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Your Horse inspires its readers to enjoy every second in the saddle. Written by a team of passionate equestrian experts, Your Horse magazine helps you improve your riding, care for your horses and stay up to date on the latest gear. We also encourage you to try new and exciting adventures! Our three main areas of content are: Riding advice: From the best riders and trainers in the world Horse care advice: Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care Buying Advice: Helping you spend your money with confidence Your Horse magazine: share our passion for horses.

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WELL, WE’VE MADE IT — the clocks have gone forwards! Finally, there are more daylight hours to enjoy with your horse. It’s been a particularly tough and extremely wet winter and I know many of you will be pleased to see the back of it — fingers crossed that we have a warm, drier spring to help everywhere start to recover. Despite some really foul weather I do have to give a big shout-out to our ever-growing tribe of Hack 1000 Milers who don’t let a bit of wind and rain stop them clocking up the miles. It’s amazing the positive impact this campaign has had on so many of you and I love following your adventures in our Facebook group. You’re truly an amazing bunch of people who are extremely…

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a word from the team...

Features editor Stephanie Anthony: I spent a fascinating day at the International Eventing Forum in February. One topic covered was what good horsemanship means exactly, and how you can improve this in your training sessions. Page 58 Freelance features writer Julie Brown: Being a (horseless at the mo) dressage diva, I loved talking dressage to music with the guys at Equidance. Not only do they share lots of advice, but they’ve got a special offer for you too. Page 36 International showjumper Holly Smith: If your horse has lost his jumping mojo I have five simple exercises to get him popping with power. You don’t need much equipment to try them either — so no excuses not to give them a go! Page 44 Lauren Johnson, owner of Graveney Equine: It’s vital for…

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try ‘pilates for horses’

IN-HAND EXERCISES are an excellent way to keep your horse’s back and core mobile and healthy in between physio visits. They encourage him to use his muscles correctly in a way that can be hindered with a rider on board. Think of it like pilates for horses. Focus on getting your horse to step through and underneath his body with his hindlegs, lifting though his back and withers. Exercises such as backing up and turning on a circle are perfect for this. They’ll help to engage his core muscles and prevent him from bracing through his back and limbs, which can lead to serious issues with the spine and pelvis. “The aim is to get your horse working in a correct and efficient way — engaging his core muscles, lifting through his…

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rescue update

Squeak had been cruelly kept in a tiny shipping container with another pony and was found emaciated and collapsed before she was rescued by the RSPCA. Due to a lung condition Squeak was unable to be ridden, but the little grey’s striking looks secured her her forever home with mum-of-four Zoe Hutchison. “I remembered seeing Squeak on TV before she was rescued, so it was amazing to see her in full health at the rescue centre,” says Zoe. “I had already decided to rehome Popeye, a pony who had been rescued with 36 other horses who had been neglected by their owner. I knew that Popeye would make a lovely little riding pony, but I just couldn’t leave without Squeak — she was so striking that I just fell in love with…

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horse talk

ROAD SAFETY British Horse Society gets involved with Highway Code review Following the Department for Transport’s announcement in 2018 that the Highway Code was set to be reviewed, over the past six months the British Horse Society (BHS) has been getting actively involved in representing the safety concerns and needs of equestrians as part of the Highway Code Review Stakeholder Focus Group. Initially there was no mention of horse riders in the review, only cyclists and pedestrians, but the BHS was quick to act on the omission, calling for riders to contact their local MPs to ensure that horse riders weren’t forgotten as vulnerable road users. Alan Hiscox, director of safety at the BHS, said: “Having the opportunity to represent equestrians’ concerns as part of the review of the current Highway Code literature is…

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this month we love...

MOVE WELL TO RIDE WELL Biomechanics for the Equestrian: Move Well to Ride Well by Debbie Rolmanis aims to help riders improve their own movement and build a body that suits both them and their horse. RRP £25 amazon.co.uk IN A LATHER These luxurious triple-milled 125g soaps are made in Marseille. We’re particularly fond of the Unicorn soap, made with fragrances from Grasse — and glitter! It’s allergen-free and ideal for sensitive skin. RRP £3.95 ladida-andover.com HOOFPRINTS ON YOUR HEART Get a lasting memory of your horse, with his hair preserved in a resin horseshoe. You can also add flowers to make a beautiful hanging decoration. RRP £18 HoneyBeeStudioUK, etsy.com…