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Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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SEPTEMBER 1–30 Subscribe to Yoga Journal by September 30 and you could win a free Master Class membership (retail value: $365; learn more at yogajournal.com/master class). Winners will be announced on October 1—in time for the webinars featured here with Carrie Owerko and Colleen Saidman Yee, which are exclusive to Master Class members. Enter to win at yogajournal.com/newsubs. OCTOBER 28 Study online in real time with a webinar from senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Carrie Owerko, one of the nine teachers featured in Yoga Journal’s yearlong Master Class membership program. Her six-week Master Class—“Iyengar Alignment Principles”— explores the fun side of Iyengar Yoga’s fundamentals, and in this webinar she’ll creatively dissect a sequence that refines alignment and allows for more freedom of movement. NOVEMBER 29 Join Colleen Saidman Yee, author of Yoga for Life, for a…

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let’s be honest

We can all get so self-obsessed. I used to be in my own bubble, really worried about what others thought of me. Sometimes it takes the action of doing something like seva (selfless service) to get out of that self-obsession. My Nonnie showed me that. She was always a very generous person, giving compliments, money, or her time to help others. Even up until the end, she was doling out sweet kindness. When she lost her ability to do that, when she didn’t have the energy to speak anymore, she slipped into unconsciousness. That was a huge eye opener for me: Giving back was her life’s purpose; seva makes you happy. It was my fantasy as a child to see animals underwater, to explore that world. I thought I would be…

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how do you fold seva, or self less service, into everyday life?

“Our children are our future and the leaders of our next generation, so I volunteer each week to teach children about holistic health and plant-based nutrition. We practice meditation and yoga and make smoothies together.” Koya Webb Yoga teacher and international holistic-health coach; build strength with her on page 74 “I share the magic of sounds and vibrations with my community so they may receive the benefits of this amazing remedy that elevates our well-being.” Alessandra Montana Yoga teacher and certified sound therapist at Sanará in Tulum, Mexico; try her tips for finding unity through sound on page 104 “Rescuing neglected or hurt animals has always been close to my heart. I carry a leash and treats in my car, always stopping to help any animal in need. I might foster them until their light returns,…

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wellness on the road

LIVE-BE-YOGA The Tour has crisscrossed the U.S. over the last 6 months, exploring the culture of yoga in cities large and small. Life on the road is filled with amazing adventures and beautiful friendships, as well as a unique set of challenges that living out of a suitcase can bring. Whether your next adventure is 2 days or 2 months, here are tips to keep you healthy and living vibrantly! EXPERIENCE The gift of travel is that you enrich yourself through experience. We often pack our agenda and try to capture every moment through photography, limiting our ability to be truly present. Having the mindfulness to be in the moment is key to an incredible experience. It’s a beautiful thing to take a picture in your mind, have it belong to you,…

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stronger together

WHEN I WAS A NEW TEACHER, I volunteered to teach yoga to teen girls at a Boys & Girls Clubs location in Venice, California. In addition to yoga, we’d also do art projects and talk about issues that affect young adults, such as low self-esteem. Negative body image had been a big struggle for me as a teen, and I’ve often thought about how learning yoga back then would have helped me regulate my emotions and reframe my insecurities. So, I made body image the theme of one of our classes and devised an art project to help the girls honor and love their bodies just as they were. Armed with poster board, pastels, and stacks of magazines containing inspirational messages about self-love, I opened the class with some questions…

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good buys

1 Help fight breast cancer with Manduka’s Project: Om Yogitoes mat towel featuring artwork from Chicago tattoo artist David Allen, who is renowned for his work tattooing over mastectomy scars of breast cancer survivors. All proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Bold Goal, which aims to cut the current number of US breast cancer deaths in half by 2026 ($100, manduka.com). 2 Studded with earthy stones like lava and howlite, Bali Malas’ Warrior Mala and Warrior Bracelet were designed by Robert Sturman, a yoga photographer and an OMbassador for the brand, whose photographs of practicing veterans helps to raise awareness of yoga’s healing benefits. Twenty percent of mala and bracelet sales support yoga programs for veterans, such as Warriors at Ease, Connected Warriors, and Veterans Yoga Project ($78 and $30,…