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Headed by interior designer and managing editor Kate St James and put together by a team of dedicated writers, photographers and graphic designers, Design & Decoration is a superior home design publication dedicated to providing our affluent consumer and industry readers with a comprehensive overview of new developments & design directions in the upper end of the residential market. Design & Decoration introduces you to some of the designers whose work is at the forefront of contemporary design. We take you inside some of the projects by leading designers and look in depth at areas such as flooring, lighting, smart homes, kitchens and bathrooms, heating and outdoor rooms.

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editor’s letter

After the builders have left and the landscaping is complete, it’s time to decorate your home. This special edition of Design & Decoration looks at projects from around the globe with styles ranging from modern and minimal to beachside chic and traditional. We also show you how to get the look and where to buy. Creating interiors that are unique to your style requires time and patience to ensure the end result is one you love and can live with for years to come. With so much emphasis on the environment and the need to reduce waste, buying for longevity should be front of mind with any purchase. Today’s manufacturers and suppliers are aware of the need to produce pieces that are not only beautiful, but also functional and environmentally friendly. If…

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we’ve got you covered

EMILY ZIZ Emily Ziz offers a range of fabrics and wallpapers originating from Australia, South Africa, the UK, Italy and the US. Many of the patterns are available on a variety of high-performance substrates and the ranges of digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers are largely customisable. The team can also work with you to create the perfect design and colour scheme for your project. You can view their entire selection in the studio’s Paddington showroom, which has been designed specifically to ebb and flow with leading trends. emilyziz.com KERRIE BROWN With a successful career as a set decorator on numerous critically acclaimed international feature films — and an Academy Award nomination to boot — Kerrie Brown knows her stuff. In 2012, she set up her own design studio in Sydney and her bold…

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book club

SHADES OF GREY KATE WATSON-SMYTH HARDIE GRANT | $50 The human eye can detect more than 500 shades of grey, and the average paint chart has about the same number on offer. With so many choices, Shades of Grey helps demonstrate how the atmosphere of a room can be altered by the chosen shade. Expert tips and fun facts litter the pages, ensuring a room is painted to invoke feelings of restfulness and calm. Kate insightfully deconstructs the shades with expertise and humour, making it easy to see why she is known as the ‘goddess of grey’. THE MONOCLE GUIDE TO COSY HOMES GESTALTEN Most pictures found in interior and architecture books embody polished perfection, untouched by the realities of life. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes embraces the fact that homes are for living,…

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keeping it fresh

Use colour to brighten a dull room and update accessories to create a new look at a fraction of the cost. Swap old table and chair legs with something interesting and new. Replace floors with a sense of pattern and drama. Introduce a touch of elegance with accessories and minimise clutter with clever storage ideas. Soften with nature and replace plants regularly to breathe life into your favourite spaces.…

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rug up

Beautiful linens, lush furs, soft velvets and chunky knitwear are the things dreams are made of, and there’s no better time than now to invest in some gorgeous pieces. Here are some of my favourites to get you through the cooler seasons in style.…