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Yoga Journal January - February 2016

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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balance your chakras

Connect with us! Share your favorite moments from our LIVE! events on social: #yogajournal #yjlive JOIN US ONLINE Feeling stuck in a rut, but ready to provoke positive change in the new year? Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Yoga Journal LIVE! instructor Giselle Mari suggests purifying your chakras, starting with mula- dhara, or root, chakra—the energy center at the base of your spine associated with basic needs like shelter and safety and foundational relationships with your family and community. “When you have unresolved relationship issues, it causes a lot of turmoil in your life,” explains Mari. “It prevents your consciousness from evolving, so you start behaving in ways that are self-sabotaging, and you can’t reach your fullest potential.” She offers these three tips for finding resolution and happiness: 1. Take a comfortable seat for meditation…

3 Min.
the heart knows

When we photographed Grace Flowers for this issue, she was 20 weeks pregnant (not that anyone could tell!). And, it turns out, I was pregnant too, though I didn’t yet know. So later, I took the opportunity to gather some pregnancy, practice, and life wisdom from Grace. CARIN GORRELL Before teaching yoga, you worked in the corporate world and had built a successful visual merchandising business by age 25. What spurred the transition to teaching? GRACE FLOWERS My 20s were spent jet-setting, climbing ladders, making money. None of what I was doing truly resonated in my heart, so I set about changing that in 2008. I had been practicing yoga for nearly eight years, and thought that it would be nice to teach. I believe that whatever you are destined to do in this…

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what’s the buzz

Found: your dream yoga job! Imagine spending six months traveling across the United States in search of the country’s standout yoga teachers and fellow passionate yogis. Picture yourself taking classes with these kindred spirits, chatting over tea about how they live their yoga on and off the mat, and then capturing their stories on video to share with the national yoga community. While it may sound too good to be true, it’s the job we’re looking to fill thanks to our fun new partnership with Gaia (originally Gaiam TV), the world’s largest provider of streaming yoga classes and conscious media. For our first-ever joint Life in Balance Tour (#iliveyoga), we’re on the hunt for two brand ambassadors who can bring this interactive mobile-media and communityoutreach program to life. In addition to…

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downsize your down dog

Tiny homes are sprouting up everywhere, and financial liberation is only one of the perks. “Buyers are also seeking a simpler lifestyle and more time to enjoy their loved ones or soulful desires,” says Byron Fears, a Colorado-based tiny-home builder. That’s certainly true for John Cole, a 25-year-old yoga teacher, who just moved into his own 200-square-foot dream home—complete with a dedicated yoga area. “The tiny-home movement is very yogic,” says Cole. “Decluttering and cleanliness are required, and not having the same kind of financial overhead allows me to really live in the moment and do what brings me the most joy.” Wondering if Tadasana is the only pose Cole will be able to practice in his minimal space? “There’s actually plenty of room to roll out my yoga mat…

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break the sweat

The Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra is made of 96 percent merino wool, a nonitchy and renewable fiber with natural odor resistance and temperature regulation, sourced from sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps ($55, icebreaker.com). Made from hand-mixed organic cotton and organic bamboo viscose (fibers formed from the soft inner pith of the bamboo trunk), the Tasc Performance Nola Legging has a super-soft feel that you’ll love in the studio and beyond ($68, tascperformance.com). The Onzie Wave long-sleeve shirt is the ultimate layering piece for your practice. A blend of polyester, cotton, and Spandex, it has sheer stripes that make it airy and quick drying ($45, onzie.com). Drying up to three times faster than regular cotton, the FitKnix by Knix Wear Athletic Thong’s cotton gusset panel will keep you dry during the most vigorous…

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lip service

1 Éminence Lip Trio; $60, eminenceorganics.com This triple-step treatment is designed to refine, soften, and plump lips over a four-week period. Step 1: Exfoliate weekly with citrus and pineapple enzymes. Step 2: Hydrate with a shea-butter lip masque. (Shea butter, derived from the nut of the African shea tree, is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and acts as an emollient, making skin soft and supple.) Step 3: Maintain hydration and plump lips with a citrus lip balm. 2 Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick; $13, honeybeegardens.com Nutrient-rich sunflower-seed oil, cocoa butter, and sesame-seed oil penetrate deep into the skin, sealing in moisture. And Honeybee Gardens uses natural, mineral-based pigments to create its 20 shades of lipstick. 3 Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm; $3, yestocarrots.com This balm provides a trifecta of coconut oil,…