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Yoga Journal Special Issue 2 2016

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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2 Min.
at the core of what matters

YOU CAN’T WALK BY a magazine rack these days without seeing a slew of magazines touting their latest miracle abdominal makeover: “Beat Ab Flab!” “Lose Your Belly!” “Flat Abs NOW!” And as a mother of two—my youngest just a few weeks old and my belly still stretched to smithereens—I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that at least a little part of me doesn’t want what they’re promising. But as a yoga practitioner, I know the greater value of a strong core, and it extends well beyond having a beach-ready six-pack. For starters, core strength is what helps us stay steady on the yoga mat and hold strong in the backbends, arm balances, and standing poses that are the physical vehicle on the path toward a calm and centered mind. But…

1 Min.
powered for life

core strength has become the buzzword among yoga practitioners and fitness enthusiasts alike. But it affects more than just your asana practice or weights-and-cardio routine. Developing core strength doesn’t just power up your yoga practice. It influences everything you do: cooking dinner, hugging a relative, picking up a child, shopping for clothes, caring for your home, making love, hanging out with friends, exploring a new town, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, or even just taking an easy stroll after a good meal. Your core holds you up for your life, in the most literal sense; there is no more important endeavor than attending to its needs. Behind and beyond appearances and external measures lies a real treasure: the ability and agility to lead the life you want to live. Taking a holistic, yogic approach to…

11 Min.
power source

SURELY THERE ARE NO MORE-EVOCATIVE WORDS IN THE PRACTICE OF YOGA THAN THESE TWO: CORE STRENGTH. They point you to the vital force that holds you steady in your asana, keeps you upright in your standing poses, lends vitality in backbends, and enables you to maintain balance. Without a strong physical center, every pose you do is in danger of falling apart from the inside out. Core strength is what lets you keep it together. _ However, that’s only half the story. “Core strength” also refers to the spiritual, ethical, and emotional essence of who you truly are. In the same way that your physical muscles hold you upright during practice, so, too, does this more subtle essence support your life. This kind of core strength gives you the power…

13 Min.
beneath the surface

Whenever summer comes, chances are good that people all over America are trying to tone up their tummies. Sadly, many of the exercises they’re doing— especially crunches—may actually tighten the muscles around the tummy in such a way as to prevent abdominal tone and, if done without proper awareness, can push the belly out and even hurt the back. THE DEEP-DOWN MUSCLE It’s often the psoas that will cause you to lose the battle of the bulge. A key muscle at the very center of your core, the psoas—one of the deepest and largest muscles in the body—is all too often overworked in ab exercises. On each side of your lumbar spine, it attaches to the vertebrae and stretches over the hip joint—like the strings of a violin stretching from the neck over…

15 Min.
core curriculum

BEFORE 1997, NO ONE HAD CORE STRENGTH. Oh, they might have had “six-pack abs,” or “the brick,” or “washboard abs,” sure, but not “core strength.” Our language for working our midsections stayed very much on the surface of things; there was no hint that we were going for anything deeper. Of course, in truth, a lot of people were going deeper, even back then. After all, by the late ’90s Pilates had existed for nearly a century, and yoga for centuries before that. And long, long before all that, people climbed and jumped and threw spears, and all these pursuits helped to build a tremendously strong core. In fact, “core strength” has existed pretty much forever. It’s just that, according to the Corpus of Historical American English, the term did not…

16 Min.
redefining great abs

The instruction seemed so shocking, I assumed I’d heard it wrong. Then the teacher repeated herself: “Soften and release your abdominals.” This was the early 1980s, and I’d just started taking classes in Iyengar Yoga. Conditioned to hold in my abdominals by more than 20 years of dance training, traditional fi tness classes, and a “suck in your gut” culture, I found it surprisingly diffi cult to let go in that area. Yet, over time, I learned to relax my belly and fi ll it up with breath. Free at last! Then I moved to another city and began taking yoga classes with different teachers schooled in various styles of hatha practice. Each instructor seemed to present a different approach to working with the abdominals. In one class, we were told…