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Yoga Journal March 2017

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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April 21–24 LEVEL UP YOUR TEACHING As the saying goes, great students make great teachers. So if you’re craving real-time teaching feedback and advice from experienced teacher trainers, the Art of Teaching program is for you. At YJ LIVE! in New York City, April 21–24, you’ll have the chance to work closely with Coral Brown, a Prana Flow Yoga teacher with years of teaching experience, and Giselle Mari, a Jivamuktitrained teacher, faculty member, and mentor with 15 years teaching experience, as they observe your style and help you find your unique teaching voice. And if you’re trying to wrap your head around making a living doing what you love, look to our Business of Yoga Bootcamp, with Karen Mozes and Justin Michael Williams. Sign up for both at yjevents.com/ny/yj Use the code…

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2017 featured faculty

JUNE 2-4,2017 SEANE CORN The Yoga of Awakening JUNE 11-16,2017 NICKI DOANE Maya Yoga Summer Intensive JUNE 11-16,2017 RICHARD MILLER iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation JUNE 30-JULY 2,2017 BRYAN KEST & TRAVIS ELIOT A Power Yoga Weekend: Transformation for Total Health JULY 7-9,2017 FAITH HUNTER Spiritually Fly™ Yoga JULY 16-21, 2017 GURMUKH KAUR KHALSA Radiant Power o f Women AUGUST 4-6,2017 JESSAMYN STANLEY Vinyasa Yoga with Jessamyn SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2017 JASON CRANDELL Power, Precision, and Mindfulness OCTOBER 20-22, 2017 RODNEY YEE & COLLEN SAIDMAN YEE A Journey into Asana, Meditation, and Pranayama DECEMBER 29, 2017 - JANUARY 1,2018 RUSTY WELLS New Year Bhakti Flow…

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why we practice

If you’re reading this magazine, you probably already know how healing yoga can be. This month’s cover teacher, Briohny Smyth, is rediscovering that truth now after she and her husband, Dice Iida-Klein—who is also her co-teacher and business partner—began talking about splitting up. Briohny asked to share some of her recent revelations with the YJ audience, and I found them to be beautifully honest and inspiring—and a testament to the power of yoga and community. Here’s a tiny snippet of our conversation: CARIN GORRELL Please, share what you’re comfortable sharing. How has yoga helped you recently? BRIOHNY SMYTH Yoga has been a lifeline for the past couple of months. It slows everything down and gives you the opportunity to peel away the layers of the onion. The last thing I would want…

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how do you stay healthy when you travel?

“I meditate on the plane with Satanama Meditation, and I travel with essential oils—my favorites are lavender, peppermint, and oregano.” Kat TudorYoga teacher and artist, pictured here with a crystal skull, which are believed to hold the ancient record of Mayan wisdom (Try Tudor’s Mayan Yoga practice, page 64.) “Travelers commonly experience symptoms of aggravated vata dosha: difficulty sleeping, constipation, nervousness. Vata oversees the intake of information through the five senses, so give your sense organs a break on the airplane: Cover up with a blanket, put in earplugs, and take a quiet nap.” Larissa CarlsonYoga teacher and former dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda (Sign up for her Ayurveda 101 class at aimhealthyu.com.) “I credit grapeseed extract, a natural antibacterial, for my amazing food experience in India. I ate everything from roadside…

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clear the air

Home should be a sanctuary, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air within most houses (and office buildings) can be more polluted than the air outside in even the largest, most industrialized cities. The culprit: volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, which are offgassed from plastics, upholstery, furniture, and other synthetic (and so-called “natural”!) materials. While it’s nearly impossible to prevent this indoor air pollution, there is a low-tech purification fix: houseplants. “Plants are as efficient at filtering air as some of the most high-tech machines,” says Renée Loux, green-living expert and author of Easy Green Living. “Plus, they’re beautiful and add moisture to the air.” Here, Loux’s advice on finding the right plant for you: If you don’t have a green thumb … try a snake plant. “They tolerate…

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16 best yoga escapes

Locanda del Gallo GUBBIO, ITALY This charming, 10-room bed and breakfast is set in a remote part of the northern Umbria hills in a 12th-century mansion. With its sprawling lawns bordered by lavender and rosemary, a saltwater infinity pool and hot tub, and an organic garden that provides much of the food served on the property, there’s a good chance you’ll want to move in permanently. locandadelgallo.it “Locanda is remote, stunningly beautiful, deeply restful, and has the most glorious food and accommodations. Plus, there’s a gorgeous asana room with props!”—Gina Caputo, founder of the Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, Colorado SIVANANDA ASHRAM YOGA RETREAT PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS Dedicated to a lineage of classical yoga that was introduced to the West by Swami Vishnudevananda, a disciple of Swami Sivananda, this retreat is part of an international…