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September 2019

In every issue: Fashion, Wellness, Beauty, Travel, Home Decor, Family Time, Dining, Local Arts, Pets, Outdoor Adventure, Colorado Escapes and Philanthropy. Denver Life Magazine highlights the very best of Denver culture, adventure and style!

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Denver Life Magazine
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denver life magazine

PUBLISHING GROUP CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Shawn C. Miller VICE PRESIDENT Kristin N. Miller CREATIVE DIRECTOR Tom Visocchi ASSOCIATE EDITORS Susan Fornoff, Andrew Weaver ART DIRECTOR Michelle M. Gutierrez BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Jamie Froyd SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Lori Perry ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Stephanie Barr, Kristin Battenfield PUBLISHER Shawn C. Miller EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kristin N. Miller ASSOCIATE EDITORS Susan Fornoff, Andrew Weaver EDITORIAL INTERNS Jazlyn Andrews, Ashley Capoot, Caroline Gregor, Cassie Kuhn, Michelle Timmins, Renae Whissel CREATIVE DIRECTOR Tom Visocchi ART DIRECTOR Michelle M. Gutierrez CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Rachel Adams, Ingo Fast, Jeff Nelson, Jon Rose, Joni Schrantz, Cassandra Stiltner, EVENTS MANAGER Jamie Froyd SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Lori Perry ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Stephanie Barr, Kristin Battenfield…

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man up

In the world of magazines, what makes an exceptional Men’s Issue? The way I see it, the perfect Men’s Issue is not solely for guys, but also for the women who love and care for them. Men, let’s face it, the special women in our lives (whether that’s a wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, or mom) want us all to be happier, healthier, more well-rounded people. In that spirit, men and women alike will appreciate the expert advice offered in our feature “Making the Man,” page 55, which gives tips on men’s style, fitness, and nutrition, as well as instructions for improving personal relationships, managing stress, and advancing in your career. With the help of local pros, this entire package is designed to help us all be better men. We also have a…

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Scraps to Masterpieces Aurora resident Shara Oliman transforms tiny scraps from magazines such as Denver Life into beautiful mixed-media collages like Autumn’s Palette, shown here (24 inches by 18 inches and 1½ inches deep). “I am able to find close-up imagery in many baking and cooking magazines, which gives me a broad range of hues within a color scheme,” says Oliman (sharaoliman.com). “High-end fashion magazines have vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. I love to peruse obscure magazines to find unexpected treasures that I would otherwise miss out on.” She says she never turns down donations from friends and family, and even collects catalogs, travel brochures, and interesting envelopes. Exhibiting at the Stanley Arts Festival Sept. 7-8 (10 a.m. to 7 p.m., free admission at the Stanley Marketplace) rewards Oliman with feedback from…

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by the book

This job is a bibliophile’s dream: BETHANY STROUT, head book buyer at Tattered Cover, fills the shelves of its four locations with books, from biographies to thrillers, self-help to romance. Children’s books are her main focus—Strout says picture books are making a comeback, and her office is filled with colorful, glittery stacks of them to prove it. Though her background is in publishing, Strout is doing what she loves most at the Tattered Cover: reading, and sharing her love of reading with others. What’s the best part of your job? “Matching readers with books and really seeing that connection. I really think there’s a right book for everybody.” What makes the Tattered Cover so special? “Reading is really personal…and independent booksellers are all people who love books, who love reading, who will spend time…

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standing up to bullies

My daughter is being bullied in school. How do I deal with it? —Cara, Mountain View Bullying is a serious problem that can affect your child’s long-term health and self-esteem, so it needs to be dealt with right away. Start by reassuring your daughter that this isn’t her fault; lots of kids experience the same thing, just like the flu—and just like the flu, it can be cured. Teach your daughter tactics for dealing with her bully before getting involved yourself. At home, in front of the mirror, show her what a brave face looks like, and practice putting one on. She needs to learn to say “stop” (or even a diffusing word like “whatever”) in a loud, assertive voice. Teach her confident body language, like holding her head up and looking…

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five rules for…

You’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, but where to begin? All those ropes, harnesses, carabiners—overwhelming, right? Not necessarily. With the right approach, climbing can be simple and approachable. 1 FIND THE RIGHT GEAR Generally speaking, climbing comes in two styles: bouldering (low to the ground; no ropes) and top roping (using a harness and a rope). The first style requires basically no gear—just a pair of shoes and a bag of climbing chalk. The second requires tons. Start with bouldering. Many indoor climbing gyms will rent shoes and chalk for a low fee. Shoes should be clean and dry, and fit snugly (toes pressed against the end), but not painfully tight. Chalk is used to dry your hands and maximize friction. 2 BEGIN INDOORS Start with indoor bouldering to build your strength and…