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Diabetic Living Australia March - April 2021

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Diabetic Living features information on living well, exercise, news in the world of diabetes, real life stories and the popular and delicious recipes featured in every issue. It is the healthy lifestyle magazine focused not only on preventing and controlling diabetes but also providing readers with the latest news and products for their wellbeing.

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our experts

Dr Kate Marsh Dietitian & diabetes educator Kate, who has type 1, is in private practice in Sydney; drkatemarsh.com.au Dr Sultan Linjawi Endocrinologist A diabetes specialist, Sultan has a clinic in Queensland; drsultanlinjawi.com Dr Janine Clarke Psychologist Janine is in private practice at Mend Psychology and The Sydney ACT Centre; mendpsychology.com.au Elissa Renouf Type 1 parent Elissa is the owner of Diabete-ezy and a mum of four kids with type 1; diabete-ezy.com Rachel Freeman Diabetes educator Rachel is the mum of a child with type 1, and also works at the Australian Diabetes Educators Association; adea.com.au. Danielle Veldhoen Podiatrist Danielle works at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia. Drew Harrisberg Exercise physiologist & diabetes educator Drew, who has type 1, offers online coaching/consultations and specialises in designing safe and effective exercise programs; drewsdailydose.com Dr Ramy Bishay Endocrinologist & bariatric physician Ramy is a weight loss, diabetes and obesity specialist and director of Blacktown Hospital’s…

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the joy of eating well!

I love cooking (and eating) healthy food and, not surprisingly, I don’t like being hungry. Which is what seems to derail me when I try to lose weight. So I was keen to read Dr Kate Marsh’s cover feature on satiety (page 87) – it’s all about eating foods that are lower in energy density but that keep you fuller for longer. Meaning you can eat more volume and still achieve your weight loss goals. Winning! Our other great weight loss story this month (page 108) features eight ways to go in a belt notch or two – sometimes it’s not just about the food. But when it is about the food, this issue’s got plenty of deliciously healthy recipes you’re going to love. Make the most of late summer days…

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just diagnosed

DIABETES 101 Getting your head around “diabetes lingo”? Read on… •When should I test my blood glucose levels (BGLs)? This varies depending on the type of diabetes and your medication, but possible times include before meals, two hours after eating, before bed, before you exercise and if you’re feeling unwell. • What should my BGLs be? As a guide, if you have type 1 diabetes, a healthy target to aim for is 4-6mmol/L before you eat, and 4-8mmol/L two hours after starting a meal. If you have type 2 diabetes, aim for 6-8mmol/L before meals, and 6-10mmol/L two hours after starting a meal. Ask your doctor or Credentialled Diabetes Educator for more guidance. • What’s mmol/L? It stands for millimoles per litre of blood, and is how BGLs are measured. • What’s HbA1c? It’s your…

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your healthy life

DIABETES AND BONE HEALTH There are many associated symptoms with diabetes; however, one that is lesser known is the damaging effect diabetes has on an individual’s bone health. A new study – conducted at the University of Sheffield and the University of California – highlights the urgent need for doctors to ensure they are looking after the bone health of patients with diabetes, especially among the older population. There is also a known increase in hip fractures among those with diabetes (especially type 1) and an alarming 20 per cent of people are believed to die within a year of sustaining a hip fracture. Steps you can take to protect your bone health include eating plenty of protein and high-calcium foods, and foods high in magnesium, zinc and omega-3 fats, plus ensuring…

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the future of wounds

We all know that everyone is different, but at the moment, when people with diabetes have a wound, they are generally treated the same way, whether or not the treatment is suitable in that instance. That’s why wound expert Associate Professor Christina Bursill, wound biologist Professor Allison Cowin and vascular surgeon Professor Robert Fitridge are collaborating to create the first wound biobank in Australia. “We’ll be collecting wound biopsies and blood samples from a range of patients who have diabetes,” explains Christina, who is also the chief investigator for vascular health at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics. “These patients will be a variety of either [having a] low or high risk of having a wound, or they have a wound, or they have a healed wound. Through the biopsies…

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5 days 5 dinners

Recipe, page 18 How our food works for you see page 75 Recipe, page 18 LOWER-CARB OPTION Swap rice for 2 cups cauliflower rice. MONDAY STEAK AND EGGPLANT SALAD PREP 10 MINS COOK 10 MINS SERVES 2 (AS A MAIN) 2 Tbsp plain flour or gluten-free plain flourFreshly ground black pepper 1 eggplant, halved lengthways, cut into thin slices2 Tbsp olive oil220g beef sirloin steak, trimmed of fat1 green chilli, halved, choppedJuice of half a lemon½ bunch coriander, plus extra leaves, to serve½ small bunch mint, plus extra leaves, to serve100g baby spinach leaves40g reduced-fat feta, cut into small cubes 1 Place the flour on a large plate and season with pepper. Dust the eggplant slices in the flour, shaking off any excess. Heat 1 Tbsp of the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add…