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Yoga Journal April 2018

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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meet your new ambassadors

Every year, Yoga Journal hits the road for six months to take the pulse of the practice across the country. In 2018, we’ll explore where those trends are headed and how they’ll shape the future of yoga in the West. Meet our new ambassadors here, follow their adventures online (yogajournal.com/livebeyoga, @livebeyoga), and don’t miss meeting up with them in person at events in 15 cities (including London)! JEREMY FALK AS A FULL-TIME YOGA TEACHER in San Francisco, Jeremy Falk finds inspiration in observing how yoga is practiced and embodied around the globe. His own yoga journey began in 2003, and was ultimately transformed when he landed in Rishikesh, India, for five months in 2012. “The profound effects the city had on my mind and spirit were inescapable and life changing,” he says.…

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sara clark

I had dreadlocks for eight years, and there just came a point where they were too much maintenance. I was practicing hot yoga at the time, and my hair was long and heavy. Re-styling it after a sweaty practice became time consuming. My inner voice told me to cut it all off. It felt amazing, liberating, and freeing—like I was a rebel against society—but also naked. I had nothing to hide behind anymore. I had to get used to my face. I still sometimes want something to hide behind, so my daily practice has become being OK with being seen. Empowerment for me means giving yourself permission to step into your power, to celebrate your unique gifts, and to show up authentically in an unapologetic way. I finally feel empowered enough…

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how to live more fully

FROM TIME TO TIME, nearly all of us are prompted to reassess our priorities. The trigger is usually an event or an interaction that leads to an epiphany. In that moment, we see the essence of who we really are. This can spark spontaneous and sudden growth at a deep level, altering the course of our lives. One of the events that helped jolt me awake happened in India, almost 15 years ago. My traveling companion and I had arrived by train at the teeming city of Varanasi—a pilgrimage destination for Hindus of all denominations who believe that bathing in the water of the sacred Ganges River remits sins, and that dying in Varanasi ensures the release of a person’s soul from the cycle of death and rebirth. Many Hindus travel to…

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the must list

1 STUDIO Woom Center This New York City studio offers multisensory yoga experiences with a 3-D sound system for a strong vibrational impact and immersive visual effect. Blindfolded segments of class will also help you tune in ($25–$45 per session; woomcenter.com). 2 STYLE Manduka Wide Leg Jumper Put on this stretchy one-piece and embody freedom in your everyday life. This comfy jumper (available in XS–XL) is made of recycled fabrics and is Global Recycle Standard certified ($128, manduka.com). 3 INSPIRATION Personal Pep Talk Empowerment Tattoos and Cards Plaster encouraging messages like, “You are enough,” “Get curious,” or “Two deep breaths” right onto your wrist as a daily reminder; or pull a card from the deck for strategies like the “Feel Better Flow Chart” or the “Schedule Self-Care” calendar (temporary tattoos, $3 each; deck, $19; personalpeptalk.com). 4 BOOK This Messy Magnificent…

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calm within

A LOT OF PEOPLE I KNOW avoid reading the news first thing in the morning—being confronted with all of the injustices and bad deeds in the world is an unsettling way to start the day. It’s difficult to read about the latest corporate finance scam or the obscenity of human trafficking and keep your peace of mind, and it’s even harder to know how to respond. The conflict feels more immediate when you witness an unjust act firsthand or are yourself subject to one—whether your wallet is stolen, your car’s broken into, or any sort of hurtful behavior is directed your way. The answer to this problem is upeksha (non-attachment), the fourth of the brahmaviharas— the qualities of true, authentic, and unconditional love. This state of mind, taught in both yoga and…

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more matcha

Sadie Nardini’s go-to glazed matcha donuts from Fit Girl Treats MAKES 12 REGULAR DONUTS OR UP TO THREE DOZEN MINI DONUTS “After I started doing yoga and high-intensity interval training—and especially once I hit 40—I realized my weekly donut habit wasn’t going to cut it. I searched far and wide and found this amazing recipe from Leah Boston, a plant-based food blogger and creator of Fit Girl Treats. Her donuts are baked, vegan, gluten-free, and full of antioxidant-rich matcha—known worldwide for benefits like supporting heart health. They’re perfect for when you’re craving something sweet!” ¾ cup almond milk, divided14 pitted Medjool dates1¼ cup gluten-free all-purpose flour blend (I like Cup4Cup or King Arthur), plus more for dusting1 tbsp tapioca starch (or tapioca flour)1 tbsp organic matcha powder, plus ½ tsp, divided (I love…