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Yoga Journal December 2018

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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2 Min.
constant change

IN MY LIFE, THE ONLY CONSTANT HAS BEEN change—jobs, apartments, scenery, relationships, health, opinions, and so on. Accepting change is hard for someone like me who is drawn to structure, organization, and clear goals and expectations, but I can honestly say that I’m always happier when I let go of rigidity and control and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of things. When I trust that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be—instead of trying to force an outcome—teamwork improves; creativity flourishes; and my life feels more interesting, rich, and full of opportunity. Teacher Rosie Acosta’s story, on page 46, is the perfect example of how life can point you in the right direction if you are open to reading the signs. Depressed, anxious, and on probation after growing…

8 Min.
an integrative path

WEARING ONLY A MUSLIN loincloth, I lie on a hardwood table stained the color of mahogany from years of oil massages. A warm breeze flutters a sun-bleached crimson sari mounted lengthwise on the wire-screen wall that separates the treatment room from the garden and coconut palms outside. Krishna Dasan, the Ayurvedic therapist working on me, glides an oily satchel filled with freshly cut leaves, garlic, and lemon in long strokes from my chest to my legs. Sometimes along the way, detecting a stubborn area of muscular tightness, he stops and rubs back and forth over the stuck area for a number of staccato strokes before resuming longer ones. When the bag cools, Krishna hands it to his assistant, Shashi, who puts it back in turmeric-infused oil bubbling on a single-burner gas…

9 Min.
holiday cheer

Root chakra muladhara SECURITY • SURVIVAL • COMFORT • MOVEMENT • GROUNDING • TRAVEL • PHYSICALITY • SEXUALITY COLOR RED ELEMENT EARTH 1 Manduka PRO TRIUMPH YOGA MAT This Manduka limited-edition rose-gold mat, guaranteed to never wear out, offers up cushioning and traction in equal measure. Give the gift of the centering energy that comes simply by getting on a yoga mat ($130, manduka.com). 2 Birkenstock FOOT BALM Feet, the unsung heroes of the root chakra, deserve extra pampering this time of year. Yogis will appreciate Birkenstock’s new foot-care line, infused with hydrating cork-oak extract to make cracked soles smooth ($25, birkenstock.com). 3 Allbirds WOMEN’S WOOL RUNNERS Superfine merino wool and an ergonomic tread design helps wanderers keep connected to their base. Plus, Allbirds shoes are easy on the environment, with laces made from recycled plastic and insoles…

2 Min.
sweet lemon

Olivia Hsu’s lemon–poppy seed muffins MAKES 12 MUFFINS I believe in moderation. It’s easy to become extreme in life, and that can translate to food, too. You hear something is good for you, so you overdo it. You hear something is bad for you, so you avoid it or don’t consider alternative foods. But there’s often a middle road; I think we need to listen to our bodies to know what works for our individual systems. I’ve found that gluten and dairy cause inflammation in my body, so this recipe is a way for me to still enjoy muffins while working around those sensitivities. These treats make a great snack anytime, but I love them best in the morning with a cup of tea! 2 cups almond flour (185 grams)¾ cups coconut flour…

9 Min.
ayurvedic awakening

Before discovering Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system and yoga’s sister science, I used to think salads and smoothies were the healthiest foods you could eat. But overdoing them eventually left my body cold, dry, and depleted—telltale signs of a vata imbalance. My digestion suffered, and my mind was always scattered. Vata, one of the three doshas or mind-body types (the others are pitta and kapha), is related to air energy in the body. An excess can manifest as bloating, gas, constipation, low hormone levels, compromised digestion, anxiety, and insomnia. The moment I learned about this type of doshic imbalance, I felt like I was reading my own autobiography. For the first time, I realized all of my health issues were interconnected—something no doctor had ever suggested. Thus began my obsession with…

16 Min.
radically rosie

On a sunny afternoon in the Hollywood Hills, Rosie Acosta sits on the sofa in her bright living room, knees to her chest, facing best-selling author and Ayurveda practitioner Sahara Rose Ketabi. The two women are friends, and they’ve greeted each other warmly with hugs and excited chatter. They dish for a few minutes about Acosta’s herbal tea obsession and Ketabi’s recent engagement, but the pair have come together on official business—Ketabi is making a guest appearance on Acosta’s wellness podcast, Radically Loved, to discuss her new cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh (see page 38), which features modern spins on traditional Ayurvedic recipes. Both Ayurveda enthusiasts, Acosta and Ketabi have recently returned from a six-day panchakarma, the most intense detoxification ritual in Ayurvedic medicine. The process consists of five aggressive therapies said…