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Yoga Journal July/August 2017

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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salute the sun

How will you celebrate the summer solstice on June 20 (just a day before International Yoga Day)? If you’re seeking inspiration, Yoga Journal Master Class teacher Shiva Rea offers the practice below as a way to meditate on the life-giving energy of the sun (surya) with your whole body. While standing, or in an asana like Ajaneyasana (Low Lunge) or Malasana (Garland Pose), face the sunrise or sunset and use the Prana Mudra gesture during meditation. If you can’t get outside, use this body mudra to embody the prana (life force) of your “inner sun.” Inhale; draw your hands from your heart, stretching your arms so your hands are level with your eyes and ears. Feel your inner sun and your arms energetically radiating from your heart. Repeat a simple mantra…

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listen within

CARIN GORRELL In this issue, you’re teaching us five inversions (page 82). Why are inversions so key to yoga practice? CALEY ALYSSA We get kind of stuck in the same routine in yoga, so practicing inversions forces you to break out of your comfort zone, learn new things, and move your body in different ways. There are also the general health benefits: Inversions boost energy, increase immunity, and improve circulation. Plus, when you finally stick an inversion, it gives you a little confidence boost. CG LA is a yoga hotspot. What sets you apart from the many teachers around you? CA When I first started, I taught vinyasa like everyone else. The older I get, the smarter I get, and the more my practice and teaching slows down. I also think a lot…

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how do you fuel your yoga practice?

“With my desire to investigate all the layers and facets of myself. My time on the mat is an exploration of what ignites and sustains me. Off the mat, I discover how to weave those findings into my life.” Michelle Dalbec E-RYT 500, Yoga Teacher and Educator at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health “With a deep passion for self-discovery and the sense of expansiveness that I know I will feel at the end of each practice. Nutritionally, my body is energized with all-organic green things, especially leafy vegetables.” Aadil Palkhivala Co-founder of Purna Yoga and our Master Class teacher “I’m a crystal freak, so I charge my practice with healing stones based on themes. I place them on my meditation altar and ponder their properties as I move through asanas. Right now, I’m…

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we’re rolling!

YOGA JOURNAL IS ON THE ROAD AGAIN! We’re halfway through our second annual Live Be Yoga Tour, a six-month road trip across America with stops in 22 cities. Our goal: to learn, experience, share, and build connection with our national community of yogis. Join tour ambassadors Rosie Acosta and Brant Williams at a studio near you for yoga classes, gift bags, giveaways, and more. Or, if you’re visiting a town we’ve already passed through, check out Rosie and Brant’s guides for local yoga-focused fun. For tour info and city guides, visit livebeyoga.com and follow us on social @livebeyoga. LIVE. BE. YOGA TOUR TOUR DATES 1. YJ LIVE! NYC - April 17–23 2. PHILADELPHIA - April 24–30 3. WASHINGTON D.C. - May 1–7 4. DETROIT - May 8–14 5. CHICAGO - May 15–21 6. NASHVILLE - May 29–June 4 7.…

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petal power

Looking to refresh your mindfulness practice? Step outside: The flowers blooming all around you can actually be powerful meditation tools. Picking blooms and arranging a bouquet, when done mindfully, becomes a fragrant and calming moving meditation—one that may help you feel just as relaxed as a session on your cushion would, says Anthony Ward, author of Being with Flowers. Before you begin, take a few deep breaths. “Allow your focus on the flowers to create space in your mind,” Ward says. Then, try his tips for building a beautiful arrangement every time—so you can focus on the practice, not worry about the end result. 1 Use odd numbers: Always work with at least three of each different kind and color. “Designs look better with odd numbers of each varietal,” says Ward.…

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grab & go!

IN AN IDEAL WORLD, you’d pick up a piece of fresh fruit or chop up some veggies for your post-practice nibble. In the real world, there’s often just enough time to unwrap and inhale whatever packaged morsel has been sitting in your yoga bag or office drawer for weeks. We understand. Which is why we set out to find the most nutritious (and tasty) snacks beyond the produce aisles. We began by talking to nutrition experts who are also yoga teachers, and while they all said that the most nutritional snacks are fresh, they also agreed that prepackaged alternatives can be nourishing. “A lot of yogis think that eating a sattvic diet—a class of foods in Ayurveda that are light, nourishing, and delicious— must mean eating fresh,” says New York City…