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April 2020

The saying goes that “everyone has a story in them” and it’s the mission of Writing Magazine to help you get yours out. Brought to you by real experts who know what it takes to improve your writing or get published, this monthly magazine is a must-have for all writers. Whether you write fiction, poetry, drama, children’s books, non-fiction or anything else, each issue features tips, practical exercises and real-life advice, that will not only help you get all that creativity onto the paper but also, get your name and profile out into the industry. With writing masterclasses from professionals, industry news, events listings, competitions where you can submit your work for fantastic prizes and real paid writing opportunities, Writing Magazine has everything you need to hone and improve your talents.

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Dear Reader Regular readers will remember that last month, I was droning on in this letter about how Eoin Colfer had found his writing groove by making it fun for himself and not being afraid to be diverted. Now, I’m pleased to be able to highlight the opposite case. This month’s star writer, Kathy Reichs, has forged an impressive career by writing exactly what she knows. Originally intending to raise popular awareness and understanding of the forensic anthropology career she so obviously loves, Kathy decided to write a novel drawn from her own experience and expertise. So rather than widen her focus to write a novel, she actually narrowed it, homing in on the topic she knew so well, and which so few other authors would be able to do justice…

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the world of writing

Fonts have fan clubs Ask any designer what they think about Comic Sans and they’ll look at you as if you’d thrown up on their artfully arranged desk. But beyond the elevated aesthetics of design professionals, whoever expected fonts to trend on Twitter? When author Sean Richardson (@ Southlndtabby) tweeted ‘Please reveal the deepest part of yourself: Which font and which size do you write in?’ on 26 January, fonts went viral, with the Twittersphere awash with writers proclaiming their favourites. Times New Roman came out as top of the font pops. The serif typeface was commissioned by The Times in 1931 and designed by Stanley Morrison and Victor Lardent of Monotype. The Times stopped using Times New Roman in 1972. Despite a dignified and illustrious history that includes being the…

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letters to the editor

Write to: Letters to the editor, Writing Magazine, Warners Group Publications plc, 5th Floor, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JD; email: letters@writersnews.co.uk. (Include your name and address when emailing letters. Ensure all letters, a maximum of 250 words, are exclusive to Writing Magazine. Letters may be edited.) When referring to previous articles/letters, please state month of publication and page number. STAR LETTER Psyching yourself up In my recent writing practice I’ve been struck by how much effort and energy it takes to put yourself out there. Writing is one of those things that most people consider a highly introverted activity, yet the acts of sending letters out, entering competitions, or even publishing on your own website can be a mountainous undertaking of extroversion and ego. There’s a lot of advice in Writing Magazine Writing Magazine…

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with you in a jiffy

One of the first things I do when a client of mine gets their first book deal is, once the champagne corks have landed, give them The Talk about how to manage their new relationship with their publisher. A key part of this is to say as unambiguously as possible that there will be times when they will be unbelievably angry with their publisher. Which is why it’s good to do it at the moment when the author is most inclined to believe that their publisher farts rainbows and can in general do no wrong: it means there’s no chance I’m going to be responsible for souring relations. Of course not everyone does get angry with their publisher, but most authors at one point or another do. It’s natural – author and…

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think outside the box

Spreading word of your book is critical in securing sales. The media, as I discussed in my previous article, are the conventional way of raising awareness of your work. But there are other methods, and happily these are only as limited as your creativity. Many revolve around social media, as that can be a powerful platform for promoting yourself. But there are other ways as well, and the good news is that most of them don’t have to cost you a penny. So to get you thinking how you might lure in more readers, here are ten creative tips for promoting your book, many of which have worked for me. 1 Guerrilla appearances Going on holiday? Heading out for a day trip? Or away for work? Take your book with you, and photograph it in interesting locations, then…