner, MD Director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City FERTILITY Sheeva Talebian, MD Fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist, CCRM New York FITNESS Ben Bruno, CFSC Certified functional strength coach and private trainer Betina Gozo, CFSC Certified functional strength coach; NASM corrective exercise specialist; Nike master trainer; creator of Women’s Health Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Lauren Kanski, CPT NASM-certified personal trainer, functional strength and conditioning specialist, and kettlebell skills specialist Sohee Lee, MS, CSCS Evidence-based fitness coach and certified sports nutritionist; author of Eat. Lift. Thrive. Stacy T. Sims,…

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the reset

SAY HI TO KEESHA, WH’S COLUMNIST She’s sharing all as she reboots her well-being. This month: her solo excursion glow-up.… “Self-Love Doesn’t Just Appear; You Have to Really Work at It” As I continue to uncover ways to boost my health, I’m truly seeing how much the mental, emotional, and spiritual pieces are entwined. This process is either like an onion where you peel the layers back and get to the center, or like an artichoke where each piece reveals its own layers. (Maybe it’s both!) One of my goals is to practice more self-compassion and self-love. Although I have the words to describe why this kind of self-care is necessary, and I’ve read allll the tips, I don’t know how to actually practice it. I need to be taught. So I decided to…

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goal getter

Start Running Again (or for the First Time!) If there’s one thing we know about powering forward when your motivation is…dwindling, it’s this: Setting a new goal changes everything. And if you’re determined to make running part of your routine this winter, this four-week plan by Jes Woods, a Nike Run Club coach, is absolutely perfect for newbies. You Got This! The beauty of this plan is that each week brings a new benefit: Week one is all about getting out there and having fun, week two focuses on getting stronger, week three works on speed, and week four targets your stamina. By the end of the month, you’ll be a better runner, promise.…

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warm up

A Fresh Steep This winter’s new cozy bevy: coffee that brews like tea. Buzzy beans made by Golden Ratio ($15 for 7 bags, drinkgoldenratio.com) and women-founded brands Chamberlain Coffee ($20 for 10, chamberlaincoffee.com) and LOMLI ($22 for 10, lomlicoffee.com) create an unplugged morning moment, without the fuss. The grounds come in single-serve, compostable, tea bag–like sachets, so you just plop one into a mug of hot water and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. You can control the strength: Bathe the packet longer for a stronger cup, remove early for a lighter flavor, or immerse multiple bags overnight in the fridge for cold brew, then enjoy your favorite go-to energizing drink at home, on the trails, wherever! TECHNIQUE SCHOOL Kick Start If you wanna werk your biggest booty muscle without a barbell (*raises hand*),…

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leggings with life

583 The estimated number of water bottles, in billions, that will be produced in 2021 Source: Statista If you’ve already swapped one-and-done water bottles for a Swell or Hydro Flask, there’s another way to make your workout more eco: Change your pants! To keep plastic out of landfills (where it sits for up to 450 years before breaking down—yep, 450), brands are transforming tossed bottles into leggings—and they’re just as comfortable as your fave pair. Read how the magic happens. Sources: Quang Dinh, cofounder of Girlfriend Collective; Jay Hertwig, SVP of sales and marketing at Unifi 1. Where it all begins: You toss a water bottle into a recycling bin—#Always. (Keep the cap on: It’s made of polyethylene that can be used for things like reusable bags.) 2. The bottle is collected, sorted with similar plastic beverage containers,…