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Yoga Journal June 2017

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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take your practice to a whole new level

MAY 22 YOGA FOR ALL Even great yoga teachers with the best intentions can inadvertently say things that may harm students—physically or mentally. Enter our new online course: Inclusivity Training for Yoga, hosted by yoga teacher and educator Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, and featuring other distinguished experts in the field, including Tyrone Beverly, Dianne Bondy, Seane Corn, Teo Drake, and Anna Guest-Jelley. Over six weeks, yoga teachers and students will learn compassionate and inclusive language choices, alternative versions of poses, and appropriate assists, plus how to reach out to neighboring communities and expand and diversify at their local yoga studios. Join us at yogajournal.com/inclusivity. JUNE 26 9 MASTER TEACHERS, 1 AMAZING YEAR It’s a good bet Sun Salutations feature pretty regularly in your yoga practice. But where do they come from? How have they evolved?…

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united we practice

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I was settling onto my mat before my favorite yoga class, when I looked around the room and noticed, once again, that almost all of the other yogis waiting for class to start looked pretty similar to me: white, female, and relatively slim. It’s true that I live in Boulder, Colorado, a notoriously homogenous town. Even so, it was a subtle reminder that while yoga has the potential to unite us, it also has a reputation for being pretty exclusive. This is not new. When yoga first emerged in India, it was taught and practiced by men, and only men. But as the ancient practice migrated West, it evolved. Today (in this country at least), classes, trainings, events, and media dedicated to yoga (this magazine not excluded)…

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what's your favorite yoga read?

“Yoga of the Subtle Body, by Tias Little. It’s a skillful weaving of Eastern and Western philosophy and tradition, as related to the physical body and yoga practice. I can pick it up any time and be inspired.” Kari HarendorfYoga educator and teacher trainer at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health “I travel with my copy of Yoga Spandakarika, by Daniel Odier. It contains the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra as 112 contemplative meditations or dharanas, which can be savored again and again.” Shiva ReaYoga teacher and founder of Prana Flow Yoga (Try her inspiring Master Class on Sun Salutations on page 83) “My off-the-mat yoga practice is at least as important as my on-the-mat practice. That’s why I love The Living Mala, by Nancy Alder and Elizabeth Vartanian. With its heartfelt personal examples and…

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must-see yoga tv

If you’re like most yogis, there’s a good chance the physical practice of yoga was what first got you hooked. Yet once you’re ready to dive deeper into this ancient tradition and explore its ultimate goal—self-realization—it can be tough to know where to begin. One great place to start: Gaia’s new 13-episode docuseries, Yogic Paths. Shot in India, each episode takes viewers to various ashrams and introduces some of the great yoga masters and scholars, including Geeta and Prashant Iyengar (B.K.S. Iyengar’s children), Anand Mehrotra (the founder of Sattva Yoga), and many more. “By interviewing these masters, we’ve captured thousands of years of ancient tradition on film,” says Ashleigh Sergeant, head of yoga content for Gaia. “This unprecedented access to teachers with connections to various yoga lineages helps you see…

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stuff we love

GO Meditation 2.0 New York City’s new boutique meditation studio Inscape blends the ancient practice with modern technology: If you can’t make it to NYC, you can download Inscape’s app and set up a personalized guided-meditation practice based on your goals. (inscape.life) CARRY Solei Yoga Daytripper Baja Bag Ergonomic yet stylish, this tote lets you travel hands-free on your offthe- mat adventures. ($78, soleiyoga.com) EAT Binnie’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter Curb your hunger and satisfy your sweet tooth with healthful coconut fats and everyone’s favorite—chocolate! Think Girl Scouts Samoas in a jar. ($13, binniescoconutbutter.com) WEAR Mohave Boho Chic Dress Rock your festival look this season with this ultra-flattering frock, designed to keep you cool when the mercury rises. ($70, morerockin.com) READ White Hot Truth You have to love a writer who chooses Freddie Mercury as her spirit animal and drops “truth bombs” that…

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orange you pretty

1 Folk Ayurveda Forest Weaver face and body oil blends inflammation-fighting turmeric with chaga, the “medicinal mushroom” touted for its high antioxidant content; skin-lightening saffron that tackles dark spots; and UV-resistant sesame oil—all of which help prevent sun damage without leaving a greasy residue. ($65, folkayurveda.com) 2 Skip the makeup remover in lieu of Peluzzi Organica Balancing Cleansing Oil Turmeric & Mint. This turmeric-infused cleanser tackles dirt and stubborn makeup without irritating or drying out your skin. Credit goes to soothing mint and chamomile. ($30, peluzziorganica.com) 3 For Ayurveda fans, just a dash of the tridoshic Sundara Holistic Turmeric-Ghee Eye Cream keeps puffiness at bay, thanks to über-moisturizing ghee and antiaging turmeric. Bonus: Use the cream as a primer to keep eyeshadow from running on balmy days. ($27, sundaraholistic.com) 4 Turmeric powder and…