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Yoga Journal June 2018

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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chrissy carter

I trained with Alan Finger before his studio, Be Yoga, was bought by YogaWorks. Then I learned the YogaWorks method in a weeklong training with Lisa Walford. The smart blend of precision and flow was so logical; it instantly made sense to me. This approach to yoga infused me with attention to alignment, giving me the container I need to teach a practice that is, by nature, infinite. I have now taught YogaWorks teacher trainings for 11 years. I think a lot of people assume teaching yoga is going to be just like their experience of practicing yoga, only to realize it’s nothing like their practice. In many ways, teaching yoga has nothing to do with yoga and everything to do with teaching. Yes, you must be a good student in…

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how to lighten up

BEING ABLE TO LIGHTEN UP is the key to feeling at home with your body, mind, and emotions, to feeling worthy to live on this planet. For example, you can hear the slogan, “Always maintain only a joyful mind,” and start beating yourself up for not being joyful. But that kind of witness is a bit heavy. This earnestness, this seriousness about everything in our lives—including practice—this goal-oriented, we’re-going-to-do-it-or-else attitude, is the world’s greatest killjoy. When we take this all-or-nothing attitude, we lack a sense of appreciation because we’re so solemn. In contrast, a joyful mind is very ordinary and relaxed. So lighten up. Don’t make such a big deal. When you aspire to lighten up, you begin to have a sense of humor. Your serious state of mind keeps getting popped.…

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the must list

1 DESTINATION: PARADISE Willka T’ika Meditate in vibrant chakra gardens (shapes and plants coincide with the seven energy centers), soak in outdoor herbal baths, and participate in sacred rituals with local healers at this wellness retreat ($3,100–$3,800 for an eight-day package, including day trips to ancient Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco, willkatika.com). 2 ASANA ALARM Yoga Wake Up App There’s a better way to start your day. Ditch the obnoxious mobile-phone ringer and download this app. It wakes you up to tranquil music, then guides you through a 5–15 minute asana or meditation practice that can be done in (or next to) your bed ($7 for one month; $30 for six months, yogawakeup.com). 3 A SUSTAINABLE SEAT Project Full Support Cushion Handmade in San Francisco in partnership with Designing a Difference—a nonprofit that employs and trains…

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green goodness

Kia Miller’s green savory soup SERVES 3 “When I follow an alkaline diet, it makes me feel lighter and brighter. This means that I taper off ingredients that raise acid levels in my body (like grains, sugar, dairy, and processed foods) and add more alkaline-producing foods (like lots of fruits, vegetables, and seeds) to help support digestion and flush toxins. This cleansing, cooling raw soup is one of my favorite meals in the spring and summer. It’s like having your salad blended into a green gazpacho that tastes refreshing and slightly tangy. I often make it for my husband and me for lunch and sip the rest as a smoothie throughout the day. It will keep overnight in the fridge, but I recommend eating it fresh when the most nutrients and prana…

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high-vibration foods

In Ayurveda, eating a sattvic diet is a way to promote, and keep, sattva—a clear head space of truth, contentment, and stability. You can get there by eating more fresh, local foods; being thoughtful about how you prepare them; and sitting down to enjoy them. This way of eating can be a companion to your yoga practice and may help you pay attention to how foods make you feel—not just in your gut, but in your heart—and how they can affect your mood. When you follow a sattvic diet, you eat foods that in Ayurveda are considered to have higher frequencies to help cultivate a higher mind that comprehends deep truths and a kind of spiritual contentment—while staying grounded enough to carry on. A food’s frequency, or energy, comes from how it…

14 Min.
the science of self-care (and yoga)

AS OUR LIVES BECOME MORE HECTIC AND FRENETIC—with jammed-full calendars and a seemingly constant stream of messages pinging our phones and computers—self-care practices become paramount. “When people can use simple tools to relax, they feel better about themselves and more in charge,” explains Martin Rossman, MD, a clinical faculty member at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, and author of The Worry Solution: Using Your Healing Mind to Turn Stress and Anxiety into Better Health and Happiness. As Rossman and other experts will tell you: self-care practices can relieve mental stress, melt muscle tension, and help you feel confident that, yes, you can tackle your lengthy to-do list and handle whatever else may come. Yoga is hands down one of the best self-care tools. Spending time on your mat can…