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Deer & Deer Hunting October 2020

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Deer & Deer Hunting is written and edited for serious, year-round hunting enthusiasts, focusing on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer and hunting ethics

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wouldn’t trade those days

It was 1980-somethin’ in the deer hunting world that I grew up in. Cotton balls soaked in Tink’s and Loc-On treestands. Grabber heat packs and Trebark pants Yes, it was so long ago, but vivid memories remain. History will tell us the 1980s were the beginning of deer hunting’s modern era, thanks in large part to the magazine you are now reading. The “whitetail industry” was just 3 years old when Reagan took office, but it didn’t take long for it to explode into a juggernaut. Some called it the Greed Decade, and in many ways it was — even in the hunting world. After all, this was the first time in our history when we saw landowners post their properties with no-trespassing signs (previously unheard of in most areas) for…

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readers recoil

I RECENTLY READ Don Higgins’ article, “Life Changing Bucks,” in the August issue of D&DH. Truth be told, I usually read Don’s articles with the mindset of “Here goes Don again, talking about how because he shot two 200+ inch deer, he’s an expert on deer hunting …” I still read his articles, but I perked up this time when Higgins spoke of the sacrifices of passionate deer hunting. I initially thought he would mention the sacrifices being better scouting, entry/exit routes, scent control, etc., typical stuff. But when he spoke about sacrificing family time and marriages, it hit home, because I was already minded to prioritize my family more this fall. Coincidentally, I read his article in the morning and in the late afternoon of the same day, my wife gave…

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when jack met fred…

This long, lost photo is a very memorable walk down memory lane. On the right is Deer & Deer Hunting cofounder Jack Brauer. On the left? You bet, that is none other than the legendary Fred Bear. This photo was taken in about 1980 when the Stump Sitters toured Michigan to promote their revolutionary new product — Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine — to groups of ardent whitetail hunters. Does that sound odd? It might not today, but the mere concept was laughable to many folks — including the great Fred Bear — back then. By the time this photo was taken, Deer & Deer Hunting (est. 1977) was soaring. It had landed on national newsstands and was the only publication of its kind. In fact, it was America’s first periodical…

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ddh community

Find us on Facebook FACEBOOK/DEERHUNTINGMAG WHO’S READY FOR BOW SEASON? REACTIONS: 383 | COMMENTS: 29 Chris Jalil: This guy! Brad Laster: Another month and a half here in Texas. Mark Hanley: Been shooting all summer! Jeremy Baker: Not quite. Have a few stands to hang and intel to gather. Getting there though. Lack of water in the Northeast has deer near what water there is. Randy Ralston: Me! William Frank Lang Jr: I’m trying to get there!! John Schiwitz: C’mon October 1st. Mike Matthews: October 1st can’t come soon enough. Social Snapshot *MONTHLY AVERAGES FOR 2020 DEER & DEER HUNTING FACEBOOK • PINTEREST • INSTAGRAM • TWITTER • YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS: 1.29 MILLION REACH: 9.3 MILLION VIDEO VIEWS: 1.93 MILLION DDH Community Corner Tucker Fields had a great start to the 2020 season with this giant velvet buck during Tennessee’s special early archery season! Congratulations! CONNECT WITH D&DH ON SOCIAL…

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a puzzling poaching case

One of biggest poaching cases in recent history was finalized this year after an extensive investigation. In fact, this poaching case could make the Top 50 list of biggest poaching fines in U.S. history. However, the details of this case — and how it landed on this list — are puzzling. In June 2020, a North Dakota man was ordered to pay nearly $80,000 in restitution for a poaching case that led to an investigation lasting FIVE years for ONE trophy mule deer in Lindrith, New Mexico. To put this into perspective, investigators spent about the same amount of time investigating and prosecuting Ted Bundy after he went under police radar. A judge ordered Cody W. Davis to pay $20,000 for killing the mule deer out of season without a license…

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food stamps ok, but collecting roadkill might get you jail time in this crazy state

About 4.1 million Californians (from 2.0 million households) are enrolled in some form of food-assistance program. Yet, if they stopped to pick up a road-killed deer, they would face massive fines and potential jail time. Californians may have heard about a new state law that allows residents to collect/possess roadkill animals beginning Jan. 1, but state officials say that’s not actually true. “There is no collection or utilization program in place. We are trying to avoid any confusion by misinformed citizens who think it is lawful to collect roadkill animals,” said David Bess, deputy director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and chief of the Law Enforcement Division. State officials say anyone caught collecting or possessing roadkill could incur a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. “It’s still against the…